Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Closer to the Edge

The weekend that just went by was really fun (albeit exhausting) because I made a whirlwind trip back to KL to meet up with my good friends Dom and Ben for auditions for this year-end's production of my musical The Edge! Whaay-heey!! From 11am to about 5pm on Saturday and Sunday we met with talent of varying degrees, who had to sing a pre-emailed demo song from the show as well as act out a scene. Some of the auditionees were also asked to sing a pre-prepared song of their choice. It was a really good two days, I reckon, although we were still scratching our heads somewhat by the end of the sessions as we weren't entirely certain if we have all six people that we want to fill the roles yet. But I shouldn't say too much, arf arf.

The other positive thing about this, of course, is my foray -- nay, return -- to producing and being more actively involved in creative work after a rather tumultuous past couple of years since FTL (10-minute musicals notwithstanding). I sometimes wonder if my journey to Singapore was to make me appreciate Malaysia so much more. Okay, so our theatre scene isn't as advanced as Singapore's, but isn't that what's exciting about it? That there's still room to make things better, to make a difference? In Singapore, the scene is impressive, but that makes it harder to get into and be a part of. And someone I met over the weekend commented that Singapore's arts scene is, much like its people and enterprises, 'fitting a mould', conforming to the image of what is expected of Singapore practitioners. I'm not sure if this is necessarily true, but hey, an opinion is an opinion. Regardless, I think I needed to be here to regain some perspective that the promise and potential in KL exists. And I feel like I'm all the more ready to go back there and be a part of it once again.

I leave you with some photos of producer Dom and director Sabrina during the weekend. Till next time!

Dom and Sabrina in mid-private conversation. 
And then they saw me eavesdropping. 
In one of the rooms, we noticed Dom's shirt matched the walls...
...And Sabrina's top matched the sofa...
...And my jeans matched the floor.

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