Sunday, 26 August 2012

Perth 2012: Trevor and Josie's Big Day!

Let the pictures tell the story!

Interior of St Patrick's Basilica in Freo.
Bernie and Mikey, looking pretty!
Judi, maid of honour!
The groom and his men at the ready!
Beattie does the readings (and sings, heee heee!)
The bride and groom!!
"You may now kiss the--- oh, okay. Go on, then."

Trevor's sister on the clarinet. Lovely.
Mr and Mrs Hublin-Ng! Ng-Hublin! Nghublin! Hubling! Huling! Hung!
Oooo so pretty!
Outside the church:

Nyeeerr nyeeeer!!
Classic Josie.

Kiss caught from an awkward angle.

Okay, you're gettin' heavy. Down ya go.

The reception:
Bernie in the red!
Carol's new beau, Scott (under close scrutiny).
Mike, looking svelt and suave!
So pretty. And the people look nice, too.
Oooo look how lovely our stolen flowers look on the place settings!
Okay, I swear, I put the camera down and accidentally
pressed the button and it took this random photo. Awesome.
The traditional Asian tea ceremony, where the bride and groom
serve tea to the parents and in-laws for acceptance and blessings. Awww!
Jade looks shell-shocked.
Giggle giggle heee heee snort.
Toasting the bride and groom:

Josie getting emo. Join the club, Josie. Join the club. Oops. Camera battery's dying.
...And that's the extent of the photos before my camera battery died, arf! I've got a few more blurry shots on my mobile phone cam (coming soon, if they're any good). And stay tuned... coming up next, we have Judi's made-to-order speech!!! Um. I mean maid-of-honour. Maid of honour. Of course. Arf.

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