Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Journey of King Cymbeline

Rehearsals for Shakespeare's Cymbeline are in full force at Nexus Theatre. But oy vey, is it a long (and long-winded!) show! "But it's Shakespeare!" you might exclaim... and you'd be right. Arf. Here are selected pics, which have also been posted to Instagram:

Jenny directs, as she does!
Full dress run on... Monday night, methinks? I forgeteth.
Jenny giving notes at the end of the night. Phil, who plays
the titular King Cymbeline, apparently likes to remain in character. 
Shakespeare, why art thou so long-winded... and scary???
The chorus. #wailingandgnashingofteethfromthemusicaldirector :P
That's the Nick Choo spot, right there.
Heeeeeere's Nicky!
You've got to follloowww the liiiiiiiiiiiighttttt!!!


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