Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bye-Bye Chlo-Chlo

Remember what a mischievous puppy she was? Goodbye, Chlo. May you run around fearless and issue-less in doggy heaven.

Originally published 19 January 2005:

In the spirit of obsession for the adorable, here are some more pictures of our latest doggy, little Chloe! Poor Jodie is currently being neglected photowise, but fear not: we are giving her as much attention as we do the little one! The great thing about having an older dog, I've realised, is the amount of training we don't have to do. Following Jodie's footsteps, little Chloe has learnt the ropes of living in our household: when to go in, when to go out, where to relieve herself, how to look after the home, etc etc etc. So cute! Two days ago, Chloe was terrified of Jodie; now, she growls and attacks poor, traumatised, superpatient and hypertolerant Jodie. You go, girl! Okay, enough of that. Here are the pics.

Chloe and her toys. We've spoilt her already, we have indeed. 

A closer view of the puppy and her toys. 


I love this shot. I call it Chloe's celebrity mugshot. Okay, I need to get a life. Incidentally, that's not a snake, it's a garden hose. Just in case some of you thought it was a snake. I mean, logically it wouldn't be a snake, of course, but you never know, some people....

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cries, and Goodbye

Got some bad news yesterday. Mum informed me that poor Chloe has been hospitalised at the vet's for apparent liver jaundice. I'm praying she recovers. Sigh. :'(


Mum just told me that Chloe passed away at 11:30pm Tuesday, 28th February.

She was coming up to 8 years old.

Goodbye, my dear Chloe. I love you and will miss you terribly. Till we meet again.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Here are a couple of pics of my new room here in Bishan. It kinda feels like a hotel room downgrade, but what the hey. It's a much better location. Now if only I could figure out what to do with the temperature situation, since the room doesn't come with air-conditioning. Oy. Anyhoo.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Nick and Carol's Big Day Out

Today (Friday) was my day off from work, so my dear friend Carol and I decided to make a day of it. We met at 8:15am (which was torturous for yours truly), had breakfast at Starbucks, and headed off to Sentosa to check out Universal Studios theme park, for which Carol had two tickets. We spent about five hours there, walking around, checking out the sites and exhibits, going for rides, having lunch, etc. One thing I've learnt about yours truly? I'm not a huge roller-coaster fan. Carol went on the Battlestar Galactica ride three (!) times... I had just about enough after one, as exciting as it was, arf. We also went for The Mummy wild ride as well as the new Transformers ride, which was the best, as it was completely in 3D! Awesomeness on a stick!

Here are some photos of our day at the theme park! Thanks for the lovely day, Carol... and for the ice-cream and shopping after! ;)

Kung-Fu Panda!
Transformers: The Ri... oh, you can read.
In front of Shrek's castle.
The Madagascar gang boogies!
I just needed a bit of white on me and I would have looked
like one of the penguins myself.
Taken during our Madagascar water boat ride!
Transformers... robots and these guys!
Couldn't do this more than once.
A cylon or something. Whatever it was, it was tall.
My, Nick, what a big protrusion in the rear.
This reminds me of the dinosaur-age jacket-and-hood...
also known as Jurassic Parka.
Jeezus, it was hot today.

Belated Wedding Bells!

Hey all! I'm back in Singypoo, yay/sigh! Here's the update at last on what little Jo and I were up to two Saturdays ago: Shaun and Anne's wedding! Our old friend Shaun, from Perth/MUCC, tied the knot, and Jo, yours truly as well as Justin (also from Perth) were at the ceremony. A little bit of a farnee story: I'd only previously met Shaun's then-girlfriend once, and I knew her then as Jas. So I was a bit confused as to what happened to Jas, since Shaun was marrying Anne. Turned out that Anne and Jas are the same person, except Jas became a Catholic and took on Anne as her Christian name. Oy. Awk-waard.

Anyhoo, here are some pics from the wedding reception two weeks ago. Yay!

Pretty centrepiece!
Pretty Jo!
Pretty chocolates!
Pretty yummy-sounding menu!
Pretty boy! (Erk, bad angle. Double chinned.)
Toast to the bride and groom! (We were seated really far away.)
Shaun and Anne/Jas giving their speeches.
Eek, the light on the curtain kinda looks like a ghost.
Awww, the bride and groom, all Asian!
Shaun giving Jo a hug as a thank-you for coming. I didn't get a hug. Mutter.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Full Thingo!

If you're interested, here's the full concert of the Association of Music for International Schools' Girls Choir on Saturday night. My piece runs at about the 42:30 mark (and yes, you can skip forward to it!). Hope you enjoy!

Watch live streaming video from iskl at

How Bright Is My World?!?

Hey all! It's the end of a Sunday, and I've got a day and a half remaining before I head back to Singypoo. The stay back home hasn't been too bad, although I'm semi-under the weather, and my poor doggy Ashley, apparently, is unwell too. In fact we had to bring her to the vet today because she hasn't been eating (not a good sign!) and was running a temperature. Vet gave her five (!) types of meds, and now it's going to be interesting to see how we get her to take 'em when she's got no appetite to swallow any food. Oy.

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) was pretty interesting as I headed over to the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) for the first Association of Music for International Schools Girls Choir Festival. You see, I'd been commissioned to write a simple Malay piece for them late last year, and so I did, and they'd been rehearsing it (alongside nine other songs), and last night, the "premiere" of the song, was the first time I was able to hear it with actual vocals! I must say they did a wonderful job, and for me it was particularly thrilling to be able to listen to my music being performed (wish it happened more often), and to be introduced to people as the composer commissioned to write the piece. Here's hoping more of this kinds of jobs come along soon!

I leave you here with some images from last night's event, as well as footage (yay!) of the song being performed. Hope you enjoy. Oh, for those who read Malay, the lyrics are below the video; unfortunately the choir pronounced the recurring word 'Betapa' wrong ('Be' should rhyme with 'her', as opposed to sounding like 'bay' as they pronounced it in the song). But it's okay; the girls were from various international schools, so none of 'em would really be familiar with the Malay language, though I'm kinda befuddled as to why none of the girls from Jakarta picked up on the blooper, since Indonesian is very similar to Malay. But never mind, that's just me being nitpicky. With no further do... enjoy!

The stage, before the performance
The choir, pianist and conductor
Yay! I have fans! :P
Another fan! I'll try to ignore the fact that she's not holding up my score...

Betapa Cerah Duniaku (How Bright Is My World)
Music, lyrics, piano and vocal arrangement by Nick Choo

Betapa cerah duniaku
Betapa cerah duniaku
Bila aku bersamamu.
Betapa ceria hatiku
Betapa ceria hatiku
Bila aku bersamamu. 
O marilah berkumpul-kumpul
Sahabatmu, sahabatku.

Bergembira berencak lagu
  Bersama-sama saudaraku.
Bersama-sama, saudaramu.

Saudaraku, saudaramu.

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Apartment, Old House

Hey all! Sorry for slow updates, a few things been going on. First off, on Tuesday I finally moved to my new place in Bishan, which is really an older room in an older building, but it's in a more central location so I really shouldn't complain, heh. Tuesday was a bit of a beeyotch as the movers were supposed to come at noon, but later revealed they could only arrive after 3pm. Since I was due to work at 4, I had to ask my bosses if it would be okay for me to show up late. Thankfully they were very accommodating, though by the end of the workday I was pretty much shattered. And the movers were (nice?) enough to give me a ride from Punggol to Bishan... 20-odd minutes in the back of a stiflingly hot and noisy moving van with a scrap pizza box on the floor and a snoozing worker. I've got a video clip of it, so I'll share that soon, as well as more info on the events of last Saturday which I'd earlier promised to blog but clearly haven't yet. Arf.

Oh yah, right now I'm blogging from back home in PJ, heheh. Yup, I've got a six-day break, so I hopped on the plane yesterday morning and planed it back here. Took me about five hours' total travel time yesterday, from the train station to the airport in Singypoo all the way back to the low-budget terminal here in KL, followed by the taxi ride home, all of which was rather annoying. The lesson to be learnt? That from now on I shall stick to five hours on the bus. At least it's one direct commute, without the frustrating 45-minute cab ride back from the airport. Still, to come home and be greeted by three enthusiastic doggies? Priceless. :)

All right, I'm going to end this here... I'll come back soon, I promise, to blog more about what's been going on and what else I'll be up to on this mini-break. Till then... ;)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Movin' On Up... To Bishan! And An Email Thread

Hello everyone! I'm still alive, and this blog hasn't been forgotten! Just been busy with work (as per the norm), and arranging to move out of my place. I'll be making the big move (again) this Tuesday, from faraway Punggol to the much-closer Bishan. Today I went over to my new room just to have another quick look-see, and while it's not as big or brand-spanking new as my current one, I must say the location, three minutes away from the closest MRT station that's 10 minutes away from Orchard Road, is certainly a plus. So yeah. Tuesday will be moving day, and then Thursday I'm off back to KL for a six-day break! Whoohoo! More on this later.

I'll come back soon to recap on the events of yesterday (Saturday); it's almost going-home time now. But before I go, I'd like to share this email exchange with me and my colleagues (click on the images for bigger views):

I asked: "Oh? Who are the interns?"

And received this reply:

To which I replied:

Heheh. Hey, I thought it was funny. As did my colleagues, who all simultaneously chuckled. So... yeah. Good times.

Okay, that's all for now. Be back soon!