Monday, 27 May 2013

Perth Visit 2013: Zak Zebra's African Safari!

So like I said, on Sunday night we had our dress rehearsal with a very small audience, which went remarkably well. Today was the first of the series of shows for the week, and the first performance proper went rather swimmingly, I think, with just a few mis-cues with the recorded music and perhaps a touch too much volume from the band at certain points (according to general feedback). But as usual it's nothing that we won't tweak and improve over the week as the show evolves.

I'm really having fun with this one! And it's rather a relief, given (as some of you know) that I'd lost my passion for creativity (so it seemed) over the past couple of years; it's nice to be back here and feeling optimistic, creative and inspired again!

Okay, enough rambling from me. Here are pics; just click on the thumbnails for fuller views. The pretty onstage photos are from Sunday night's dress rehearsal. I'll aim to add more stuff over time!!

Painting the set and stage.


Nick & Bernie's Gastronomical Adventure

Croc and kanga skewers: Degustation in motion. Enjoy!

Perth Visit 2013: Days Five, Six & Seven!!

Hey all! Wow, can't believe I've been here a week already!! The days have just zipped by, but I'm having heaps of fun. Zak Zebra's African Safari began its run of shows today... but more on this in my next blog post! In the meantime, the past few days have been a feast of fun and hanging out with mates. First off, on Friday I managed to catch up with my old buddy Samuel, whom I'd last seen seven (!) years ago when I'd left Perth! We did a lovely breakkie in Freo and talked about life, love, successes, failures and all that jazz; a pretty life-empowering chat (though I'm in holiday mode, so a lot of that empowerment promptly went out the window when I got back to the Plottkes and snoozed most of the day away)! Here's a pic of Sam and me. Nothing like doing those self-shots, huh?? Arf.

On Saturday I managed to catch up with the gang from Bateman Parish, and what's really funny is that when we all showed up at Dome in Applecross, we realised that we were the members of the band as it stood in 2002, the first year I was in Perth! Funny, that! Here's a pic of us!

From left: Anthony, Dan, Neek, Anita, Miller!
Afterwards Anita announced she was going to catch some of the bands who were involved in the Perth International Jazz Festival, so I decided to tag along with her and we managed to catch a couple of performers in several locations around the city. Here's a pic of Anita (left) watching an awesome band 'The Grid', who pretty much wowed listeners (at least, those who could appreciate 'em!) with their diverse performance, from experimental stuff to rocky jazz to interesting interpretations of identifiable tunes (identifiable to most, I suspect, but I don't have the names of these songs off the top of my head, arf arf!). On the right is a pic of another group of performers near the bell tower. Click on these thumbnails for fuller views, guys and girls!

That evening, I finally got to meet up with the usual gang, six whole days after arriving in Perth! (Except for Jade and Chris, with whom I'm staying, and Beattie, whom I'd met for lunch a couple of days prior.) We decided (after some logistical and locational debate) on Outback Jacks in Freo. So it was the whole gang of us (save for Judi, Josie and Trevor, waaaaah!!!): Scott and Carol, Bernie and Mike, Chris and Arielle, and... oh, yeah, Jade wasn't feeling well. Boooo. Anyway, lots of food and drink, including Bernie and my sampling of crocodile and kangaroo skewers, followed by dessert at a churo place nearby, where we kinda overstuffed ourselves with two paid servings and two free servings courtesy of coupons. Oy vey!! But a good time was had by all!!

Cheers, Scotty!
Bernie, Neek and the croc skewers!
Gimme that camera!
Bernie and Carol decided to have some colouring fun while waiting for our food:


Naturally, I did, too:


Dessert time!!! Check out the servings of churros, with different types of chocolatey dips!

Mmmm. Oy.
Carol having the choc sweats.
Scott at his charmingest. 

Thus ended the evening on Saturday!! Sunday was a bit of a lazier day, with me managing a cool catch-up with Adam and Eva, where we had lunch of (of all things) Malaysian food. You know, because I hadn't had enough of that before coming here, hahaha!! I joke. Twas really good to catch up! Here we are in a pic taken with the camera on timer, which accounts for us standing funny because we weren't sure if we were all going to be in the frame or not, arf arf!!

Sunday night we had a final dress rehearsal for Zak Zebra, and like I said, this morning we had our first show! I'll come back soon and post pics and stuff from children's theatre this year. More meet-ups with mates and further shenanigans to come, boys and girls!! Stay tuned!