Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hey all! Just got back from work. Actually, just got back from a long weekend back home in KL, with the doggy (which might explain the previous post below this one, heeehee!). The weekend was mostly quiet because I was house/doggy-sitting while my folks were out of town with the car, meaning I basically spent most of my time at home stuffing my increasingly pudgy face with junk food (but don't get me started). Saturday was a pretty good day though, because I met up with my old friend Dave from my Sydney days back in 1999, and it was the first time I'd caught up with him since 2005, which was pretty awesome.

We met up at KLCC, and basically just caught up on the past seven years (including the latest goings-on with yours truly, which took up a large chunk of the discussion, believe me!). At one point we decided to adjourn to Pavillion shopping centre, and wouldn't you know it, Dave was less of a tourist in downtown KL than I was. How embarrassing, arf arf. (In my defence, I don't like downtown KL. And I usually drive. Public transport made me all confused, like, "Huh? What? What's happening? Good Lord, am I outside?")

Anyway, before Dave left he handed me a couple of packs of Tim-Tams, which was a lovely gesture (though I bluntly told him we get imported Tim-Tams here, too, hahaha!). But in all seriousness, Dave's a good mate, one of the few people I actually keep in touch with from those nightmarish days in NSW (literally; I still have nightmares about it!), and it was great to finally be able to touch base after all these years. Here's a pic of us, courtesy of Dave, because I'd brought along my camera only to discover I'd inadvertently left the memory card behind. Gah. Fail.

My mate Dave! (Isn't that a band or something?)

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