Monday, 2 June 2014

Perth 2014: We Will Stand Together in a Great Dictatorship

Hey all! Well! Rehearsals are well into full-swing, and I'm proud to say we have a show!! We're opening tomorrow with two schools performances, one in the theatre and one in an actual school down in Mandurah... so it's going to be exhausting fun, I reckon. Yesterday and today we had full runs of the show in full costume, and I even managed to get a video of our rehearsal at the end of Act One. Here are the cast performing the song, including a quirky cameo by yours truly (watch out for it!):

On Saturday I had a quiet day — mostly. You see, Judi, Bernie, Mikey, Scott, Carol, Chris, Jade and Arielle all went down south to Margaret River and beyond, to a purportedly lovely little abode called Tulip Cottage, for the long weekend. So I was all alone (awwwww!) in the Plottke home, where I did some light cleaning (it's the least I could do) and spent most of the day composing a song for my next project, The Great Dictatorship, which will be staged almost immediately after I get back. It's a play with some songs, and it's really an upgrade of Peace Land Bread, which was performed a couple of months ago. So my day was spent coming up with some menacing-sounding music for a song performed by a dictatorial queen who decides to unleash her vengeance upon the citizens of her kingdom whom she considers to be rebels. Nasty stuff. Here's a sneak preview of the music, if you're interested:

And here's the poster for the show:

(Hark: if you view the full version of the poster, you'll see Music composed by Nick Choo, winner of two 2014 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards!! Well!!!

Check back in soon for more updates!

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