Thursday, 10 January 2013

Of Feasts, Fun and Family

Dinner and post-dinner with the family last night...

That's a lotta people.
...Meaning that's a lotta food. 
The cousins dig in. 
Cousin Shaun, the tourist.
Back at uncle's place. My cousin Peggen always wanted a little sister.
Yesterday, she finally got the chance to turn her little bro Dominic into one.
Harrrumph. Haaa haaa haaa haaa!!
We looked through a bunch of photo albums and found these scandalous photos of... a lifetime ago:

Circa 1988. Spot the Little Nick. Meanwhile, how trendy were the hairdos??
My dad on the left, with my uncle and cousins.

Group photo. Check out my little cousin's attitude (on far left)!!
Speaking of blasts from the past, here's a photo my grandma found in Grandpa's wallet - a pic of herself that she gave to him when she was 16!!! He's been keeping it tucked away in his wallet after all these decades... more than sixty years, I'm sure!! Wow!

Finally, here's me and my cousins after we said bye-bye to Grandpa at the crematorium yesterday:

Where's your little pink box, Big Nick?

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