Friday, 30 September 2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

SPOILER ALERT: Everybody Loves A Boyband! (Part 2)

Hey everyone, how's it going? It's been a blast on my end (hmm, that sounded weird), as we've entered into performances of my Short + Sweet Musical piece, Float N'Sync: The Rise N'Fall of the Bad Streak Boys! Yup, we had our opening night last night, and let's just say I think it went splendidly! The crowd roared and shrieked and cheered at all the right places, and later people were saying how, for my piece especially, they laughed till they couldn't breathe. Awesome stuff!

I promise to come back later with more updates on S+S (as well as the overdue wedding weekend coverage!), but in the meantime, check out some photos from last night's show. These are taken by Serge from his blog, so all credit goes to him. Thanks dude! (Warning: SPOILERS!!) Also don't forget to scroll downwards to previous posts for more boy bandy goodness!

The rain parody that gets 'em crackin' up every time!

And here's the other boy band member – the crowd roars and gasps and cheers each time he/she appears. Proceed with caution:

More pics and stuff to come!!!!

Check Us Out!

Here's what's on display in the lobby as you enter the theatre. Courtesy of KLPac.

(What's with that mugshot, Tony Leo??)

Autographed Photo!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shake That Booty Baby! (Extended)

Here's a clearer clip of our first choreo rehearsal for my ten-minute musical entry (see previous post), with several seconds of additional footage! (And for those who are sharp-eared, I have recycled an existing NickChoo melody for this show. Good job if you picked up on that in the vid!)

Friday, 16 September 2011

Shake That Booty Baby!

Hey all! We're chest-deep into rehearsals for my ten-minute musical, and so far so good. It's slowly but surely coming together. Last Wednesday we even commenced on choreography with the lovely Judimar, who also worked on dance moves for FTL ... and let's just say the cast is realising that being a boy band is no easy task, arf arf! They spent about two hours on the moves for just about two minutes of music. Only eight more minutes to go!!

And the show itself, my friends, has become increasingly hilarious with each new layer that we add on to it. This is going to be quite a blast indeed – I dare say the audience will be at the very least rib-tickled.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek (sorta) of the choreo rehearsal in progress. It was taken on my low-quality mobile, so it's really pretty shitey, but hey, it's something. This is Judi with Jon and Ben, who play two of the boy band members in the show, going through the motions for the opening 45-second sequence. Until Jon messes up, that is. Arf. Enjoy what you can make of it. Till next time! :D

Friday, 9 September 2011

Singing Poo and Singypoo

Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of updates. Just been lazy. You know how it is. But here's some progress on the creative front: last night, we had our very first rehearsal / get-together / script-read / singing session for my upcoming Short+Sweet Musical entry, Float N'Sync: The Rise & Fall of the Bad Streak Boys. Awright! We've got a pretty cool cast, and a great director and choreographer, so I'm pretty psyched. To add to the excitement, the performances are just over two weeks away. Yes, we're pretty slow-moving progress-wise. I mean, the auditions were over a month ago, which means that most people, I imagine, would've had five weeks ahead of us in terms of rehearsal time. And we've still got to plan the lighting, and costuming and props, and I've got to figure out how the music's going to work in the theatre space (with a boy band theme, everything needs to be heavily synthesised, no?), and the cast are just going to commence on choreography next week (what's a boy band without dance?)... so it's all pretty exciting. It's also good to note that this would be my first actual creative venture since FTL last year. So... baby steps. Yea.

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here, but in the meantime, here are some long-delayed shots of our recent visit to Singypoo, where Mum and I stayed at the rather high-class Marina Bay Sands Hotel and caught The Lion King onstage. It was a terrific show, with some rather amazing costumes and props. The opening sequence, The Circle of Life, brought tears to my eyes, and for a thankful moment I was reminded of why I fell in love with musical theatre. Hopefully I'll recapture that joy fully soon enough. The biggest downside to the show? The fact that Can You Feel The Love Tonight, arguably the movie's biggest smash hit, was reduced to a throwaway love scene; blink and you'll miss it. Oy. Anyway, all in all, definitely worth the trip, and I would've seen it again the next day had it not been for the dramatic developments that took place...

Anyhoo. Here are the pics. Not too many of me, thankfully, since I'm still coming out of my self-loathing phase in which every photo I'm in makes me look overtly overweight to me. Or it could just be the unflattering oversized t-shirts. Heh. Life, eh. It's one battle after another. Oh well. Click on the thumbnails for full views of the hotel where we stayed at, Universal Studios (exterior) at Sentosa and more.

Oh, wait, before that: I've got to regale you with this tale. While we were at Sentosa, Terry, Mum and I were trying to decide on a place to eat. And there was this Chinese restaurant called Baits. There was a sign up front that said Please Wait To Be Seated, but there was nobody there. We waited for a while, then decided to go in. As we walked in, nobody really paid us heed. And we spoke to a staff member, who sullenly pointed at someone else who was hurrying over, obviously the host. We asked for a table, and get this: the moron told us with this uppity tone that we had to wait outside to be seated!! So we explained, "We waited, but nobody was there." And the fothermucker exclaimed, "I'm there!!" What a wuckfit!! We rebutted, "No, you were not!", and the hassole said he had to seat another table, and that we had to go back outside and wait.

Well, we weren't having none of that! So we left and headed to a Japanese restaurant instead. Apparently being a renowned restaurant means not caring if they're rude to their customers. Jeebus. Their loss, stupid buns of sitches! If they only knew how much we could eat!!

Ah well. Without further ado-do: enjoy the pics. Captions provided with the enlarged versions. Till next time!