Sunday, 24 November 2013

Catch Ups and Big Life Lessons

Hey all! Sorry for the long silence - for the past couple of weeks, I've been recuperating from the drama that was The Edge (heheh!), and basically been chilling out, going to the gym, meeting up with old friends and spending a bit of time reconnecting. I probably can't recall everyone I've met up with over the past fortnight, but among the highlights was a meeting with my old friend Jonathan, whom I'd known when we were six to ten years old! We were best friends then, and then he and his family moved away to Adelaide and we lost touch for many years. Then, by chance, we encountered each other on a (cough) website (prompting us to go, "Ohhh, no wonder we were best friends!)... and when Facebook came about, we managed to keep in touch.

Anyway, he was recently here with his partner, and wouldn't you know it, considering we hadn't talked in, like, 23 years, we settled into an easy camaraderie and basically had a good time hanging out and trying to share the pertinent moments that had come about over the past couple of decades. I met them at Berjaya Times Square and then took them to KLCC, where we had lunch and did the usual shopping walkabout. Here are some pics of us!

At lunch! 
Me and Jon!
Other peeps who I'd manage to catch up with included Patrick, a journalist friend who I had previously considered moving in with after moving out of my apartment at Bandar Utama; Shern, with whom I'm embarking on a collaborative musical venture that should prove rather interesting; Colin K, who directed Follow The Light three years(!) ago and who has further aspirations for our Christmas musical; Diane and Johann, who got married right about the time I left for Singapore; and the lovely Janet, who declared our conversation space a "non-judgement zone" and proceeded to cackle wickedly like a witch as my stories unfolded before turning supportive.

I'd also managed to catch up with Mikey and Bella, whom I'd first met while doing A Christmas Carol back in 2008, and it was great to spend some time with them. On Friday night we caught up for drinks and snacks at the George and Dragon in Bangsar, where, inebriated, we took silly photos, as one does.

What happens when crazy people get hammered.
Friday I also caught up with my dear old friend Tony Leo, and we had lunch at Publika and caught up on the latest dramas in our ever so dramatic lives:

Awww! Sweet!
And last night I joined the lovely and vivacious Nicole to catch a play at KLPAC, which turned out to be a lot of fun, though it resulted in me squeezing in the back seat of her Myvi which was otherwise filled with empty pet-food bags, tin cans and rubbish galore. Still, it was a lot of fun, and the show (a double-bill featuring the awesome Jo Kukathas) was very enjoyable.

One thing I've learnt over the past few days/weeks/months is the importance of community. I'm now seeing, more than ever, how crucial it is for me to expand my social and professional circle, to reconnect rather than distance myself from those in the industry, and to be able to get past my issues and really learn to look at the big picture. I've been spending a lot of time with my old friend Juan, too, who is really quite good at being the motivator, helping me to strategise for a brighter career in the arts... as well as a brighter future, mentally and emotionally, all round. So the past couple of weeks has been a time of healing and further growth, I think, with me learning more about myself, realising the folly and hubris of my past ways in which I'd thought I could accomplish things in isolation, and really embracing the way things are and the way things could (will?) be.

So that's about all for now. How are you?

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