Monday, 14 May 2012

Judi and Bernie's Whirlwind Singypoo Trip (With Beattie), Part 2

Hey all, I'm back!! So where were we? Well, on Saturday I met up with the gang at Ion Orchard for lunch and coffees, after which, oy vey, I had to adjourn to the office for a pretty late night at work. (On the plus side, the boss gave me a two-page sports spread to work on, which was both frustrating/challenging and gratifying to tackle. Progress. Woot.)

On Sunday, I met up with Bernie and Judi at Bishan interchange and together we journeyed to the Botanic Gardens for a nice little trek, which was unfortunately less than satisfactory because of the rather haphazard layout of the gardens plus the number of people occupying it. And Bernie got muddied when we decided to make our way across a grassy area, which resulted in a Maundy Thursday-like scenario where Judi had to wash her feet, arf arf k'barf. So that was pretty funny.

The rest of the day was spent at VivoCity, where the gals and I had a bloatedly filling dinner at Marche!! Yay!! Followed by coffees at Coffee Bean, before we got kinda lost trying to locate where Little Jo was waiting for us parked at some obscure taxi stand, oy. Then we had a last round of drinks on the rooftop at Mustafa, before dropping the girls back at their hotel to stay our goodbyes till August, when I intend to head over to Perth for somebody's wedding, heehee!! Here are pics – don't forget you can click on 'em for bigger views:

Watchu dooin there, Joodi? 
All the pretty ladies! 
All the pretty ladies! (What an unflattering angle, Nick. Oy.)
At the Gardens.  
Find the Judi and Bernie. 
So pretty! And the girls are okay too, I guess. :P 
Coffee cheers! 
Final bye-bye-for-nows at the hotel entrance. 
Neek tries to do that thing where you hold the camera out in front of ya and try to do a self-group-shot. 4/10.
Judi's turn to do a self-group-shot. 9/10.
Little Jo's turn. 7/10.
Bernie's turn. 4/10. Heeeeee.
Weeeh, miss you, Berni, Beattie and Judi... see you reallll soooooon!!

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