Monday, 2 December 2013

A spontaneous Singypoo sojourn!

Hey all! Greetings from my final night in Singapore, arf. Yeah, I did a rather spontaneous trip down on Thursday, the plan being to meet up with some friends here and also to spend time with Little Jo and her family. It has been pretty relaxing and pretty fun catching up with some mates, including Siti and Aiman, who were both coincidentally here on holiday as well; met them for a brief but productive 20-minute discussion on Friday over beers before meeting up with Derrick to discuss some theatre stuff.

Then Friday night it was out-and-about with Jo and Ju and their grandma (aunty!) and their folks, which involved dinner, coffees at the hotel I was initially staying at (Value Hotel Thomson, small but very pleasant, a ten-minute walk from Novena MRT), and an even more spontaneous decision to extend my stay till tomorrow (today, really, since it's already past midnight) so that I could meet up with Trevor and Josie, who are both in town!! Whew, that was a long sentence!!

The extension of my visit involved me booking a second, similarly priced albeit marginally higher-end hotel in Lavender, the aptly named Aqueen Hotel, where I am right now. Comfy enough. Here are some pics of the room... sorry that I forgot to take pics of the earlier hotel!

Bed and bay window!
Oddly angled bathroom and toilet...
Another viewpoint. Try to ignore the pants.
Before I share pics from tonight's seafood dinner at Geylang, here's a pic of me and another dear friend, Aaron, who starred in Follow The Light and whom I had not seen since 2011. We spent the better part of the afternoon catching up yesterday, over lunch at Paragon which led to coffee and beer and more coffee, since it was raining cats and dogs. Here's a selfie of us:

So cute laaah, these two.
So tonight, Trevor, Josie and I met up for a scrumptious dinner, which would have been made even more enjoyable had poor little Jo not fallen sickypoo and had to stay home, doh!! That's irony for you. But we had lots of yummy seafood — salted egg crab, chilli crab, steamed fish, veggies, oatmeal prawns, the whole nine yards — plus some good catch-up and conversation.

Afterwards we decided to take a walk through Geylang, a.k.a. the scary part of Singapore, where all three of us felt like real tourists experiencing a culture shock in a faux third-world-country setting. At one point Trev and Josie wanted Chinese tea, so we embarked on a hunt for some good ol' authentic tea in a teapot, only to get befuddled looks from the ladies in the coffee shops who didn't understand that we wanted authentic tea in a teapot, dammit!!! So we finally settled for some teabags in a glass (good enough, I suppose, but... still...) before all three of us hopped into a cab, which dropped me off first before heading to their hotel.

My bus leaves at 10am, so I shalt bid thee all good night for now! But before that, here are the pics from dinner tonight. Aren't they the sweetest couple evaaah?? You know it!

So cute laaah, these two.
So cute laaah, these three.
Josie: "Mmmph! Mmph mphhmmg!"
(Translation: "Nick! I'm eating!")
Okay, now they're just overdoing the cute.
All that foooooooood!!!!

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