Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm Still Here...!

Hey all. How have things been? Me, more of the same. Back in Singapore;  hopped on the bus on Wednesday morning, then reached here just in time to grab lunch, change and head off to work. Note to self: Try to avoid travelling and working on the same day (the same rule, apparently, applies with moving house); it's exhausting!

But otherwise, work has been okay. I'm learning not to take things too personally, though I fear the mind of a depressive tends to make me too hard on myself. Case in point, when bosses tell me off for mistakes or, in the case of yesterday, for being 15 minutes late to work (never mind that other people tend to waltz in up to half an hour after 4pm start-time), my mood goes down and I start wondering what the heck I'm doing here. And it's true, I still wonder that: What am I doing here?? I just hung out with my dear friend Carol today, and we've come to the decision that I need to shift from What am I doing here?? to THIS is what I'm doing here!! That is, find my way towards being more fulfilled, and then fulfill it!

It's along the same thread of a discussion I had with my good friend JJ back home before coming back. He still believes I'm capable of "changing the world" and affecting people through my music, even though I'm increasingly losing faith in my capabilities. I just need to focus, to be patient, to plan and map out the steps towards getting there. And, he says, I need something that has been severely lacking in KL: A solid support base. A solid team. By that, he means people who are constantly cheering me on when I'm "in the zone", and when I'm not in the zone, to help me get into the zone by either chilling out (because I need a break) or by smacking me on the back of the head with a solid "Snappoutofit!". Yah. I think I had more of this support base in Aussieland, but I never truly built it in Malaysia, which might've contributed towards this sense of lost-ness, confusion and failure. Oy.

But never mind, I'm here now. It's still difficult, make no mistake: I wake up most days not truly happy about my current job, though don't get me wrong, it's not the job, it's just not what I really want to be doing, and it's frustrating not being in a place where I can do what I want to do. And there's a catch 22 here: Being in Singapore can help me get to where I'd like to be, I think. But I can only remain in Singapore as long as I'm doing this job. And the scheduling demands of this job means my schedule is pretty topsy-turvy, so I don't know if I'm being as productive and successful in networking as I should be. Not that I've committed 100% to networking yet, mind you, so maybe I should give myself a break and just focus on doing what can and needs to be done, and be confident that it'll all lead me somewhere. If God is still guiding my path, then I gotta... like... try to trust that there's a future for me, no? Oy. I dunno. I'm just "rambling" as I type now. Ah well. Life's like that.

Anyway I gotta go now. I'll try to maintain and update this blog more regularly for the couple of you who are reading. In the meantime, here are pictures from Terry's visit to Singypoo, and our trip to the zoo, a couple of weeks ago, followed by supper with Little Jo. Till next time.

We always overdo the foodage.
Saying grace. Really. Actually, not really.
Terry looking positively enthralled as we line up for the Night Safari.
Ooo. Birds!
Somehow I relate to this creature, whatever it is.
Little Terry and Little Jo!
Little Jo and Neeeek!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Birthday Dinner and More

Wow, I can't believe three weeks went by without me blogging! Well, it kinda shows you what kind of life I've been leading, eh? The past few weeks have been a rather exhausting routine of going to work by 4pm, finishing work after midnight, coming back to Bishan and then working on my musical stuff until about five or six in the morning... and by the time I decide to go to bed, it's usually daylight out. 3pm or so and my alarm goes off, and the cycle rinses and repeats. Oy, eh? Oy.

I've been updating my music and theatre portfolio after-hours, which has been time consuming, including breaking 2010's FTL into smaller segments, editing the audio for each scene and piecing it together as a more comprehensible video clip. I'm hoping to be able to do this for the majority of scenes so that I can start meeting people in Singapore who are in the industry. FTL, in particular, is a show I'd like to try to sell to people, so there's a lot of effort on my part in "repackaging" it as best as I can in my portfolio. I would've put some of these re-edited clips up here on this blog, but truthfully they still hold just a little bit of a less-than-positive reminder of the past crappy year, so I figured the less I see of it in these archives, the better. The aim is to move forward, yes? Yes.

So right now we're approaching the end of my first day of being 32. Oy. 32. Can't believe it. I've been having a few enlightening conversations lately, and a lot of it has helped me cope with things marginally better in terms of not being so hard on myself. I'll blog more about this later and in greater detail (maybe); but let's just say it's all been a very steep learning curve, on the career front as well as on the personal front.

But never mind that. On to the positivities (that's positive + festivities mixed into one, how do you like that?)! Last night, Terry, Debs, Phaik Leng and I headed for dinner at Chicago Steaks (or whatever it's called, that's what happens when you have a less-than-memorable establishment name!) at 1Utama to celebrate my birthday. Oh, by the way, I'm back in PJ now, arf arf. Came back yesterday itself on the 8am bus and ended up being stuck with a bunch of loud, garrulous old folk as well as a girl in front of me who tilted her seat so far back that it ended up eating into my legroom. At one point I had enough and told her to move her seat forward, which she did, apologetically, so I let it go. But here's the evidence of her little moment of inconsideration:

The nerve! (That's my knee. Grr.)
Anyway. Dinner at 1Utama's Chicago Steakhouse or whatever it was called, followed by coffees at Starbucks. So that was fun, and tomorrow night we're going out for dinner again. I'll let the photos paint the rest of the words. The rest of the actual birthday (today) was pretty uneventful, but in a pleasant way. Had dinner with my folks, and... um... yeah. That's really it. And oh, Terry visited Singapore the previous weekend (17th), and we spent the evening at the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, before heading to Orchard to meet Little Jo for food and drinks at the 24-hour TCC. So that was fun too. The photos of that weekend are on my computer in S'pore, so I'll post them up when I get back there next week. Tell then, enjoy the b'day pics! Cheerio!

All the pretty ladies!

I lied: NOW we have all the pretty ladies!
What's with that balloon?!
Whew, that was a long blowjob.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Haaaapy Burrrrfdaaay Toooooooo


32. Oy.

Be back with updates soon! :D

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Winston & Iin's Big Day!

So on Saturday, with only about three hours' sleep, I hopped on a train and a taxi to the Corpthorne Hotel on Havelock Road for the wedding ceremony of my good friend Winston. Whoo-hoo! I've known Winston since we were kids in primary school, so it was certainly an honour to be able to be part of his and his lovely bride I-In's big day and also to be able to play the keyboard for the praise and worship component of the ceremony. (Yes, there was a P&W session even though we were in the ballroom of a hotel; I saw some of the waiters and waitresses hanging around in anticipation of serving our eight-course lunch looking at times befuddled, amused, bored, moved, intrigued and/or impatient.)

This would mark the second wedding I've been to in Singapore in as many months, arf arf! For your enjoyment, here are some photos of the auspicious day! Till next time!

A beautiful photo of the bride and groom.
Aww! Swans!
The groom, looking smart!
The bride and groom at the photo booth outside the hall.
During the solemnisation ceremony.
Pronounced husband and wife!
Keep the bubbly flowing!
Cheers, everybody!
My candid pic via the photo booth! 

Long Week

Hey all. Whew, it's been a busy week. The work week started for me last Sunday and it's looking to be a six-day work week because of staffing shortages, oy vey. Consequently I'm exhausted, cranky, frequently unmotivated and rather bummed, but honestly that's all par for the course, as much as it shouldn't be par for the course, heh. But anyway.

Sunday was an – interesting – day because we went to the printer's building in Pasir Ris (very far away) as part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) exercise, which apparently many major corporations do in the event of, say, flooding or a nuclear meltdown at the main base of operations. So we were forced to work in unfamiliar location and with unfamiliar computers, which was frustrating but we managed to make it work. At one point, though, the entire team headed to the cafeteria for dinner, and when we got back to the work room, we found the door locked from the inside. Oy!

So for about half an hour or so we were all locked out, leading some to declare that we now need a BCP for our BCP exercise, heh. Eventually, though, someone had the idea to push his way through the ceiling board and use a very long metal ruler to reach the door-unlock button on the wall on the other side. Long story short, the door was opened, and we managed to resume work, wheeeeeee. Here's a picture of some of us loitering in the corridor while waiting to be rescued, courtesy of my colleague Q:

Wheeee. This. Is. Fun.
That night, after midnight, some of my colleagues and I drove to the airport for a late-night supper at a 24-hour TCC at Terminal Three. So that was pretty fun. And then it was a loong taxi ride back to Bishan, and my work week hasn't stopped since. Gaaaarggh.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon to recap what I got up to last Saturday. Stay tuned...!