Sunday, 24 June 2012


Hey, all! Back in Singapore after a week at home with the folks and brother and doggy. Nothing much to report; it was a pleasant trip, lots of snuggling with Ashley, and quite a lot of diet-contradictory eating, but what the hey. All in all, it was a pretty relaxing break. And now I'm back in the 'Poo, at work, eagerly awaiting the next break (end of July) and, especially, the break after that, when I'll be heading to Perth! Wheeee!!!!

Here's a pic of Ashley, all snuggly in her (my) blanket!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Terry, TCC, Trapped!

Yesterday was pretty fun. Terry was in Singypoo, so we spent most of the day just chilling out. I tried to stick to my diet and was successful for the most part, eating grilled fish and veggies... until we got to TCC and I decided to try the 'Espresso Stout' (quite yummy), followed by a mini-binge of chips and chocolate when I got back home. Oh well. Back on the wagon now.

Here's a pic of Terry on Orchard Road, stolen off his FB page:

At TCC, we met up with little Jo and chit-chatted all night along about this, that, everything and nothing. Here's a pic of Terry at TCC, with his (second) dinner. I was the one who took these shots, so naturally I'm not in them, which is quite all right. Heh.

At one point during the evening, Terry and I were checking out a stationery store when we came across a showcase of pens. Thus led to the following exchange:

Terry: Do people still buy Parker pens?
Me: I dunno. But there's also Sheaffer.

Terry: Well, first you Sheaffer, then you Parker.


The evening ended with a rather dramatic turn of events when I accompanied Jo back to her office so that she could send her colleague (and me) home. Jo, her colleagues and I used a service elevator to get to the parking lot, and when we got in, six of us, there were three other people in the elevator. There was no sound of protest; the doors closed... and then the elevator shuddered and didn't go anywhere.

We were stuck. Doh.

Some of the victims. We sure were a cheerful bunch, weren't we?

Luckily we still had phone reception, so Jo managed to call the emergency number, only to be told it would take about half an hour for the maintenance guy to show up. Groan!! So there we were, nine of us in this tiny space, cramped to the point of not having any room, with the ventilation barely functioning, trapped. Trapped!!

So we passed the time by making inane comments and reminiscing about other times we'd been trapped in elevators (curiously, this was my first time ever), and eventually we heard noises outside the doors, which we took to mean the elevator guy had showed up. About 40 minutes after our ordeal, the doors were opened, and we stepped up and out – the car had sank below the level of the floor, indicating that our combined weight had been too much for it, even though a sign in the elevator said Max 15 persons (yeah, right) or 1000kg, which I doubted our combined weight totalled, oy vey.

So that was a interesting end to the evening. Jo sent me home, and I mini-binged on some chips and chocolate to soothe me after the trauma (mm-hmm), and decided to call it a night. The end.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Yo Yo Boy

Hey folks. Just a quickie update. The mood's been up and down like crazy over the past few days, so it's not been an entirely stable time. Went home over the weekend and spent all my time in my room alternating between trying not to cry and actually crying. Finally I went to see the doctor, who has put me back on a course of Prozac. At least it'll be supervised this time around. Oy vey.

Last week I went for therapy and it was pretty OK, though I wonder if that might've triggered off all the mood swings. Gonna need to talk to the therapist about that. See, I'd told her about the stuff that happened last year, including a certain someone who inadvertently became the catalyst for all this chaos; and I wonder if all that talking and reminiscing triggered off memories and associated feelings. I mean, after the session I found that I couldn't help but think about all of it. Including he who shalt not be named. Although I think I'm still making progress; I've gone from a mindset of thinking, "Forget xxxxxx!" to "Forgive xxxxxxx" each time he pops into my mind. So that's something.

In the meantime, I'm still struggling between periods of "normalcy" and some totally erratic behaviour. Like yesterday, I was crying in my room back home and I spontaneously decided to go buy a bus ticket and head on back to Singapore since I needed to be back here in time for work today anyway. So I paid a hundred bucks for a last-minute bus ticket, and at the last minute, right when it was time to go, I decided not to get on the bus and instead tore the ticket up. So that's a hundred bucks down the drain. And then I started thinking I'd run away to Penang, with no real end-game in sight, but there weren't any buses left heading there so that plan was a bust.

So yes, ups and downs, ups and downs. Hopefully with the combo of therapy plus meds, everything will start stablising soon. And maybe when that happens, I'll learn something very significant about why all this has happened to me, and I'll share it with everyone so that I can be a source of inspiration, much like fish and semen are a source of protein.

Bye for now!