Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hey everyone! What's been happening? Me, not a great deal. I think that's reflected in how frequently this blog is being updated, arf. But don't you worry; I've been keeping this blog alive for eight (!) years now, so the chances of it being entirely neglected to the point of oblivion are quite slim. Arf. Meanwhile, it's been a routine of work, do stuff after work like music/theatre, sleep, and get up and work again, round and round we go. Not terribly fun. But on the plus side, a couple of nights ago I officially finished the third full rewrite of The Edge. Yes!!! The script's been overhauled for the third time, and hopefully third time's the charm! Now let's see where we go with it...

Saturday was an interesting evening. Carol and I had diner at the nearby Dome outlet before adjourning to my place, where she recorded a version of For Good from Wicked for a friend's birthday pressie. Very sweet. I'm glad to say that after numerous takes, we actually wound up with an effort that was surprisingly good! So that's pretty cool. Here are a couple of shots of dinner: A platter to share, plus a cookies-and-cream dessert that really wasn't very good. Pics courtesy of Carol:

Oh yea, right now I'm sitting at Changi airport, about to hop onto the plane for a quick trip back home to PJ for three days. Yay! I don't like flying, though, boo. But it is the quickest option. Well, that's not entirely true... but it's the earliest option, meaning I should be back home by around 7am, just in time for breakfast, a quick Ashley cuddle, and zzzzzzz. Heh.

Ok that's it for now I suppose. Till later!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bye-Bye, Jo-Jo

So far this is not shaping up to be the best year. Yesterday Mum gave me a call from home to let me know that my dearest doggie Jodie has also passed away. Can't believe it! And yet, at the same time, I can believe it; Jodie was 12 years old, which is pretty much the average lifespan of a dog. But still, for this to happen just a little over a month since Chloe left, it's a bit full on. Sigh.

Anyway, suffice it to say my mindset isn't very good this weekend. Yesterday was so bummed I went out and bought a new laptop (retail therapy!). And then I emo-ate till bursting point, slept for about 15 hours, and woke up today wondering what the hell my life has become and where the hell I'm going. This is not unfamiliar ground for me, so right now I'm sitting in my office space at work, trying hard not to think and feel too much, and just get on with my day in this daily grind of work that I'm not particularly excited about. Meanwhile, I'm weighing on the scales at almost 100kg all over again, and I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, so, you know, everything's right on track.

Happy phucking easter to those who still believe.

Here are some farewell photos of my sweetheart Jodie. I won't post too many up because I don't want to have to see these pics each time I check back in on this blog; same reason why I didn't do the same with Chloe. And in the meantime, poor Ashley's all alone at home now. Which is pretty much where I wish I was right now. Sigh.

Also check out Jodie takes a bath!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Photoblog: Dinners, Sunsets and Catch-Ups

On Friday, we had a little dinner at work to farewell a senior colleague. Quite a spread. Check out the scrumptious meal, mmmm!!

On Saturday, I spent some time with my friend Carol, and at one point we stopped to check out the sunset. Here are a couple of pics:

Today (Monday), I met up with my old friend Andrew of Athena Emu fame, and we had lunch and chilled out at the nearby shopping centre. Carol joined us, too, and we had a great time! Here we are:

Then in the evening, I headed out to meet up with Little Jo, where we had dinner and shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre. Yay!!

More updates soon. Cheerio...!