Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Look Up!

So you remember how I've been receiving indications lately suggesting that God, perhaps, might be, I dunno, giving me signs? (Yes, even as I type it, I know how quasi-delusional that sounds, arf. But hey, I believe it. So there.) Well, here are a couple more to add to the recent developments.

Recently my old piano teacher got in touch with me on Facebook saying she and her hubby are now in charge of the choir at the nearby Novena Church, and would I be interested in perhaps joining them sometime? (I said I'd think about it.) A couple o'days later, from out of the blue, an old colleague messages me online and says, "Hey Nick, hope things are getting better in Singapore. Maybe you should go to Novena Church to offer a petition?" This person had no connection whatsoever to my piano teacher. But whatevs; small coincidences.

When I went back home recently, my mum asked if I wanted a rosary. I said sure, why not. And she gave me one and, without any prompting, told me, "I had it blessed in Singapore. At Novena Church."


My piano teacher later got in touch to ask if I'd be free to play the keyboard for their choir, but the date of the event overlaps with my upcoming Perth visit, so never mind. Then:

Last week, a new theatre contact I'd met got in touch to say he had a mate who was planning on writing a musical; would I be keen on meeting up to see if we might be able to collaborate? I said sure. So on Monday, I met up with Kelv and his friend Garry, and we did all the small-talk and introductions before Garry proposed this Catholic-themed musical piece. Without intending to give too much away since it's very much a work in progress that's still in the infant stage, here's a summary of Garry's story:

Greg is a Catholic who has never really felt a proper connection to his faith or to God through his church, which he leaves. One day he is challenged to question his true connection to his faith and his love for God.  He soon finds that, though he gave up on God, God had never given up on him, working through significiant people in his life to carry him up. But the journey isn't an easy one, and Greg finds himself questioning again. But God doesn't give up easily: First a whisper, then a shout: Greg sees an invitation to join a choir in church and decides to try out. He finally feels the connection he's been missing through this choir, and this turns Greg into an entirely new person.

 As Little Jo puts it: "Substitute Greg for Nick, and it could be you!"

Oy vey. It's all very interesting, no?

Anyhoo. I'm glad to say that so far we seem to be having synergy as potential collaborators, and, in fact, based on a draft outline and rough lyrics that Garry wrote, I managed on Monday night to compose a demo that could very well feature in this musical-at-work. I'm quite pleased because, after, six months in Singypoo, this is actually the first original piece I've been inspired to write as well as record. So here it is... Enjoy!

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Jules said...

Me likey!!! So exciting Nicky! Can't wait for more :-D