Tuesday, 21 May 2013

If Only I Could Teleport

Hey all!! Greetings from Perth! I got in yesterday morning circa 5.20am after a harrowing and turbulent flight from KL, the last half hour of which we went through some bad weather and I honestly was freaking out thinking "this is it! Goodbye, cruel world!" ... Fortunately we landed unscathed, much to my relief. Plus, I think my panic was reduced somewhat by the two (small) bottles of wine I'd bought and consumed, which made me tipsy and prone to flirting with the hapless pretty-boy air steward. But I digress...

From Perth airport I cabbed it over to Chris and Jade's, during which time I had a pleasant conversation with a cabbie who was from Macedonia and regaled me with tales about his life, opinions on the world economy, questions about Malaysia and Islam, and lamentations about the snails-pace development of Perth. Arf. You wouldn't believe it, but the fare from the airport to Kardi cost a whopping $53. $53!! That's RM156 right there!!! But never mind, such is life. And so I paid him, bid him a fond adieu, and greeted the sleepy-eyed Plottkes at their humble home... only to realise, 20 minutes later, that I'd left my smartphone in the cab. ARGH!!!

So I used my cheap mobile phone (I'd brought two, one for a temporary Aussie SIM card and one with my KL number) to call my smartphone, and after several non-responses, the cabbie finally picked up, and I had to ask him to please turn back to where he'd dropped me off to return my phone. The cabbie said he would, but since he was already back at the airport and he'd be taking time out of work to drive over (not to mention use up petrol), could I please pay for the fare AGAIN?? Bleary-eyed and exhausted from the harrowing flight AND lack of sleep, I conceded defeat. So, about 25 minutes later, he pulled up in front of the Plottke plot and laughed regretfully as he returned my phone and I forked over another $50. Oy vey. "Thank you, my friend!" he enthused as he drove away, making me wonder if this had somehow been an elaborate ruse, by charming me with the tales of an European migrant and distract me enough to leave my belongings behind.  Grr, arrgh.

Anyhoo, I slept a bit of the afternoon away, and then off I went to uni to meet up with Jenny at Nexus Theatre for run-throughs of Zak Zebra's African Safari! Met some new peeps and managed to witness what they've done music-wise so far. Let's just say, it's going to be an interesting intensive week of rehearsals coming up, arf arf. More on this later... I'll come back with pics and stuff soon, k? With rehearsals every evening from now till Friday, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to catch up with people - at least, those who have 9 to 5 working hours! - but I'll see what I can work out. Next week should be better, even though Jenny is wondering if I should, perhaps, perform the music for the show, instead of me sitting it out and simply being an audience-member, as was the original plan... cough. Ahem. We shall see, boys and girls. We shall see. Till next time! (Soon.) ;)

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