Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dreaming, and Dreaming Big!

So the final performance of Dreaming Outside The Box has come and gone, and it's been awesome!! I'm so proud to report that we swooped up eight out of fourteen (!) prizes tonight, which resulted in my repeatedly going up in front of everyone to shake the festival director's hand, retrieve my winning, and smile cheesily and abashedly for the camera, LOL. But yeah, eight prizes, baby! Nick's Mission "Return to the Malaysian Arts Scene With A Vengeance!" has certainly ramped up... although, of course, it shalt only reach its maximum impact when we get to The Edge in just a little over a month's time (shriek!).

The categories we won in are for:

  • Best Male Actor - Aaron Teoh
  • Best Female Actor - Tria Aziz
  • Best Director - Freddy Tan
  • Best Musical Director - Me
  • Best Libretto (i.e. Script & Lyrics)
  • Best Composition (i.e. Music)
  • Best Overall Production
  • Audience's Choice Award

Terrific, no?!?!
(Pics by Joanne Aw)
Here's a pic of us with our prizes, which have been (and will continue to be) distributed among those involved (which includes our awesome musicians, Joanne and Elaine, and our make-up and design team-members!):

I've got a number of other pics that we snapped tonight, but after a long day of rehearsal for The Edge from 10am-6pm earlier yesterday, not to mention a 9am wake-up time for more rehearsing in the morning, I'm pretty knackered. So I shall leave the uploading of other pics for a later time. Check back soon, ok!! Till then!

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