Saturday, 1 December 2012

Becky's Wedding / Gratitude Blog #5

Today I am thankful for old friends – the ones I grew up with, with whom I have a majority of my lifetime's worth of memories and shared experiences, and with whom I hope to continue making more memories. We were all in Penang to celebrate the wedding of our dear friend Becky, who got married to Robin today. It was nice to see most of everyone again (we seem to catch up at least once a year when someone gets married, although we're quickly realising that we're fast running out of single people who are going to wed).

So the wedding ceremony was held at the Immaculate Conception church, which is where the majority of us hung out when we were kids (ironically most of us except for me; I joined the youth activities there much later, as I was a parishioner of the Holy Spirit Cathedral closer to home, grr argh). Then we had a lovely post-ceremony lunch at the church hall (which seems to be the last remaining building untouched by renovations and upgrades; the church itself is now fully self-contained with warm lighting, air-conditioning and a sound-proof "crying area" for parents to bring their crying babies to if they happened to bawl during Mass, I kid you not). Then, because we Penangites tend to overdo it where it comes to food, we all headed to the nearby New World Park makan place for more food and desserts. By the end of it, we were bloated and full to hurts-to-breathe point... so we adjourned for the afternoon to rest and recuperate, before we meet up in a short while at E&O Hotel for the wedding reception, dinner, dance and madcap festivities tonight.

So I leave you all for now with a few pics of the wedding ; unfortunately, during the ceremony itself, we were the makeshift choir and were placed in a location that wasn't prime for photo-taking of the bride and groom. So I did the best I could. I'm sure there will be better photos on Facebook soon which I can pilfer and post here, arf arf. More other pics to come as well. Stay tuned...!

Overall view of the church.
Nervous-looking groom and register-signing area.
Entrance of the Bride.
"Hiiiii! I'm the bride!!!"
Awww! Hugzzz!
"Oooh! Oooh! Let's sign the register!"
Zombie bride.

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