Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gratitude Blog #3

I'm grateful for Supernatural!

Go ahead. Roll your scornful eyes! But let me tell you something, there aren't a lot of shows in their eighth season that can get me thrilled and happy in anticipation for each new episode every week! This year the show seems to be firing on four cylinders again, after a rather lacklustre Season 7. So far we've had, among others, battles in purgatory; monster auctions; found-footage werewolf episode; vampires on boats (vampirates!); and murders in the form of Looney Tunes cartoons! And we're only eight episodes in!

So the bad guy produces a frying pan from out of nowhere:


Tweety-bird sounds.


But, ladies and gentleman, if I may take a moment now to use my serious voice: there's also the fact that sometimes, when I'm feeling down, I imagine the two Supernatural boys talking to me, telling me, "Hey man, you'll be fine. Keep your chin up. Keep fightin' them demons." Yes, it's true, I confess it unabashedly (okay, maybe a little bit abashedly). One day, I swear, when I finally snap and they put me in a straitjacket and in a looney bin, I'm going to look across the padded room and still see them boys starin' back at me:

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