Monday, 9 June 2014

The End of Perth 2014 (For Now); Back Home!

Hey all! A quick update to say I'm back home safe and sound in my bedroom, haha! Got in last night after a gruelling flight... which really wasn't too bad, except for the initial 1.5 hours during which there was quite a lot of turbulence. Thankfully I'd popped some of those anti-anxiety meds (I say 'some', because I took two whole halves – i.e. one entire pill – instead of the half that the doc had prescribed... and then I'd followed it with an alcoholic cider...). Despite the sedative-booze combo, I still didn't fall asleep, though I sure was groggy! And so I think that reduced some of the anxiety during the initial bumpiness of the entire ride, oy!

So the performances of Captain Quokka are clearly over, and it's been quite a fun ride indeed! We did the final two shows on Saturday, after which there were all the presentations and hugs and tears and stuff, and then it was time to bump out of the theatre and head to the cast party! Except poor old elderly Nicky decided to have a quiet one instead, and spent the evening at Sarah and Laughton's with our mutual dear friends Stephen and Ellin, sipping beers and teas (as you do) and just having a charmingly sedate evening.

The lovely farewell gift the CT group presented to me. Aww!!
The following morning with had brekky (pancakes!), after which I packed up and Laughton (and his three cute kiddies) gave me a ride to the airport, where I met Judi (yaaaay!!) for a nice lunch at Dome followed by the aforementioned alcoholic cider at a nearby bar, before waving and hugging goodbye and getting onto the flight. Five hours later I was back in KL... and it was another hour before I cleared immigration and baggage claims, oy vey! (Side note: KLIA2 is a nice airport but jeebuz, the walk from the plane to the baggage / immigration area would make you shed pounds, I kid you not!)

Judi and me at the airport, going wild. Wild, I tell you!!
Here's something significant that I became aware of on Saturday... I'll copy and paste it directly from my Facebook page:

Yaaaay to positivity!
Right now I'm lying in bed because, wouldn't you know it, I've come down with a blasted cold and fluey-type symptoms, oy! But hey, on the bright side, at least my body had the good sense to only give in after I'd returned from Perth, not during, arf arf! So I'm going to leave you now, but rest assured I'll definitely be back with more pics from this awesome trip, perhaps some videos (nothing like a good scandalous vid every now and then) and more goss and updates. Till then!!!

Best production photo evah.

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