Monday, 29 October 2012


Hey all! Just thought I'd provide some updates! Nothing too exciting has been happening lately, although Terry decided to come down for a quick weekend-long visit and so we hung out and ate heaps, arf. Little Jo joined us on Saturday evening for a nice dinner at Raffles City, followed by way too much dessert (way too much dessert? No such thing!)... All in all, a pretty good weekend, which included this classic quip from Terry: "If the people of Oregon gave money to charity, would they be known as Oregon donors?" Groaaaan. Sigh.

On Friday it was a public holiday here, but since I work at a newspaper, I'd assumed it would be work-as-usual (not to mention the fact that the roster said I was scheduled to come in at 5am, my regular starting time on the morning shift). But at 8am there was still nobody in the office, which made me start to go, "Hmmm..." And then, finally, one of my colleagues came in and said, "Eh? Why are you here?" Turns out  I wasn't needed to be at work that day, and so I'd woken up at 4am-ish for nothing, oy vey!! But the glass-half-full view of it is that I managed to have the rest of the day off, so I went back home and worked on some music stuff and pretty much chill for the rest of the day. Score.

Earlier last week it was confirmed that, following some "audition"-like composing for this young theatre group in Singypoo, they officially want me to be the composer for their August 2014 musical. That's good news!! It's very much a Singapore-themed musical (complete with Singlish, nooooo!!) and since it's a couple of years away still, things could change (though I hope not!)... but for now, it looks like I'm in. They're not in the big-leagues of the arts scene here, but hey, a foot in the door is a foot in the door, no? Heh. The timing, of course, is typical, just as I was making plans for next year which involved the notion of me possibly returning to KL. I guess we'll have to wait and see how things pan out... Tra la la.

Ah well, that's about it for now. I'm in the office right now after the daily 9am deadline when things slow down to yawning point. I usually try to hit the gym in the downtime, but since I'm feeling mildly flu-ey I stoopidly decided not to bring my exercise gear today. Which sucks, because I actually feel up to going to the gym right now. Start note to self: Leave a set of sports clothes and shoes in the office!! End note to self.

Till next time...!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

All A-Wibble-Wobble!

Hey all! Just got back from a very short trip back home to PJ to pick up some documentation for a plan that's in the process of being executed. More on this, as usual, later. Am exhausted now, not to mentioned drained after the nerve-wrecking experience that was a Firefly flight in a small plane. To be fair, it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience, though I had to battle fear and stop myself from running away once I saw the craft that we were boarding, oy. The actual journey itself was mostly uneventful, thankfully. Plus, because it was a small plane, I was able to look out the window and go "Wheeeee!" each time the pilot made a noticeable turn, and ask the plane through my window seat: "Plane! Why you wibble-wobble?!" each time we encountered minor turbulence.

Anyhoo. Back in bed now. Tired. Work in the early AM. More updates to come. Oh, home was the same, though methinks I'm wearing the parents down in my quest towards getting them to support my goals and ambitions. Yay for small victories. Ashley was, of course, the best part of the trip. And hanging out with Terry, argh. Terry's going to have my head for this. Heh. Later!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Can't Wait To Get Out Of Here

Another miserable weekend in this soulless city.

Just for the record, I shall copy and paste my Facebook status from Friday. Incidentally I tried deactivating FB for a while this weekend, only to find myself even more lost for something to do. So I'm back on FB, but I think I shall go into hiding for a little bit until my mood gets better. Anyway. From Friday:

Fucking. Pissed. Off. Ran out of anti-depressants a week ago. To avoid unnecessary explanations, got doctor in KL to mail me a prescription. Prescription sent on Monday; arrived in Singapore, fucking 5 hours away from KL, a whole 5 fucking days later. Got the prescription. Went to pharmacist, who rudely told me: "Kenot, kenot. As far as I concern, this not valid. You go see doctor." FUCK you. Went to doctor. Explain, explain. Got a prescription. Went to a different pharmacy. "OUT FOR LUNCH, BACK 3:45PM" a sign said. Had my own lunch, waited till 3:50pm. No pharmacist. HELLO YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING SINGAPOREAN, WHERE'S YOUR CLENCHED EFFICENCY?! Thunder boomed. Decided to head back to first pharmacy with rude pharmacy bitch. Got there. Showed prescription from FUCKING SINGAPOREAN DOCTOR, OK??? "Oh so sorry I forgot tell you, we no stock this." FUCK. She then proeeds to call four different pharmacists, asking around. Nobody stocks it. "Sorry ah," she says, "I can order for you if you want. But now Friday oreadi. Can only order on Monday." FUCK. "Forget it," I said, and leave, only to find it's storming as it is right fucking now. So I walk in the rain, get totally drenched, and right now am pissed off as hell, while a part of my brain goes, "Nick aren't you overreacting?" And another part of my brain goes, "Leave me the fuck alone, fucking brain" and a third part of my brain goes "BOTH OF YOU FUCKERS SHUT THE HELL UP!" And because I don't have friends in Singapore, here I am ranting and raving like a fucking loony. Does my reaction seem out of proportion to the situation? Perhaps. BUT I'M OFF MY MEDS AND DON'T HAVE A NEW SUPPLY, so at least I have an excuse. Thanks for reading. I'm going to sleep for the next two days now, since I predict a lonely weekend stewing in self-pity.

.... On Saturday I managed to get Prozac from Guardian, but ended up paying the equivalent of RM255 for it. In KL, I pay RM95. F. M. L.