Monday, 6 May 2013


So Election Day has come and gone, and it's back to the same ol' same ol'. There are plenty of commentaries out there on the polling and the results, not to mention the abundant accusations (probably accurate, in my view) of fraud, and given that I've not been posting such personal opinions on politics and the real world on this blog of late, I shalt continue to refrain from doing so. Nevertheless, let's just say that, while the progress the opposition has made is marked and encouraging, it's still disappointing there wasn't a major shift in political power last night (or rather, this morning, given how late it was before official results were announced). But we move forward, stronger, wiser and more determined. One hopes.

Here are some pics from yesterday.

The voting centre was the community hall just a couple of streets over,
close to the house we used to live in a few years ago. Here are mum (in red), bro
and dad (in blue) taking a stroll ... um... from the driveway of the old house that we parked in.
Polling's meant to start at 8am. 7.40 and there's already quite a crowd.
Um. What are we all queuing up for?

My attempt at a panoramic shot of the crowd. Arf.
In line to cast my vote and make a difference!!  Who's Terry Fox?
Not too far now! Oi, girl in green, whatchu diggin' about for?
And I've done it!! They've painted my finger with supposed indelible ink,
which is meant to stay on for up to four days to prove you've already voted.
Mom and Dad are proud of their inky fingers too!!
Here's another view. All in the spirit of free and fair elections, right??
Well, NOT SURPRISINGLY, that was a load of hogwash. Ink came off within a few hours.
And the ink, my dear friends, is one example - and the epitome - of what's wrong
with democracy in this land of cows, cow farms and cow brains. The end.

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