Friday, 24 February 2012

Belated Wedding Bells!

Hey all! I'm back in Singypoo, yay/sigh! Here's the update at last on what little Jo and I were up to two Saturdays ago: Shaun and Anne's wedding! Our old friend Shaun, from Perth/MUCC, tied the knot, and Jo, yours truly as well as Justin (also from Perth) were at the ceremony. A little bit of a farnee story: I'd only previously met Shaun's then-girlfriend once, and I knew her then as Jas. So I was a bit confused as to what happened to Jas, since Shaun was marrying Anne. Turned out that Anne and Jas are the same person, except Jas became a Catholic and took on Anne as her Christian name. Oy. Awk-waard.

Anyhoo, here are some pics from the wedding reception two weeks ago. Yay!

Pretty centrepiece!
Pretty Jo!
Pretty chocolates!
Pretty yummy-sounding menu!
Pretty boy! (Erk, bad angle. Double chinned.)
Toast to the bride and groom! (We were seated really far away.)
Shaun and Anne/Jas giving their speeches.
Eek, the light on the curtain kinda looks like a ghost.
Awww, the bride and groom, all Asian!
Shaun giving Jo a hug as a thank-you for coming. I didn't get a hug. Mutter.

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