Friday, 22 August 2014

Social Media, Dreaming Redux, Choirs and 10-Year Anniversaries!

Hey everyone! All right, it's looking increasingly clear this blog isn't being updated as regularly as it used to be, and it's clearly because of the prevalence of social media. So if you haven't been following me yet, please do check me out on Facebook (my profile), Facebook (my music page), Facebook (my writing page, also a bit slow on the updates), on Twitter and also now on Instagram! In fact, here's my very first Instagram photo, posted yesterday of our rehearsal for the impending performances of Dreaming Outside the Box in the upcoming Sime Darby Arts Festival @ KLPAC:

That all said, despite the slowdown in updates, I don't think I'll be retiring it anytime soon. In fact, this blog has been in existence for a staggering 10 years. Bloody 'ell, one entire decade... the first post was on 4 August 2004! Crazy, isn't it? Happy 10 years, blog!!

So what's been going on lately? Gosh, I can't seem to remember precisely what's been happening, although the past week or so I'd been feeling pretty down and sickly and lethargic, which my chiropractor suggested could be because of my bad back. So today he strapped me up in one of those traction thingies that chiropractors use, a little contraption to straighten your spine and such, 10 minutes at a time. Hopefully things will start to get better on that front.

Oh yeah, last weekend was the performance of my medley from Athena Emu at the Olympics by the Selangor Phil, the local community choir that put on an entertaining show at KLPAC. Here, for your listening pleasure, is a video clip of their performance:

Work on the musical Extra Ordinary People is still ongoing for the November performance, and I'm also now busy with music for a Shakespearean production, Cymbelline, at Murdoch Uni scheduled for October, for which I'll be heading back to Perth! So all in all, I've been keeping busy, though I do wish all this busy-ness equated proportionately to having a steady stream of money, haha! Ah well, tis the age-ol' dilemma of being a full-time artist, is it not? Oy. Oy, I say. Oy.

Oh well, I'll be back again soon (fingers crossed). Until then, do check back in later, k? Bye for now!

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