Sunday, 2 June 2013

Perth Visit 2013: Recaps - Fame, Paul, and the Anastases!

Hello boys and girls, how's everyone doing? Well, as of right now, I'm back in my little ol' bedroom in PJ, having gotten on a plane this morning after two pretty awesome weeks in Perth. The shows, which we performed every day of the week since Monday to schoolkids in the day and to the public on Saturday, were (in my opinion) among the best we've ever done for Children's Theatre under Jenny. Meanwhile, the two weeks have just flown by - not nearly long enough, in my opinion!!

But never mind. Here are some recaps of what I'd gotten up to over the past few days. Let's see... after the first school show on Monday morning, I... don't recall what happened next, LOL. I think it might have been one of those relatively quiet evenings where I just hung out at the Plottkes and played card games. Which, you know, when on holiday, can be pretty awesome. Oh wait, on Monday evening Jenny and I met up with Arnold and we had a meeting down at the Dome in Applecross, with theatrical plans for the short- and long-term. Nothing's definite on that front just yet, but we should be hearing back from Arnold real soon with some updates, so I'll keep you guys in the loop as and when things develop.

The same blissful doing-nothing-much applied to Tuesday - a quiet evening at home - and I think it was on Wednesday, after the morning show, that we were allowed to go out and meet-and-greet a bunch of kiddies who'd been brought to the theatre by one of our former CT alums Allison. The children proceeded to swarm the actors demanding for autographs and squealing that so-and-so was their favourite character. Ah, fifteen minutes of fame!!

Kids everywhere, and weirdos in costume!
Signing autographs can make one look awkward.
On Wednesday, I headed into the city to meet with an old mate Paul M (heeey, Paaull!), whom I hadn't seen in about seven years, and it was a really great catch-up complete with lunch and coffees in pretty frigid temperatures. Regrettably I'd forgotten to take any photos of our meeting, so... y'know... that's that, then. But it was great seeing him again, and after our meet-up I trained it north of the city, where I was picked up by my dear old mate Alex (hiiii, Alexxx!). We proceeded to his place, where I had a lovely catch-up with Mel and the kiddies Riley and Theo, and we hung out for a bit before heading over to an Indian restaurant for a spicy dinner, followed by way too much dessert (if there's such a thing) at a neighbouring coffee shop. Here are some pics of me and the family!!

Me and Alex!
Mmmm currrrryyyy.
Best. Family. Portrait. Ever. (Plus, Alex is giving me the finger.)
Theo sure likes his colouring.
But mine's better, I reckon.
Mmmm chocolate gloop!
Rockin' them desserts!
So that covers my adventures (cough) up until Wednesday... I'm going to sign off now and resume tomorrow with more recaps, so be sure to check back in. In the meantime, I'm resuming the morning shift with the newspaper in Singapore in a few hours (working remotely from home, of course), so I gotta get to bed. But let's see... the next few posts should cover the school visit that we did; pizza and dessert with the gang; and oh, the awesome final two shows at Nexus! See you real soon!!!

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