Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gratitude Blog #10 / Quote of the Week #2 (Even Though It's The Same Week)

Hey all!! It's been a great (although very long) day because Judi's in Singaypore!! Yaaay!! She arrived at 3:30am yesterday and I've pretty much been awake ever since! I'll do a proper recap later, but right now I'd just like to say that, for Friday's gratitude blog, I'm very grateful for the days at Pine Grove in Perth. Because Judi, Jo and I were hanging out just like old times, as we used to when we were housemates back in Kardinya. And also because we reminisced and I looked back on the blog entry from the first year of this blog, 2004, when, on 7 December, we were doing this:

I'm gonna end this here as I'm really tired, but before I go, here's a Quote of the Week, courtesy of Judi this afternoon as we had coffee at Bugis:

 "Nicko, you bring great joy and happiness into our lives—DID YOU JUST EAT MY COOKIE??!!!"

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