Friday, 1 February 2013

The Facebook Contrivance #1: Of Mood Stability

Something different today: Since I'm too lazy to try to retype this stuff, and since it's on Facebook anyway, I'm gonna cut and paste my FB updates and responses from yesterday. Genius, eh? And since I'm also in the habit of eventually deleting FB posts, this allows the more significant ones to remain documented on this blog. Genius, I say again. GENIUS.


Posted January 31, 2013;  as of  11:55am, Feb 1:
So the doc tells me it's very likely I've got a case of Bipolar II, characterised by "cyclical shifts between depression and hypermania (sic), the latter of which often feels like 'normalcy'". Interesting. Day one on mild dosage of mood stabilizers. Wish me luck, folks.

And oh, some of you might wonder why I share this information so freely. It's mostly because I feel it's good to highlight these kinda mental health issues; that it's all very real and "not just in one's head", as IRONIC AS THAT SOUNDS haaHAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAA. Sorry. Yeah. Plus this is a personal journey for me. So thanks for sticking arround and supporting.

New friends who just added me? Um. How are you?
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Posted January 31, 2013;  as of  11:55am, Feb 1:

Doctor said that many creative type people are bipolar to some degree, where creativity stems from tapping into the alternating states of excitability and melancholy. As he suggested I take some mood stabilizer, he cautioned to add: "Don't be surprised if you find yourself being less creative." Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm. You take the bad with the good, I suppose. Oy.
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