Sunday, 26 October 2014

Perth 2014 2.0: Days One and Two!

Yo everybody! I'm back in Perth at the moment, yippee!! Folks dropped me off at KL Sentral at 6:30am on Friday morning, after which I got on to the express train to KLIA2 before hopping on the plane!

By pure chance, ran into an acquaintance, Danny, on the train to the airport!
Arrived here in the afternoon after a thankfully mostly smooth-sailing flight that was made sweeter by the fact that I'd had an aisle seat and two empty seats next to me! Alas, I'm not one who is able to sleep on planes despite the ability to lie down, arf arf, so I spent a large part of the flight over continually working on music scores.
During the flight, looking both cool and exhausted at the same time.
I was feeling (wait for it)... 'plane' tired!
You probably can't see it but the sight that greeted me upon arrival
was the truck in the middle of the pic that reads 'Airport Lavatory Services'. Oy.
Arrived at the airport, got through immigration relatively smoothly, had an obligatory cup of coffee and then I was off to Chris and Jade's! Friday evening I managed to catch my first rehearsal of the upcoming superhero musical Extra Ordinary People, and tomorrow (well, later today!) will be my first rehearsal of Shakespeare's Cymbeline. Really exciting stuff!

Obligatory selfie in the guestroom mirror, which somehow manages
to always make me look better than I actually am.
Tonight (Saturday), I managed to catch up with Beattie and we headed over to Mike and a very pregnant Bernie's, where we had a lovely roast dinner and chit-chatted about this and that. It was very wonderful to be able to catch up and chill out with old friends like that. Then it was alcohol and homemade soy pudding, before Beattie dropped me back at the Plottkes, where I'm now almost ready to turn in for the night, in preparation for a full day's rehearsal in the morning.

Beatty's homemade tau foo fah!
Neek and Bernie with the owl/wall height measurement decor
for little baby Katie!
 Till next time, boys and girls... check back in soon for more updates, okay? Cheerio!

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