Sunday, 4 August 2013

Phantomed Again; Swine, Vietnamese and Edgers!

Hey all! Right now I'm at a hotel in Chinatown, back in Singypoo, having hopped on a bus this morning for a two-day visit! Terry and I are here to watch Phantom of the Opera at Marina Bay, which we did earlier this evening, and it was a pretty good performance even though I thought Raoul was pretty lacklustre and the sound wasn't always as impressive as it could have been (though I'm wondering if that could be attributable to the seats we were in, on the far left of the auditorium).

Right now I'm in Porcelain Hotel, which is a hotel I've stayed at before a couple of years ago prior to my tedious stint working here; and of course, this is the second time I've caught Phantom in Singypoo (Wouldn't you know it, my greivances about the show this time around were pretty much the same six years ago!!). Semi-interestingly, the Phantom tonight was played by Brad Little, and wouldn't you know it, he was the same dude who played the Phantom five years ago, and I even interviewed him for the magazine I was working for at the time, heh. (Curious to read the interview? Check it out!) Meanwhile, I wonder if he's been playing the Phantom all this while, or if he left the role and came back to it. Anyhoo. It's trips like this that actually makes me like this place more. Not that it's a bad place to be; it's just that (as I've established) I much prefer Singapore when I'm a visitor who won't be here for all that long, arf arf. Check out pics of this tiny, yet cosy, room I'm staying in:

View from the front door.
Aaaand... that's it.
Anyway, the past couple of days have been fun. Becky and her hubby Robin (whose wedding we attended less than a year ago) were in town, so we met up on Thursday and Friday for lunches at Publika in KL and 1Utama respectively. For the latter meal, Alisa (also working in Singypoo, poor thing) joined us, so it was a good time catching up had by all. Here are pics aplenty of us chillin' and hangin' out:

Ooo! Noiiice!!
Pigs. No, really, that's what the pink items in the background are, not
to mention the little black sheep (no, it's really a pig) that Robin's holding up.
Another pig. I mean the one in the distance, of course.
Me and my porky lunch.
A bigger view of that first group shot. The restaurant is called Swine, duh,
because it's a porky place that also serves - you guessed it - wine.
Me and Terry @ Vietnam Kitchen in 1U.
Great shot.
...And then we went a little bonkers.
Well, I'm gonna go now. No real plans for tomorrow apart from dinner with Little Jo (yaaay!) and probably hanging with Terry during the day; and them I'm back in KL by Monday night to resume work in the morning and back at it with The Edge and Dreaming Outside the Box, my Short + Sweet Musical piece. Speaking of The Edge, the production is going onward with certain aspects being taken care of without me involved, which is really rather nice and liberating whilst simultaneously being a tad weird and leaving me feeling a bit left out, arf arf. I joke. Here's a pic, courtesy of our director Sabrina, of five of the six cast members during their photo shoot for the production this morning (call time at 7am no less, thank heaven I wasn't involved!):

The Edgers.
Till next time!

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