Friday, 9 August 2013

Seas, Stews and Such

Wassup people! It's a very long weekend for little ol' me, since there are two days of public hols before Saturday and Sunday, whoopee! What this means is that, as usual, I'm mostly at home working on the music (or I should be, at least, though I must confess that I've been feeling a tad drained these past few days, and not in a good way). But anyway - got home from Singapore on Monday, after a full morning with Terry, Little Jo and her sister Ju at the new aquarium attraction at Sentosa. Lotsa fishy fun! Here are some pics; you can click on 'em for fuller views:

Breakfast before the fishies!
The maritime exhibit outside of the SEA Aquarium.
Jo chanelling her inner tour guide. 
Ahoy, maties!
That's a big-ass tank!
Montage! Don't you love tacky smartphone photo apps?!
Whoops, repeated a couple!
Terry's gobsmacked sexy look.
Feelin' blue!
The previous night we all met up for an awesome Indian dinner at Mustafa, where Terry promptly embarrassed us by belting out loud: "Mustafa bin love, but it's over nowww! Mustafa bin good, but I lost it somehow!" Naturally, we all lost it. Sheesh. That Terry. Here are some pics:

The pics of Jo aren't the same, look closely! And on lower right,
it's the escalator leading to the rooftop restaurant.
Last night Terry and I headed to 1U at 12:40am (which would make it this morning, really!) to see the much-hyped horror flick The Conjuring. I personally thought it was rather slow-moving at points; like, I wanted more to happen, but it didn't. And overall, Terry thought it was one of the scarier movies he's seen in a while, while I realised, jadedly, that 180 episodes of Supernatural, eight seasons of Ghost Hunters, two seasons of Haunted Collector and three seasons of Paranormal Witness have left me somewhat immune to the onscreen scares. Overall verdict? I really enjoyed the movie, but scary? Not so much... though, granted, it had its moments where the girls in the audience squealed and Terry went "Omigawwd" while sticking his fingers in his ears. Heh.

The past couple of days I've been eating at home, thanks to my discovery of the joy that is the slow cooker. Yes, Nick's domestication is growing by leaps and bounds! I've been making an awesome beef stew and chunky pork rib vegetable soup, and it's all so simple: chop up the stuff, chuck it into the pot, set it to cook and leave it for the next six to eight hours! Waaaah! If only I'd learnt of this sooner, arf! Hopefully these healthier meals, coupled with (minimal) exercise, will lead to some weight loss; I'm currently breaking the scales close to the weight I was before I started the Cohen's diet in 2009. Let's say it's a three-digit figure and leave it at that; my doctor recently told me, "Try to shed some pounds", to which I nodded in acquiescence while inwardly sighing. Sigh.

I'm stewed!
Finally, I received some news the other day that my days working in KL for Singapore are coming to an end as they're making changes at the paper and will no longer be producing an afternoon edition from next month onwards. It's bittersweet for me, because it means I'll be losing income and my connection to the company; on the plus side, the work hours have affected me, even if marginally, as it means I'm usually tired by 3pm or thereabouts and need a nap... which, in turn, usually make me groggier and crankier in the evenings! So productivity, I'm afraid, has been impacted upon, and with rehearsals for The Edge and Dreaming Outside The Box starting soon, perhaps the end of the 5am wake-up time is a good thing. I guess we shall see.

Oh well, that's it for now, folks. Check back in soon!

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