Saturday, 18 October 2014

Whimsy, Haircuts and Old Recordings

Hey all! So I'll be leaving for Perth in less than a week, but until then, work continues on both Cymbeline and Extra Ordinary People ... scores, scores and more scores! But I ain't complaining. So not much else has been happening this past week, though the Cartography team did get together for a little cast party at Whimsical in Publika:

Helloooo babies!
I gave 'em 'thank you' gifts of wine and flowers for the ladies (including Dom!)
Speaking of Cartography, we were reviewed rather nicely in last Sunday's issue of The Star, in two separate reports on S+S. Check out the online versions here and here. I've also updated my (temporary) website, so go check that out!!!

Oh yeah, recently I got a haircut, after a failed and frustrating attempt to let it grow long (it fast got annoying). Here's my model poser look:

I also recentlly obtained a handy little gizmo that's got me pretty excited: an audio cassette tape to mp3 converter! At long last, I'll be able to save all the compositions that I'd recorded from the period circa 1995 to 1999 as digital files to be preserved indefinitely. I looked into the drawer where I'd kept all my tapes, and wouldn't you believe it, there are at least 20 cassettes filled with my (mostly mediocre, I'm sure) compositions! I don't want to think too hard about it because it's kinda deflating to realise that I haven't yet been professional recorded despite having been composing since I was literally 12 years old; but let's focus on the up-and-up, shalt we?

Coupled with the box of 3.5-inch floppy disks that I'd recently unearthed, filled with the recordings I'd done in Perth circa 2003 to 2007, this would mean I have a pretty big depository of archival compositions to draw on for future projects, as well as a nice historical trail for those songs that have already been performed!

So what is the result of the cassette recordings, you ask? Well, here are some examples of melodies I'd composed as a teenager, ripped from the (obviously lesser-quality) cassette tapes! First off, a melody that was eventually used in one of my children's theatre shows, but which started off as this recording from 1996 from a project I'd entitled "Spooked". I have no idea what the story would've been about, but I'm guessing from the title of the piece (I Am Your Friend) that it was supposed to be about a ghost, eeeeek!!!!

There's this little gem: also from 1996, when we were all 16: my first-ever (attempt at a) original musical, something called Deux Moities, which is French for 'two halves'. This clips is sung by the character of the dastardly Queen, who undergoes a melodramatic grieving period after her husband (the King) cooks and eats her favourite pet chicken. Uh huh. The best part is, because I'd attended an all-boys school, all the female roles were played by men. And the bestest part is, the role of the Queen in 1996 was played by one Terry Ong, of childhood friend and current radio-presenter fame! HAHAHA!! Check out this scandalous recording:

Finally, here's the very first church song I'd ever written, 20 years ago back in 1994, with my old friend Kevin Ong. Here it is, performed by my old friend Michelle. I think this was circa 1995, when I was 15. Wow!

Well, that's about all for now, boys and girls! Till next time!!

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