Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Becky & Robin's Big Day: A Scandalous Affair

Sorry folks, no Gratitude Blog today because I'm starved for things to be thankful for (heh!). But to compensate, here are photos and commentary of last weekend's wedding reception for the lovely Becky and the awesome Robin.

You wanna know what stood out that night, apart from the festivities? The emcee of the evening, the fah-bulous Michelle Goh. Let me tell ya, this was the first time in my life that I've attended a wedding hosted by a drag queen. Michelle, one of Becky's relatives, was an absolute riot, stealing the show (sorry, Becks) each time she appeared on stage with one-liners and zingers at the ready, and making more costume changes than the bride herself, LOL. At one point Becky's dad-in-law began flirting with Michelle, prompting my friends at the table to wonder if he realised that Michelle wasn't really a lady!! Here are pics; don't forget you can click on 'em for bigger views if you wish.

Sorry the light ain't good - but that's Becky, Robin and Michelle!
(From left) Kahj, Alex, Jo, Jo's mum (a.k.a. my date, according to Michelle), and... that guy.
Terry gives the 'childhood best friend' speech, complete with
embarrassments galore. For Terry, that is, since he blundered and referred
to a 'century' as a 'decade: 'We've known each other for a quarter of a decade!'
Cake cutting! 
Pouring the champers.
Still pouring.
And toasting.
And smooching.
One of the highlights of the evening was Michelle's party game for the bride and groom, also known as the segment during which the groom is made a proper buffoon of. The game was simple enough: there were five questions on a sheet of paper that Robin had to write his answers for; then, Michelle asked Becky the same questions. For every question that matched correctly, they got to reward each other with a kiss. For every wrong answer that Robin had written, he had to wear an item of women's clothing. Now, let's let the photos tell the story, shall we?

Michelle (in new garb) explains the rules of the game to Becky while Robin watches nervously.
Two questions matched (darn!)... and then - the first mistake!
Robin has to wear the knickers!
Struggling to put the panties on.
Oh yeaaa, this feels comfyyyy...!
"Oh mah Gawd, dah-leeng, it fits you PURRfectly!"
Another correct answer, followed by another mistake leads to... the wig!
"Hee hee you see your husband so beautiful, no??"
Aaand... pose!
The other highlight of the evening was immediately after, when Michelle said: "Now that the bride and groom have entertained the guests, it's time for the guests to entertain the bride and groom!" And so Robin was instructed to choose three female guests from the crowd. As he did so, I began to get a sinking feeling... And next, it was Becky's turn to select three guys. She chose two dudes named Chris, and then, as I sank deeper and deeper into my chair and prayed long and hard "Please don't please don't please don't", she exclaimed: "Nick Choo!!!" And a roar went through the crowd of friends around me as I looked desperately at the ceiling, imploring, "Why?! Why????"

So it turned out it would be a dance off: each male-female pair would take turns performing a snippet from Gangnam Style. Groan. Naturally, Michelle demonstrated the steps first, in full choreographic mode, complete with sexay butt sways and hip jutts. Then it was our turn to one by one dance to that annoyingly ubiquitous song. Suffice it to say, I didn't know the moves well enough to do them properly, so I went into "entertainer" mode and decided to channel my inner male stripper:

I like to move it move it...!
Ohhh sexy laaay-deee...!
This was one of the Chrises who danced before me. Make no mistake,
the only reason his photo is here is because the guy was
ridiculously hot. Even Michelle thought so.
As for the result of the dance-off... there were only two prizes, and guess what? One of the Chrises (not Hot Chris above) and I won!! Whoo-hooooo!!! Yeaaah. You go, gurl!

Anyway, the night eventually drew to a close with the couple's first dance (with our dear friend Jo singing, I've got video of it which I'll post up sometime in the near future... if... she'll... let... me...), followed by table-by-table toasts (the traditional yam seng) and more dancing, performed by the terrific band (whose name I don't remember now. The High Fidelities? The Four Seasons? The High Tides? Something like that. Need to ask Becky.) All in all, it certainly was a wonderful little party, made even more entertaining by the crossdressing emcee, and we all had an absolute blast!!!

The lovely bride.
Raising our glasses!
I leave you now with this video of our group toast with the bride and groom, the Chinese yam seng, which, if you recall, is traditionally done by bellowing the words and dragging them out for as long as possible (the story being, the greater the yell, the greater the good wealth, health and fortune). I think we even beat the raucous toast from Alisa's wedding in early 2010 (sorry Alisa!), arf arf! Check out the video below (and keep your eyes peeled for Hot Chris!). Until my next update... see ya!!

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