Thursday, 25 July 2013

Movies, Music and Shoez

Almost a week late, but here are some pics from dinner (Nandos, baby!) and movie night (Identity Theft; The Call; Crazy. Stupid. Love) last Saturday with Terry, Debs and Chrisse at the Big House:

We're always laughing!
Tim sum breakfast at 8am which was pretty painful considering we were still up at about 4:30am...
Supernatural on the big screen? Awe-someeee!!!
Here's a random pic of my dear doggy Ashley, contemplating a nap:

Um. Nothing much else to add, since my days, as previously mentioned, are filled mostly with part-time work and music scoring. But I'm happy to report that I've submitted an entry for Short+Sweet Musical this year and it has been accepted, so on top of all the Edge madness I've got to factor in my ten-minute piece Dreaming Outside the Box, too. Funny story, a friend of mine, Terence, had also submitted an entry, and his is called Out of the Box. So that's going to be fun and not confusing at all for the audience, heh.

And since I've mentioned Terence, here's something I posted on Facebook earlier today after a round of homemade jelly-making (my first attempt! We shall see how good they taste as soon as they're chilled!). You can read his comment in reply. Incidentally I was merely quoting lines uttered by Linus from the latest Peanuts compilation I ordered and received a coupla days ago, but there you have it.

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