Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Perth 2014: Across The Friendly Skies We Go....

Hey all! Sorry for the long silence, it's been a busy period with me creating and preparing music for Captain Quokka's Adventures on the High Seas in Perth. Speaking of which, guess where I am right now? In Perth, hahaha! Yup, hopped on a plane and arrived literally a few hours ago and just had a lovely scrumptious breakfast with Judi and Bernie, yayaay!!

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic attack at the thought of flying (I blame those goshdurn media reports about scary plane rides and unsafe structural conditions at airports!), and ended up getting anti-anxiety meds from my doctor to calm my nerves. He recommended a half-tablet on the flight, but I ended up taking one and a half tablets (i.e. three times the dosage), and while I was groggy-ish and not too anxious on board the plane, I still didn't manage to get any sleep. Sheesh! So right now I'm at Bernie and Mikey's home north of the river in Bayswater, where I'm about to go freshen up and probably hit the sack for a couple of hours. Stay tuned for more updates, pics and stuff, boys and girls - you can count on it! Till later!

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