Thursday, 20 December 2012

Movers and Shakers

Hey everyone. Whew, the past couple of days have been absolutely exhausting! First off, I moved out of my place in Block 11x and yesterday paid a bunch of movers more than $100 to transport my goods all of 1 full minute's drive to block 10x. However, I hadn't finished packing when the movers arrived, because my plan had been to come back early from work and deal with the little items that needed to be boxed up; unfortunately, I got stranded in the rain when I headed to collect my laptop from the service centre. So I found myself having lunch at some place called Dreamz Cafe in Henderson Road, making small talk with the guy who runs the place (nice chap, a fellow Malaysian, apparently) until the rain subsided. Then I got my lappietop back (YAAAY!!) with all the contents of the hard drive gone (NOOOO!!!), hopped into a cab and got back to Block 11x just in time to greet the movers. Oy.

Anyway, last night and today was spent unpacking, and as of right now, my room's pretty much as good as it's going to get for now, given how exhausted I am. Earlier today I headed to Clark Quay to pick up my renewed employment pass from the Ministry of Manpower, which was as exciting as it sounds, arf arf. Then it was a couple of hours of setting stuff up and arranging this and rearranging that; and now I'm waiting for Little Jo for dinner, and then zzzzz! Tomorrow's my last day at work for this year and then I'm off back to KL for the Christmas and New Year's break, God willing, if the world doesn't come to an end tomorrow. Can't wait! (To get back home, that is. Not for the Mayan apocalypse. Oy.)

Here's a pic of my new room. Sorry it's blurry; I was trying to do a panorama shot (obviously), but it didn't turn out entirely perfect, arf. It's the panoramic effect that makes the room look bigger than it really is, though it obviously is pretty big if I managed to fit my keyboard and white-elephant exercise machine into it with room enough to swing a cat or three! (And if you'd like to jog your memory of what my old room looked like, here it is.)

Click for bigger view!
Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell the story of why I moved out. Basically the owner of the Block 11x unit wanted to sell the place, but we were initially told we had probably until March next year before we had to move out. But recently an agent brought a couple of potential buyers over, and we were informed barely 24 hours in advance of this. Next thing you know, we're getting a pretty rude email from the apartment owner, ranting and raving about how the potential buyers had "left very quickly" because of the state of the place. Which struck me as rather ridiculous, because, as Joodi puts it, any logical buyer would see the potential of the property rather than be put off by people's personal belongings. And anyway, it's not like the place was dirty per se (well... that's a half-truth; certain parts of the apartment were dirty. Two words: three cats); it was, as one might expect, lived in. But apparently some Singaporeans are so uptight  that you're expected to keep a place immaculate, spic and span all of the time. Seriously. Learn. To. Unclench.

The worst part was that her email actually ended with the threat that if we didn't clean up, we would be evicted. What a cheek - the unit was being sublet illegally to begin. There were no contracts, no written agreements, no documents filed to the board of housing. With one call, we could easily have reported this. And yet said owner had the audacity to threaten us? Oy vey!! But never mind. The best part of the email was a statement about how the owner was "trying to get a clean break from my ex-husband and you lot are not helping!" Jeebus.

Once I found this new place and moved in, I opted to send the owner an email, which read as thus:

My decision was partially made by the fact that I would have to move out eventually, and I also came across a place that I liked and decided to take it before it was snatched up by somebody else. 

I have to admit, however, that your email last week helped to speed up my decision, and while I understand it was written while you were frustrated, I felt it was very inappropriate and unfair for you to bring your personal issues into the equation. I empathise regarding the ex-husband situation and hope you manage to get your clean break, but in all honesty and in full respect, that really does NOT have anything to do with your tenants and should not have been factored into your correspondence with us.

She subsequently apologised and said her frustration was not aimed directly at me but rather at some of the other tenants... which made me think wistfully that it would've been nice not to have CC'd me in the email in that case! ... But never mind laaaah, I guess that's over now.

So that's about it for now folks. Next I blog I should (God willing) be back in KL... so I'll update further later. And I've got more pics to share from Judi's whirlwind birthday weekend a few weeks ago, so stay tuned for that too!! Till then...! ;)

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