Thursday, 22 April 2010


Hey, all! Wow, haven't updated in a while, and as you can see, the #nickgivesthanks4s have pretty much fallen off the radar, arf arf. Which is a bit of a relief, since I don't think I've got that much to be thankful for, hahahah! But I'll pick it up again as soon as I can. Right now I'm neck-deep in music work before the Perth trip, and on top of that we've got another of those goshdurn by-elections happening here, and so work's been pretty full on, too. Oy vey!

So an interesting thing has happened with regards to some of the political crap that's been going on here (and I don't match "interesting" with "political crap" very often). But one of the contenders in this by-election has become the subject of character assassination, with opponents claiming that he's a drunk. And so, one of the opposition blogs put up a photo of this contestant with a bottle of whiskey in his hands:

However, we know for a fact that this pic is fake because it's really a pic that came off the website I work for, The Nut Graph. Heh! Check out the original:

Subsequently, a Facebook group has cropped up, inviting people to doctor the original image and insert items into this guy's hands. The group, What Would Zaid Hold?, has some pretty funny photos, all work of people having too much with Photoshop, LOL. Check out the group if you're keen to view all the pics (obviously you need to have a Facebook account)... Otherwise here are some of my favourites from all the inspired postings that have gone up:

Hold yer horses...

Mini me.


This is a disturbing one... that's a baby version of our prime minister, oy!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 30

#nickgivesthanks4 the rain. Yes, I've expressed gratitude for something similar before, but honestly, the heat these days? Absolutely draining. Thankfully, it rained tonight, bringing a much-needed relief. Whew!

Speaking of the heat, check out what my mum did for poor ol' Jodie, my doggy who lives outdoors, to help dispel the heat. And Jodie looks like she's thankful, too!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 28 & 29

#nickgivesthanks4 steady progress on the music-making front, with continued perseverance with FTL scores, a new children's theatre project to start working on (with Asian theme this year!), and a trip to Perth in just a little over a month! Ooooer. The clock's a tickin'!

#nickgivesthanks4 Subway sandwiches! Mmmm!! (And speaking of which, check out this cute cartoon, courtesy of Shoobaba):

Edited to add: I paid special attention when ordering my Subway sandwich today. And it's indeed true: unnecessary dairy overlap indeed. I did feel a soul-crushing disappointment. Sigh.

#nickgivesthanks4 27: Oh yeaaa!

#nickgivesthanks4 Supernatural! Oh yea, I still loves it, whether watching the unfolding demon-angel war in Season 5, or watching reruns! Just saw season 1 episode 1 today. Aww, it was a much simpler time then, wasn't it? :P

Sunday, 11 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 23-26

Sorry folks, been a bit slack with the #nickgivesthanks4's... probably because nothing much has been happening lately, arf. Just been continuously working on the music, going for makan with my mum while my dad's away on a golfing trip, and ... ummm... yeah, that's about it, I guess. Still, I guess I shall try to be thankful for something... though it's beginning to look like this gratitude thing is taking over the blog, isn't it? Arf arf. Oh well. Let's get on with it anyway.

#nickgivesthanks4 dinners with mum!

#nickgivesthanks4 living close to the shopping centres, where mum, brother and I went for a walkabout yesterday!

#nickgivesthanks4 my new air-purifier thingy. It's just a silly bowl that disperses water mixed with aromatic essential oils, but it sure makes an air-conditioned room smell good and relaxing, arf arf. Plus, normally, I wouldn't give it the time of day, but this was a steal at RM50 inclusive of five mini bottles of oils. Ah well. I'm such a sucker for marketing and smooth-talking salespersons.

Looks like a goldfish bowl with a biking helmet.

#nickgivesthanks4 Rowntree's fruit pastilles. Yup. Loved 'em as a kid, love 'em now. I think they're Wonka fruit pastilles in Aussieland. Favourite flavour? Orange, of course! Mmmm!

Okay, bye!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 21 & 22

#nickgivesthanks4 the opportunity to work from home every so often. Thanks, boss! :D

#nickgivesthanks4 ... new life. See pic below. :P

Monday, 5 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 21

#nickgivesthanks4 St Dalfour peppermint tea! It's the only peppermint tea to drink! Mmmm, refreshingly minty! :D

Sunday, 4 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 17-20

Whoops, looks like I missed a few days, sorry folks. Okay, let's play catch up:

#nickgivesthanks4 air-conditioning!!! It's like a blasted sauna out there!!

#nickgivesthanks4 having nearby coffee shops with some pretty yummy food, so there's little chance of going hungry at any hour of the day!

#nickgivesthanks4 good long chats with Chan Ghee about creativity and passions!

#nickgivesthanks4 a solid meeting yesterday with new people on board for FTL 2010, including two experienced behind-the-scenes persons who, hopefully, will be able to work together to get things back on track!!

Whoo-hooo!!! More later...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 16: A Peri Amusing Story

#nickgivesthanks4 Nando's chicken soup! ARF. Yup, this is in spite of the difficulty I had with 'em a couple of weeks ago. You see, I'd ordered chicken soup to be delivered alongside the main course, and somehow, the soup spilled in the bag, soaking the other foods and also drenching the paper bag itself. Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed it, so I paid the delivery dude and trudged all across my apartment with soup leaking out of the bag. Oy vey!!! Eventually I had to chuck what was left of the soup out (since it was all in the bottom of the bag!), though the food was fine. But I was (naturally) disgruntled, so I called the order hotline to complain, and the dude on the line told me he'd make a note, and ask his supervisor about a free soup the next time I ordered.

Cue today, when I decided to order Nando's. First question: do I get a free soup? Apparently not: "There's no record of your complaint," the anxious lady on the phone told me. I explained that I had, indeed, complained, but there was nothing she could do since there was no indicator of it. Oy vey!! How immensely annoying and frustrating. So I went ahead and ordered my meal tonight, along with a takeaway soup, warning them to pack it all in properly so that it doesn't spill this time!!! "About an hour and a half delivery time," she tells me, since it's peak dinner hour. Fine. Whatever.

About 20 mins later, the doorbell rings, and my food's here. And the soup is intact, reinforced in double cartons, so that nothing spills. And considering that it's stormy outside, and chilly, and I'm feeling a tad bummed (nothing to worry about, just stress!), I tucked into the soup... and I tell ye, it hit the spot. Hot, steaming soup with just the right amount of spiciness to deal with the cool weather outside! Bliss!!

And before you ask, no, this soup wasn't complimentary. Apparently there was nothing they could do, since there was no note of my complaint and too much time had gone by since that last faulty order. I briefly (very briefly!) contemplated boycotting, but you know what? It's Nando's. And anyone who knows me (or who knows Nando's) will tell you that it's really quite difficult to give it up entirely. So I decided, ah well. At least they handled my order with rapid delivery time and the precaution in soup-packaging. That, at least, makes up for it. And even if it didn't... well... I'd still go back. Arf arf.

Okay, time to makan!! Mmmm, chicken!!!!