Monday, 29 September 2014

Strays, Rehearsals and What Have You

Some highlights of the past couple of weeks include visits to the theatre:

Week One of Short + Sweet Musical at KLPAC!
(I'm in Week 2!)
Pan Productions' The Last 5 Years last Friday!
Lately a pack of stray dogs has been lingering in the neighbourhood, much to the obvious chagrin of the neighbours. Despite them being an issue, I still feel sorry for them. They are, after all, just doing what their instincts are telling them: that they need food, and water, and shelter. So I put this little doggy bowl out for them to drink from (courtesy of my beloved former doggies, Jodie and Chloe):
I'm close to befriending the Alpha of the pack, which I've named Alphie (see what I did there?). I realise, of course, it's not a good idea to name a dog when I've no idea what the future holds for it (not sure if we can adopt, and until we figure out whether we can, what if something happens to him?). But hopefully there will be a good outcome from all this.

In the meantime, the rest of the week has been one filled with scoring and rehearsals for this week when we debut Cartography of a Relationship at KLPAC. Sorry for the randomness of the pics below; I can't be stuffed putting them in some sort of chronological order, arf arf:

Post rehearsal coffee and dessert (pre-dinner!) after tech run today.
Earlier in the week, Ida went on Capital FM to promote the show!
(Well, it wasn't specifically for that purpose, but way to use an opportunity!)
Rehearsal at my place earlier in the week. 
Bump-in and tech run at KLPAC today.
Not a posed shot. Heh. Duh. Obviously it is.
Ida encouraging Sam and Dennis to go for it, for the
sex scene in Cartography. Oh, have I mentioned it has a sex scene?
The good news is, the abovementioned sex scene in Cartography appears to have been well-received. So... fingers crossed it will go down well (heh!) with audiences during the proper runs. We open on Wednesday till Saturday, and hopefully Gala Night on Sunday!! Stay tuned for more updates... and the outcome!!!

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