Wednesday, 31 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 15

#nickgivesthanks4 cool, rainy nights!!!

#nickgivesthanks4 14: A Little Bit Of Action Dramedy!

#nickgivesthanks4 being able to kick back and relax with some no-brainer telly shows after a long day in the office and then coming home to work on music scores! By "no-brainer" I mean I don't have to think while watching these shows... just sit back with a nice cuppa, click the remote and enjoy the ride!

Let's see, tonight's agenda: I'm thinkin' action-comedy dramas! Whooo yeaaaah, time for an episode or two of Chuck — the story of a nerd turned unwitting spy — and Human Target, the ridiculously thrilling caper about a personal bodyguard who would go to any lengths to protect his clients... even putting himself directly in harm's way!! Ooh, these guys have issues! Awesome!! Okay, bye for now!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 13

#nickgivesthanks4 my dear old CD player. It has served me exceedingly well. Mum and dad bought it for me in 1997 after high school, and it has travelled with me on multiple trips to Sydney (two years), then from Penang to Kuala Lumpur (two years), then to Perth (four years, back and forth between Aussieland and Malaysia for the holidays), and then now it's a semi-permanent fixture in my folks' house.

Nearly 13 years old, and it's all running perfectly, the sound quality is terrific, and it has never required fixing, not once. Dear old CD player, how I adore you! If only I had named you all those years ago, so that I could call you something more endearing than "dear old CD player". Yvonne. Let's call you Yvonne.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 12

#nickgivesthanks4 music scores! Yup, am chugging away on piano + vocal scores for FTL. It's a slow, laborious process, what with all the harmonies and ambitious rhythms I like to use, and it's a constant game of mental calculation as I key in the notation... but I know it'll be worth all the hard work, especially if (if) we manage to stage the show this year-end! Fingers crossed, boys and girls!!

Excerpt from one of the songs

Saturday, 27 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 11: Belated Birthday Bash + Crash and Eeek!

Okay, here's the updates on my belated birthday dinner with Terry, Chan Ghee and Debra (see previous post!). We went to dinner at this restaurant called Ribs in Bandar Utama, not too far away from where we live. As you can probably tell, the place serves ribs, specifically pork ribs (though they have other meaty items on their menu, too). I didn't think the food was consistently good (the potato leek soup was bland), but the portions were generous. I ordered the pork knuckle (note: six months of dieting probably flew out the window with this one meal, oy!!!), and it was ... well... of a significant size on my plate. You know what? It's probably easier if you just check out this video that we filmed moments after the food had arrived at our table. And you can also listen to Terry and the gang mocking me. Arf!

The main course was followed by rather lukewarm coffee (again, disappointing!) and dessert of apple-banana crumble and chocolate mud pie (served separately), complete with Haagen Daz ice-cream. All in all, I'd give Ribs, the restaurant... hmmm... 6 out of 10. Then again, I'm no food critic, and this ain't no food blog, ARF. Anyhoo. We next headed off for a drive, and Terry decided to show us the huge billboard overlooking the highway that had his face on it (the billboard, that is, not the highway), since he's a D.J. with a prominent radio station here. So that's what we did, and you can check out the short video clip of that experience, heh!!

After the drive, Terry declared that he wanted more dessert (oy!), so we headed towards this desserty-place in SS2. On the way, something rather freaky happened: we saw a car slam into the rear of the car in front of it. Yes, it was "just" an accident, but to have it happen right next to you, with such a loud screech and crash, can be rather unnerving, let me tell you that! We all exclaimed in shock and Terry even stepped instinctively on his own brake, which made us thankful the car behind us didn't run into us, oy!! But yea, that was kinda rattling. And I don't know if I'm mistaken, but I could've sworn the female driver of the car that did the ramming had her hand to her ear, as if, mayhaps, she'd been on her mobile phone. Hmmm.

So anyway, we headed for dessert part two in SS2, where we freaked each other out with ghost stories while stuffing our already stuffed tummies with sweet Chinese delicacies and shaved ice-fruity serves. Speaking of ghost stories, let me tell you about this one. People of a nervous nature, you might wanna log off here, or scroll down for more pics of us at dinner, arf arf!!! Otherwise, here comes the spooky tale! Brace yourselves!

The other day Terry received a phone call from our mutual friend E, with whom Terry had stayed during our trip to Penang for Christmastime. E apparently told Terry, "Hey, Terry, when you left my apartment, you didn't take everything with you." And Terry was, like, "Huh?" Turned out that E had brought a friend over who was purportedly a spiritual medium, and that medium had turned to the guest room and said, "That room's not empty. There's a spirit of a woman trapped in there, and she'd followed the last person who stayed in there back from the beach." Now, if you recall, Terry, Chan Ghee and yours truly indeed had visited the beach just after Christmastime with a few other friends!!! Eeek!!

Fortunately, E's clairvoyant friend reckoned the woman was harmless, just lost — which, when you think about it, is really quite sad, because why shouldn't people who no longer have a place in this world move on and find peace in the next?? And apparently E's friend gave two options: that they could set the spirit free, or that they could send her back to the person she'd followed. Cue Terry (as I imagined him) exclaiming into the phone, "Are you crazy?? Set her free! Set her free!"

So that's the end of the ghost story. It's goosebumpy because it's true. And on that note, I conclude this blog post by saying we finished off dessert at SS2 and Terry dropped us back at our respective cars/homes, where I'm now at, blogging away. And so I'd like to reiterate what I'd started in my previous blog post, before I digressed: that #nickgivesthanks4 having great friends to laugh and act all silly with over dinner, dessert, driving... and more dessert! YAY!

Okay, until next time, I leave you with pics! Enjoy!

Terry goes wild mushroom soup!

Debra and moi!

Chan Ghee had a little lamb


#nickgivesthanks4 10... Belated Birthday Bash Doggy Equilibrium

Hey all! Just got back from dinner and chilling out with Terry, Chan Ghee and Debra, in a belated birthday celebration for yours truly. Which reminds me, #nickgivesthanks4 having great friends to laugh and act all silly with over dinner, dessert, driving... and more dessert! YAY!

Before all that: a recap. Worked from home most of the day, and then went to my colleague Lainie's place to collaborate with her on some stuff for our work website. Lainie's been doggysitting this most adorable little puppy named Cookie. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of her right now (will ask Lainie to send some over!), but she's the cutest, most hyperactive doggy I've met in a long time!! The moment I stepped into the house, she started jumping all over me and going nuts.

Which gave me an opportunity to test out the advice of Cesar Millan, famed dog behaviourist, who's behind some rather impressive (albeit controversial from some opponents' perspectives) dog rehabilitation exercises on his TV show Dog Whisperer. Oh yeah, have I mentioned I've found a new telly show to obsess over?? Arf, arf! (quite literally). Yeah, Cesar Millan always says that dogs always need a pack leader, and in a dog pack, the submissive dog will always follow the lead of the assertive, dominant leader.

According to him, when a dog lives in the company of humans, humans should be the pack leader. And a human who gives in to the dog's demands — by responding in a placating, cajoling, accommodating manner when a dog jumps and begs for attention, for instance — is a human who's encouraging the dog to behave in that excitable, agitated, dominant fashion. In other words, the dog is encouraged to be dominant upon the person. So, according to Mr Millan, a person, upon meeting a dog for the first time, should avoid eye contact and physical contact such as petting, and should display "calm, assertive energy" until the dog realises, "Oooh, this is a person I shouldn't mess with, and I should give him/her my respect" and becomes a calm, submissive dog. I'm summarising, but that's sorta the gist.

So. Cue Lainie's foster puppy jumping on Nick. I try to remember this idea of "calm, assertive energy". I talk to Lainie, mostly ignoring puppy's needs for attention. Eventually, when she starts calming down but still tries to jump and lick, I tell her, "Ssh!", to try to get her to stop bouncing about, to sit down and to be calmer. It takes a while, but wouldn't you know it, eventually she stops, lies on her belly, and looks at me, waiting. And then, when the human is satisfied with the dog's behaviour, you can give affection. And so I did.

And then afterwards, I noticed that the puppy would go mad around everyone else, but when I approached, she would go into that submissive lying-on-her-belly mode, tail still wagging slowly, waiting for affection. And when she started to jump and go hyper, all I had to do was say, "Ssh!" and she would sit quietly again. The best part is, I was then able to pick her up, hold her and stroke her — and all she did was stay in my arms, calmly, quietly, gently, submissively, and let me pet her. It worked!! And note... none of this is with any harshness or unkindness — just assertiveness, using affection as a "reward" for the doggy's good behaviour.

Anyway, I've gone on for quite a bit about something I wasn't intending to blog about, LOL. So I shall change the reason for my giving thanks to be: #nickgivesthanks4 Cesar Millan's advice on how to reach equilibrium with your dog! Because I've begun to try out some of his advice on Jodie and Chloe, and I'm noticing some positive changes already. And, I've come to a better understanding on why, perhaps, Jodie and Chloe don't get along. But more on this later... I oughta get back to the point of this blog posting, which was to write on what Terry, Chan Ghee, Debs and I did tonight! Arf!!! You know what? I'll end this particular post here and start a new one. :D Till then!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 08 + 09: Duh. And Designs.

Whoops, I missed yesterday's #nickgivesthanks4. But that's okay, I think it was quite self-explanatory. Anyway, just for the record, yesterday's obvious entry would've been #nickgivesthanks4 birthdays. And turning thirty. Which so far seems ... y'know... to be the same, arf arf!!

Today's entry? #nickgivesthanks4 turning thirty and one day. AHaHAHAHAHA. But no. Seriously. Ummm. #nickgivesthanks4 meetings to revamp the TNG website!!! Yes. YES. That shall be it. It might not sound like much, but have you seen the website?? Not horrible, but not the most optimal design laaaah.

And the "backend", i.e. the data-entry pages to upload the content?? Quite. Bad. The new web designers looked at it and laughed. Well, not so much laughed, as did that snorting derisive sniggering-snorting thing: Snrrrrrk!! So a web redesign? It's time. (Which isn't to put down the original web team, not at all. You guys rock, and we are grateful for all you've done!)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Yesterday I read my horoscope and was so impressed by the prediction that it was my birthday month. And then I stopped and realised how stupid that was. Oy vey.


Oh, what the heck. To commemorate the occasion, here's a temporary design change...

Happy birthday to me!!!

A new decade beckons. Bring it on.

A Slippery Grip...

No... no... nooo! Nooooo!!! NoooOO!!!

That's the sound of me struggling to hold on to the final few hours of being 29, arf arf. Yes, it's already the 24th now, but I was a 3pm baby, so... y'know... there's, like, 13 hours of being in my twenties remaining. Help! Help! Heeeelllp!!!

Oh well. *lets go*


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 07: The Past Decade

#nickgivesthanks4 the final day of his being in his 20s, not to mention the crazy decade it has been. Let's list a few highlights, shall we?
  • Moving away from Penang to Petaling Jaya
  • Learning to drive (yes, I did this when I was 20)
  • Going to KDU college
  • Publishing my first (amateurish) novel, Trippers
  • Working part-time at The Sun as a sub editor
  • Getting published in The Sun
  • Leaving for Perth (YAY!)
  • Murdoch Uni and awesome mates - four years of joys and tears, highs and lows
  • Completing my second novel, Bench (as yet unpublished)
  • Songs used in church
  • Musical productions produced and performed in Perth
  • Losing weight the first time
  • Starting this blog!!!
  • Getting my first horror compilation published: Eerie Tales
  • Staging my first full-length original musical Follow The Light!
  • Graduating with undergrad degrees and Masters degree
  • Leaving Perth (BOO!)
  • Coming home from Perth to discover parents had moved house!
  • Working at OTE as sub editor
  • Getting published in OTE
  • Getting my second horror compilation published: Night Terrors
  • Getting my car
  • Setting up my home studio and taking some time off to work on music
  • Setting up my website
  • Getting involved in Malaysian arts scene - The Edge, A Christmas Carol, et al
  • Working at TNG as sub editor
  • Getting published in TNG
  • Working hard to get Follow The Light up and running in Malaysia (ongoing)
  • Getting my apartment and moving out of home
  • Losing weight the second time
  • Applying for Aussie PR (in progress)
....which pretty much brings us up to speed. My 20s has not been too shabby, I suppose. Happy birthday eve!!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Drama Queen

Omigod! Two more days remaining of me being in my 20s!!
And this day is already almost over!
Tomorrow is the last day!
The last day!


#nickgivesthanks4 06

#nickgivesthanks4 roach traps.

Roach traps?

Roach traps.

#nickgivesthanks4: The Video Pledge

Shot on Wednesday, St Patty's day (and also my dad's birthday!), prior to the pancakes: Nick's promise to blog his gratitude at least once daily! Thanks to Little Jo for her mobile phone camera!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 05: Laksa Night!

#nickgivesthanks4 laksa night with Terry, Chan Ghee and the folks!! Mmmm! Stuffed to the brim with noodles in spicy fish gravy, sour "assam" style, rich "lemak" style, and delicious "mixed" style! Thankful also that parents came back safe and sound from Penang, complete with aforementioned noodles in spicy fish gravy, sour "assam" style, rich "lemak" style, and delicious "mixed" style! Mmmm! Stuffed to the brim!!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 03 and 04: Food and Rent

A bit late with Friday's entry, so I'm going to combine two into one: #nickgivesthanks4 a good night out for dinner with Terry and Debs at a Malay restaurant, where we were the only Chinese customers in a crowded house, which, of course, didn't matter one single bit: we laughed and joked with the ladies who served us, sheepishly asked for bigger and stronger spoons when the ones they gave us got bent out of shape in the process of scraping the insides of coconuts, and complimented them on the delicious food. Santai restaurant in Taman Tun, go check it out, people!!

Beyond that, #nickgivesthanks4 an entertaining, moving and inspiring evening watching the DVD of Rent, the final performance on Broadway, where Terry and I laughed, sang along, and cried — but mostly laughed and made stupid jokes because we know the show so well, while Debs cursed us silently and wished we would shut the hell up.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 02: Doggies

#nickgivesthanks4 his two doggies, Jodie and Chloe, without whom housesitting would be a more lonely and boring (and definitely more unnerving!) endeavour. And also for the long, relaxing walks! ;)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

#nickgivesthanks4 01: Pancakes

Starting today, I am embarking on a new endeavour: to express my thankfulness for at least one thing per day, no matter how significant or memorable, or mundane or inane. This will be part of my self-imposed "therapy" to help me appreciate more what I have and what I experience; and I would like you, dear blog reader(s?), to keep me accountable by leaving a comment in the sidebar if I happen to miss a day!!

To kick off #nickgivesthanks4, here's today's inaugural entry, which should also appear in the Twitter sidebar, either word-for-word or paraphrased to express the same sentiment:

Nick gives thanks for lovely breakfast at Paddington's with Little Jo, where we had delicious savoury and sweet pancake platters: sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and pancake for the former; mixed fruit, icing sugar, ice cream and fluffy chunks of scrambled pancake for the latter. Dessert-style pancake was heavenly: a scrumptious mix of sweet and sour, hot and cold. Plus some strong coffee to top it all off. Mmmm!

What's left of our breakfast dessert!

Come back tomorrow for more (gratitude, that is, not pancakes!)

Monday, 15 March 2010

One Year!

Oh yea, happy One Year of me being in this apartment. Whoohooo.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, tonight Terry and I went for dinner at Kitchen Creatures in Centrepoint, which serves largely Western dining. (Okay, we didn't specifically go for dinner to celebrate the one-year-of-me-being-in-this-apartment. That just happened to coincide.)

It was our first time there, and while the waitress who served us was a bit reticent, the food was really rather yummy, and the portions were plentiful! We had a beef stew-soup appetizer followed the main course, which, for me, was the mixed grill: beef, lamb and chicken. To our horror and delight, the portion they served of each of the meats was ...well, significant, to say the least! We could've had three meals right there on my plate!

Mein gott! Ze meats! Ze meats!!

Naturally, we finished everything we ordered. Hey. We're growing boys. Just... y'know... in which direction...? Oy vey.

Tomorrow: little Jo drops in for an overnight visit! We plan to spend the day together (with me working out of office), and with her spending the night here in the study (since what was formerly the guest room is now occupied, arf). More updates as and when! Till then... ;)

Nerd Alert

In a moment of sheer TV geekdom, I sent an email to my favourite American TV critic Matt Roush of TV Guide Magazine asking him a question on one of my longtime favourite TV comedies The New Adventures Of Old Christine, and he published it in his column this week. Here's the question and his answer, which you can also view on the TV Guide Magazine website. Oy, what a telly nark I am, eh??? :P (Meanwhile, I just downloaded Season 1 of Dog Whisperer, and I'm enjoying it very much. He should pay a visit to my issue-driven doggie Chloe someday. Another TV show to add to the list, arf, arf!!)

Question: I know you're a fan of The New Adventures of Old Christine, and I am, too, but I'm wondering what you think about the latest batch of episodes. While I still love the show, I'm finding that the writers are making Old Christine more and more of a caricature and increasingly harder to relate to. Worse still, she occasionally becomes rather annoying, and not in a funny way. The Old Christine from earlier seasons was more realistic, I think, and I hope the writers don't make her too unstable—see singing in the subway and being totally unable to see herself home, for instance!

My other gripe is that there doesn't seem to be much consistency in the storyline these days, with only the occasional reference to, for instance, Richard and New Christine's relationship (are they together or not? If they aren't, how could Richard have been suspected of having an affair in the March 3rd episode?). I'm glad they mentioned that Richard and Matthew are still sharing an apartment, and that Barb and Dave are still hot and cold for each other, but I wish the writers would make things clearer as to where these characters stand and where they're headed. And what's up with the lack of screen time for the meanie moms and especially little Ritchie? They have always been supporting players, but I feel as if they're more so this season.

Nevertheless, I remain a big fan. Julia Louis-Dreyfus still shines in the role, making Old Christine one of the most neurotic characters on TV. And Wanda Sykes, Hamish Linklater and Clark Gregg are still solid performers. What are your thoughts on Season 5, and what hope do we have, in your professional opinion, of a sixth season? Any word on whether ABC might snatch it up (which was reported for the past couple of years) in light of ABC's successful Wednesday night line-up?—Nick

Matt Roush: I still enjoy Christine more often than not, but it has gotten broader and sillier, and the subway episode in particular was a detour into flat-out annoying stupidity. (When it’s on its game, I enjoy a full night of fantastic Wednesday comedy by watching Christine and then switching to ABC for the next 90 minutes. Bliss.) Christine herself has always had so many sides to her comedy: she’s selfish and immature and irresponsible, yet usually aware how ridiculous she is and how lucky she is that the people in her life put up with her. Sometimes the writers push it too far, and I guess that has been even more evident this season, in part because her relationship with the therapist (a very game Eric McCormack) is several shades ickier than her infatuation with the teacher Mr. Harris (come back more often, Blair Underwood). As for the subplots for Richard and New Christine, the mean moms and little Ritchie, you’re probably right. But as long as I get my fill of scenes with Christine and Barb and Christine and Matthew, I’m usually satisfied. Just not as much lately as I used to be.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Another Year Older Already???

Hey all, how's it going! Wow, nine days remaining till I turn 30, scary scary stuff, LOL. Yup, birthday's on the 24th. I suppose I should throw a party or something. Hmmm. We'll see.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, Monday the 15th, will mark one year of my being in this apartment. Oy vey, how quickly time has flown! Remember when I first got all my stuff moved in and spent the night? Man, how pristine the apartment looked back then, all brand new and shiny. It's now a dirty, dusty, cluttered mess, arf arf. And one year later, I'm sharing the apartment with my old high school friend Chan Ghee. Who would've thought it? Like Terry said, it's like a sitcom, where two characters who have interacted but haven't lived together find themselves living together. Heh!!

Anyway, check out the pic of the living room configuration now, which I've been meaning to upload for a while. The sofa now acts as a "border" for the living room space, and the exercise machine is no longer cluttering up the area next to the dining room. I think this layout maximises the space, and though it took a while, I've gotten used to watching telly from that angle, heheh.

Anyway, happy birthday and anniversary to me, eh? Arf. I'll be back soon with more blog updates. Stay tuned!

Shelved Showcases and an Edge preview!

Hey, all! Welcome to our irregularly scheduled blog update! Am going for a movie later this afternoon, so just thought I'd use my time wisely by... you know... idly surfing the net and blogging, arf arf. The past few days I've been consumed by recording some demos for a recording artiste friend of mine who's looking for some new songs for her next album, so I've managed to rerecord some Nick Choo "oldies" and one or two new ones for her consideration. You can check out one-minute excerpts of the songs here.

I've also been hard at work on some rough demos from the revised version of The Edge for this one-hour showcase that we were meant to perform on Saturday, the 27th. I say meant to perform, because we're no longer doing it. Unfortunately there's been a lot of miscommunication between the organisers and myself, which made it tricky because I was trying to organise things with five other performers. Our plan was to stage shortened song-scenes from The Edge, which, if you recall, has a rather complex score, and really needs quality singers to pull off. Sadly we were bounced back from one time slot to another across two different days, which impacted, naturally, on the performers' own schedules.

Then yesterday they called to let me know we wouldn't even be performing in the actual theatre space but rather out in the foyer area, so I had to tell them we were withdrawing. And thus we withdrew. After which, they let us know they could accommodate us in the actual space in a different time slot. By which point, you know, it was a little bit too late, and I sure wasn't going to contact the performers again with the latest updates. So I stuck to the decision, and... well... that's that for now, I guess.

Anyway, I hope the organisers are able to sort themselves out because — no ill-will intended here — if it's so difficult to schedule two days of events, how much harder will it be when they've got to take care of a year's line-up of shows?? Oy.

The good thing that came out of this is that I managed to record some of the rough demos, which basically means it's just me sitting at my keyboard, playing "live" and singing into a microphone. So today, as a special treat for not blogging more frequently, may I present one of the rough demos, a song-scene called Every Now And Then, which is an entirely new song that wasn't in the 2008 workshop production of the show. Lyrics included below. Please note that due to my having to play and sing at the same time, I do go off-pitch at points, and the piano does occasionally get too loud (especially towards the angry ending), but I hope it sufficiently demonstrates the song as it should be performed.

Okay boys and girls, with no further adoodoo, here it is. Enjoy. (Sorry for the large gaps between the text and the player, arf!)

Every Now And Then
from The Edge

Music & Lyrics © 2010 by Nick Choo

Lights up on MICHAEL, who addresses the audience.
Josh and I were friends from the outset,
Since we met in kindergarten.
Every time I look back on the past,
I’m still aghast at how we changed.
The interests that we had in common, even at that age:
Robots, trucks, toy guns and video games.

We went to school together; we were classmates
With a co-ed education.
We’d shoot spit balls at the girl across the aisle
And all the while think she was cute.
We were the “dynamic duo”, or “the terrible two”.
We were barely ten: young men of ill-repute.

When the bell would ring to go back home,
Out of our seats we’d spring and rush right over to Josh’s place!
We’d do our homework, watch cartoons;
I’d stay the whole damn afternoon;
Evenings were sometimes the case.
And once in a while, every now and then,
I’d stay till dark, and sometimes spend
The night. They’d never complain.
His folks were kind, his brother was cool.
The next day we’d get up for school
And start all over again.
Every now and then
Josh and I would sometimes talk about the things we’d do
When we grew older.
He always had these fuzzy dreams,
While I possessed more definite ambition.
He’d say, “I might be a writer…”
I’d scoff, “That would be the day.”
Throughout our friendship, we engaged
In just a little friendly competition.

A SHIFT to the PAST: MICHAEL and Josh are kids.
Oh, wow, that’s really cool, Josh! Your father bought that for you?
I can’t believe it, you’re so lucky — how he spoils you!
Though he goes out a lot — I hardly ever see him here…
Oh, well, have lots of fun. Maybe I could borrow it sometime!

Lucky sunnuvagun. That’s not a bad word.

Another SHIFT; they are now teenagers.

So? How did you do?? Come on, you have to tell me!
I’ll tell you what I scored if you just tell me— eighty-nine?
Fuck off, that ain’t so bad. You’re still more better than me.
I got a much more lower grade because of — bad grammar.
It’s just a stupid test. Guess I’ll do better next time.

Again, a SHIFT: back to the original state.
Josh and I would sometimes talk about the things we’d do
When we grew older.
Later on, I realised I really wanted to become a doctor.
But I knew my dreams would not come true. I didn’t have the brains.
That’s what my father always said.
While Josh excelled at most, and if he didn’t…
Well, it was no crying shame.

He cruised through life, he followed his bliss!
If my life could have been more like his,
I wouldn’t take it for granted!
His mum and brother were always there;
Always caring; they would give him whatever he wanted!
My dad was shit, my mum was gone;
While Jarod made sure his brother shone,
Like he wasn’t a winner enough…
With his looks and smarts; the girls he courted;
His family supportive; his outlook unthwarted—
He sure had it rough!

Yet he would often complain. It would drive me insane—
He was my best friend… But every now and then, it would get me, right here…!
Every now and then— It’s no big deal, it’s just
Every now and then—! Every now and then—!
Every now and then—!
Every now and then…!

Josh and I were friends…
Every time I look back on the past…
...How – we changed…
He changed…
And I…


Monday, 8 March 2010


Wow, I haven't updated my blog in two weeks! Don't worry, I'm not going to give up on blogging just yet, not after having this site for more than five years, arf arf! Just been super busy, what with the PR application, and work, and also working on music scores for FTL. Hmmm. Sounds like the same ol' excuses, doesn't it? Heh.

Meanwhile, passed the IELTS exam for my PR application with flying colours: an 8.5 grade out of 9, which, y'know, ain't too shabby. Chan Ghee has been my housemate for a week and a half now, and it's going well, I reckon. Initially took some getting used to, having someone else around... the other day, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and practically jumped, only to realise it was just the new housemate, oy vey!! :P

Anyhoo. I promise to come back soon with more updates, so check back in again shortly, y'hear? Ta ta for now!