Monday, 29 August 2011

We All Need Somebody To Save

Hey everyone! Here's another sign of Nick's Falling Back Into Regular Mode: waking up at 530am to write a song! Heheh, yes, it happened this morning. Woke up, sat at the computer and churned out lyrics for a song from my musical The Edge.

I've been reworking the script in recent days (the third major rewrite, which will hopefully be the last major rewrite!), and over the past three years since the 2008 workshop production, I've been struggling with the character of April, who didn't seem to have much inter-connectivity with the other characters and didn't seem to serve a purpose in the overarching story of the suicidal boy and how it impacts on those around him. But recently, I've come to realise: April's isolation and outsider's perspective is precisely her purpose as a character. Death and tragedy draw you in, even if you're not directly involved. And once I got that in my head, it was clear what her point is as a character. And so I've been able to rewrite the libretto accordingly with these new ideas.

So here's something exciting: a brand new demo from an upcoming Nick product! This is the song I wrote at 530am this morning, titled Somebody to Save, sung by April. The melody is partially brand new, and partially derived from a throwaway tune that was used in the workshop production. I'm much, much happier with the way that melody is being used now. This, I feel, I hope, will be a show-stopping moment in the second half of the show. Without further ado, here it is, recorded literally an hour ago today, with my vocals (oy) and lyrics (first draft) below. Enjoy!!

Some people talk about me from a distance.
“She is nothing. She’s nobody. She’s just— there.”
So I’m finding an incentive for my existence by showing that I care.

Some people hate that person in the mirror.
But I never thought I’d have that point of view.
Still, I’m searching for a way I might be freer by doing what I do.

Maybe if I helped you— played two roles: your saviour, your slave.
Maybe I’d find my way! So I seek somebody to save.
How I need somebody to save.

I know some people think that I’m a mess. True,
I guess, perhaps, they just don’t have a clue
How it feels to want to come to someone’s rescue…
For what else can I do?

There’s a reason I put everyone above me.
See, I’m not pretty. I’m not smart. I just… make do.
But perhaps I could find someone who would love me
If I keep doing what I do. Wouldn’t you?

“April, serve a purpose.” In my mind, these words are engraved.
Trust me, I’m not being brave, I just need somebody to save.
We all need somebody to save.

Some people disagree. “You’re all right the way you are.”
That is what they tend to say.
But here’s where they don’t see I wanna be more than okay.
I’m striving every day! I’m gonna find my way,

On this path I pave.
We’ve all one foot in the grave! Don’t we need somebody to save?
We all need somebody to save!
It’s my creed, somebody to save.
Yes, indeed, somebody to save!

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