Friday, 7 November 2014

Catch-Ups and a Weekend Treat!

Yo wassup peeps! So it's been a lazy couple of days, but with some good catching up happening. Yesterday, for instance, I headed to Leederville to meet up with my dear old friend Andrea, who was with her baby boy Blake, and we had burgers for lunch followed by coffee and some overly tart lime and coconut tart, arf. So that was pretty good! Then in the evening I headed to Murdoch Uni to catch a little bit of EOP in rehearsal, a clip of which should be uploaded here shortly.

Coffee and tart tart!
Little Blakey!
Me and Andrea!
Today I met up with another old friend, Adam, and we had a good lunch and catch-up with coffee after. Unfortunately he was only able to spare about an hour as he had to work, and I didn't think of taking any pics, so that's that; hopefully we'll meet up again before I head back to KL.

And, to give myself a special treat, I decided to check into a hotel tonight! Actually, the plan had already been in motion weeks ago, haha, but yeah. I'm now at the Citadines Apartments at St George's Terrace, and it's a lovely little studio-like room complete with kitchenette and study area. Here's a pic:

I'll be staying till Sunday morning, after which it will either be back to Lort's and Sarah's, or to another house I go! House-hopping is fun, boys and girls!

Okay, that's about it for now... more updates to come!

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