Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bye-Bye Leetle Jo! Hellooo, Newbies!

Hey all! Well, life's back to same ol', same ol' routine again now that little Jo has left the building and has headed back home to Singypoo. Sigh. We didn't do all that much, like I've mentioned; we just spent most of our time just chilling out, which was nice. Not even much in the way of photos. Actually, no photos altogether. Heh. Oh well!

Now I'm back in the office for work (as opposed to working from home while my lappietop was out of commission), and so... yeah. It's all back to the way it was. Oooo except for the added decor and increased cosiness factor in my apartment, since Jo and I bought some new additions, including a new kitchen shelving unit, a coffee maker, some houseplants and a new lamp. We set the plants and lamp up in the living room, and now it's really comfy there... so much so that I'm just going to leave you with these pics (enlargeable by clicking on 'em!) so that I can leave this computer room and go vegetate out on the sofa in the living room in front of the telly!! Till next time! ;))

Living room. Oooooh. Cosy!

In a moment of sheer frivolity, Jo and I decided to name the plants. From left (on floor) to right: Peggy, Erin, Millie, Moolyeen Junior and Moolyeen. Moolyeen Jr is a tiny version of its namesake. And those in Perth will get the added humour in Moolyeen.
Oh, Moolyeen...

The new lamp. We didn't name it.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Pics from the Past #1 & #2

1997. Nick and his friends stayed over in a scary-looking house on Penang Hill. One of the rooms upstairs had a bathroom that caused hairs to stand the moment you walked in, and that eerie sense of not being alone while you're doing your business. We made spaghetti in the kitchen, slept as a group on the upper-floor balcony, and regaled ourselves with scary ghost stories. Good times. We've gotta do it again.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Little Jo in da house — and True Quote Story #25

Heyhey all! So Little Jo's in town, yay!! We're crashing at my folks' house up until tomorrow as my folks are away on a vacation overseas; and then from tomorrow (Saturday) night onwards we'll be spending nights back at my apartment, where we currently are. It's been pretty laidback; we've just been hanging out here (since I'm working from home) while she watches telly and plays computer games; and we've also gone shopping, and swimming in the pool downstairs... so all in all, Jo's having quite a relaxing break, methinks, much like mine in Perth with all the time in the world to read and chillax. Cool.

So just last night, Jo and I met up with Terry, and he told us this little tale which I simply have to blog about. I'm going to call it a True Quote, but it's really a True Story. Anyway, it's hilarious, though I hope it translates well when it's being written about, rather than narrated. Anyway, here it is:

Turns out that Terry's sister got pretty drunk one night and stumbled back to her apartment. When she arrived at the front door, she realised she'd forgotten her keys. Fortunately, her housemate's girl friend M was staying over; so M greeted her at the door. Through the bars of the grille, Terry's sis slurred, "Keeeeeeeeys. Keeeeeeeeeys." So M did the natural thing, leaned forward, and kissed her.


According to Terry, his sis experienced a moment of stunned sobriety: an eye-shifting WTF?! moment.

True quote story, my friends. True quote story.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Horton & Whos? Hilarious!

Watched Horton Hears A Who for the first time last night. Thought it was soooo funny!! The scene where Horton, a giant elephant, needs to cross over this huuuge ravine on a rickety old rope bridge while protecting a flower on which is perched a tiny little world with tinier little people living in it?? Easily the funniest scene I've seen in an animated movie in a LONG time! Unfortunately I can't embed a clip of the scene here, but if you're interested, check it out on Youtube here! Heee heeeee!!! Two thumbs up, pachyderm!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Eating Plan Monitor #2

On 8 May, my weight was 105kg.
Three weeks later, on 29 May, it was 97.5kg.
Today, approximately two weeks later on 16 June, I'm down to 93kg.

12kg lost in a little over five weeks!


Target weight is still 75kg though, so another 18kg to go...
Patience... is a virgin.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Animated Weekend

Hey all! Just a quick update! Weekend was quiet but very pleasant: I decided to make it an animated-movie weekend, so I spent it watching several movies, heh. I saw Bolt and Flushed Away (both of which I enjoyed immensely) and Chicken Little (which I thought had a really bizarre but entertaining storyline) and Kung Fu Panda (yay! rocks!) and Bee Movie (which should've been called D movie... totally sucked, and I didn't even sit all the way through it). All in all, a rather relaxing, non-brain-stressful way to spend a couple of days, don'tcha think? Hehe.

I just got the bill for my shattered laptop, it's a whopping RM700 just to replace the LCD. Urgh. What a mess. But yay, on the plus side, I'll be mobile again. Yaaay. Oy.

Well, I hate to sound like life's being uneventful, but it actually kinda is, though not in a bad way. So that's really it for now. Oh, the folks are off to China from tomorrow night, and little Jo comes into town on Wednesday for a five-day visit. She'll be crashing at my folks' place, where I'll be, from Wednesday to Saturday, and then over the weekend up till Tuesday she'll be bunking over at my apartment, yay!! Aaaand she says she's going to try cooking for me, eating-plan style! Heh!!! Looking forward to it!!

Okay, until next time... bye for now!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Random Journal Entry #3: The Helmet Inadvertency

26th November 2002. ...We went over to Chris's place to check his house out, and then Judi, Helmy, Beattie, Chris and myself went to Northbridge for Bubble Tea followed by a quick visit to King's Park (quick 'cos it was freezing!)... and we came back to my NEWLYARRANGED room and hung out til about 2am, with everyone saying this new arrangement is HEAPS better than the first! Yeah, one bed against the wall, desk rearranged — heaps more carpet/floor space to hang out on! Hell, the guys played TWISTER in my room, for crying out loud, and at one point Chris inadvertently called Helmy "Helmet" without realising, resulting in me and Beattie totally losing it — we CRACKED UP to the MAX!!! AHAHAHA! Weirder still is the fact that Chris did it TWICE — and didn't notice! AHAAA!

Day Off: Yucky Yoghurt Alert!

Hey all! Today has been a pretty quiet but cool day. Spent most of the day hanging out with my dear friend Cat (heeeey Caaat!) in Bangsar, where we had lunch (she had a nasi lemak; I had my prepacked eating-plan lunch, plus black coffees) before thoroughly inspecting each aisle of the Grocer's Market supermart in Bangsar Village.

At one point, we stopped to marvel at the bad graphic design on a tub of yoghurt:

And then we turned the tub around and realised, much to our horror, that it was also recommended as a face cream:

Good Lord!!!!

So yes, that was how I spent my day off, apart from doing some pottering about in the apartment cleaning and tidying up. And now I'm going to work on some music or something, so I bid thee adieu for now! Until later! Ta-ta! ;))

Monday, 8 June 2009

Lap-topless, and a Copy and Paste Moment

Hey, all. How's it goin? This weekend has been pretty quiet for me; I had to spend it working for the website since there was some political stuff going on here. Nothing terribly exciting, and it was made a tad more tedious by the fact that my laptop is still in the shop after its dreadful fall; and my folks are away, so I have to spend my time in their house but they don't have a functioning computer, so I've had to borrow my brother's porn-filled laptop, complete with inadequate necessary software, to work. I'm on it right now. Wishing the service-centre peeps would stop sitting on their arses and just fix my goshdurn computer already. Jeeeez.

Anyway now that that's out of the way, it's time for me to copy and paste from an email I sent to Judi and Justin yesterday; minor editing included, of course:

Some not-so-good news, and then some very good news, and then some potentially good news. No-so-good news first. The company I work with is likely to shut down by the end of this year because of the economy issues and the fact that we're not making much revenue yet, and the investors aren't keen on continuing to seed funds into the website for whatever reason. So unfortunately this means that by the end of this year, ol Nicky might be out of a job once again. Oy.

It certainly throws a spanner in the works for my coming to Perth plan next year because as you remember, I was hoping to work online with TNG while being in Perth. But that said, I now plan to develop more freelance gigs as well as save as much as possible so that I might still be able to come to Perth. Still, it's a bit neither-here-nor-there at this point. Oy vey.

On a more positive note:

I just looked through the immigration website, and as of October this year, all I have to do is sit for an English test and I will officially have enough points to apply for permanent residency in Aussieland. YAAAY!!! YAAAAY!! The English test isn't terribly difficult (I've done research) and it boosts my points by 10 points if I can score high enough to declare myself as being "proficient in English" as opposed to "average in English", arf arf. And the work experience for the past three years will give me points as well, which is why, God willing, I should be able to apply for it.

So yes, that's definitely the plan - I'm going for it, and fingers crossed, I'll be able to join you guys again permanently not before long! I don't know how applying for permanent residency will affect next year's plans, but I don't think there'll be much of an issue; until they grant me official PR status, I should still be able to travel on a tourist visa into Aussieland. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Just recently I had a meeting with some folks here and we're officially going ahead with FTL 2009 in Kuala Lumpur (that's the potentially good news)... I've got a producer on board (i.e. a runner-arounder) who's going to secure venue and look into sponsorship for a medium-scale production... so those are the two factors that are going to determine if the project happens or not. But it COULD very well happen, so here's hoping we'll soon be able to raise our voices to the skyyyyyy raise our voices as the seasons fly! YAY.

With my current job status I'm not sure what the chances are of me going to Perth this Christmastime (plus there'll be permanent residency applications to deal with!) but who knows, hopefully you guys will be able to come HERE instead and then we all go visit little Jo Jo in Singypoo!! :))

Anyway, that's about it for now... will write more soon and keep u guys updated on what's going on!

Hmmm rereading this mail i realised it could serve very well as a blog post... so I'm going to do that... edit it a bit, copy and paste. HEH.

And as it was written, so it shall be.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Work, Tuna, Projects and Horses

Thursday afternoon. Yay for the weekend, except that I'm working on Saturday and Sunday, oy, due to some political events that are taking place (you hear that, PAS?). No matter, I had yesterday off and another replacement day coming up. Tonight we've got a staff meeting at work where some mystery announcement is going to be made... so fingers crossed it's a positive one. Hmmm. Fascinating.

I've been trying out new recipes for this eating plan that I'm on, and for the most part (thanks to Judi and Justin) I've been successful with them. Except for my tuna-blend-patty thingy, which I attempted this morning... turned out too runny and couldn't actually be moulded into patties. So I just heated it up and ate it like tuna puree, which I pretentiously pretended was pate or something highfalutin like that. Maybe I oughta actually refer to Judi's recipe when I make it. Heh.

Then there was the stewed apples, which we're meant to boil in Diet Sprite (no kidding) - only, Malaysia doesn't have diet Sprite (I think; oy, we're a disgustingly unhealthy lot), so I ended up boiling the apples in diet Coke. Didn't turn out too badly, still tasted yummy with yoghurt, but on its own, the apples took on a dark brown colour that made it a tad less appealing to eat, and the syrup had its own Cokey caramely flavour which took away from the sweetness of the apples. Ah well. I'll get it right sooner or later!

God, my life is mundane.

Anyhoo. Yup, back at work, and tomorrow I'm meeting with Colin and Cathy to discuss, hopefully once and for all, if FTL is going to get off the ground this year-end or not. I'm really hoping it is; I've made lots of changes to the original script, including complete song rewrites and chuck-outs, that I'm really really excited to see where it goes. And, a production this year would set the stage for the plans I've got for next year... which shall (to those I haven't told yet) largely remain a mystery for now. Winks!

Ah well, that's all for now. I leave you with this lovely pic, courtesy of my dear friend Jade, of my mate Chris, with his and Jade's darling daughter Arielle, on a horsey. Thanks, Jade! ;) xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Random Journal Entry #2: The Chocolate Beverage Concoction

Sydney, 1999: On Saturday evening I made Tim a NickMiloShakeThing. On Sunday he was sick. So he said. Hope he's kidding. Went for a music lesson today. Had a 1 hour 45 min lesson with five-minute coffee break in which we chatted about past music teachers and stuff. Jackie says she feels it's important for a music teacher and her student to have a good open relationship. Hear, hear. Hmm. Stomach achey. Might it be the NickMiloShakeThing? Narf. Okay, that's about all - gotta run now. But wait a mo:


- 3 heaped tablespoons Milo
- milk - hot water
- a sprinkling o'sugar
- coffee powder/ granules

Put 2-3 tblspns milo & sugar in mug. Put 1/3 hot water (the less the better), enough to dissolve ALL milo so no chunks are left in existence. Add cold milk to top mug, stirring vigorously. Sprinkle milo and coffee granules on the surface. Put in fridge/freezer til really cold. Stir and enjoy!!!! ~Nick the Nut ~ February 1999! Heehee!

Random Journal Entry #1: The Violent Birthday Remembrance

Hey all! Just found a whole bunch of notebooks from my time in Sydney in 1998/99, as well as early days in Perth from 2002 to 2004 before this blog kicked off. Quite fascinating, in that horrendously nostalgic way, to read some of the stuff that I'd jotted down... so just for the fun of it, I shall kick off a series of Random Journal Entries! (With any luck it'll be more consistently blogged than those freakin' Nick-Knacks I've always been meaning to continue with... oy. Anyway!)

PERTH, 2 May 2003. Wednesday nite we journeyed to Freo for Jo's b'day... went to Sandrino's Cafe and had quite LOT to eat ... soup, risotto (that tasted like it was from out of a packet but was yummy nonetheless), cake, coffee, beer. ARGH. A lot of people were there: Shaun, Judi, Berni, Jo (duh!), Beatty, Chris and Jade. Okay, not a 'lot', but still.

So all was pretty jovial... at one point Josie (oooh! Josie was there!) wanted to withdraw cash and so she and Shaun got up to leave; only the truth was that they were planning on getting a cake for Jo, but then JO stood up and said she'd go along too! So THAT ruined the plan somewot! Josie had to dart back and tell Jade and me to grab a cake at Ms Maud's... only there WASN'T a Ms Maud's down the strip ... so we ended up asking a random restaurant if they sold cakes (they did) and this Chinese-caucasian dude named Ben served us. Yeah, so that was good, the dinner, no matter how friggin' stuffed we got. FRIGGIN STUFFED.

So. Afterwards we all planned to head to the beach and Beattie and I decided to walk to her car, which was parked in a darkish alley road. This is where the story takes a sinister turn. As we approached her car, a gang of 4 or 5 appeared RIGHT in FRONT of her vehicle and started to pound this dude, kicking him and crap. B & I stop and decide, okay, back away, not a good time. We walk away, but when we turn back the gang has gone, so we head to the car, and lying in front of it, prostrate and fetal, is the bashed victim, there's all blood and stuff all over.

So B & I just stare numbly (in restrospect NOT our finest moment) and then these couple of guys (who, incidentally and irrelevantly, were gay) appeared, and one of them tries to help the dude, who, incidentally, was conscious now and crying and shit. The Good Samaritan dude asked us if we had a mobile to call for help. Beattie did, and so she dialled some number or other and listened but nothing happened. So she and I headed to this pub on the corner intending to find help. By pure coincidence there was this cop car on the corner, and Beattie yells something about a guy being bashed up, and the cop looks at us like, wotthephuck?? and says inanely, "Wot, NOW?" And I thought, "No, an HOUR from now, DUMBarse!" but figured I'd be in trouble for that. Beattie said, "Yes now" and the cop car screeches round the corner beating the red light and we just remained there thinking "wot now?" So we called Shaun to pick us up, and he did, but neither Beattie nor I were in a really good mood anymore.

...Meanwhile, yesterday Beattie discovered a wide smattering of blood on her car bonnet. Sheesh. Wot a mess. There y'go.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Perth 2009: Mugshots!

And even more pics. Sorry if this slows down your bandwidth, arf arf!

First off, a series of random close-ups Judi and I took without anyone else knowing. Hehe. See what I mean about us being easily amused?? :P

Next, we have what I like to call the Models collection. Basically it's us, trying to look more attractive than we actually are, hahahahaha!! Oy, do I need to get a life. ;) Anyway, enjoy!

Justin goes first, and he gets three because he's the first to succeed on the eating plan! Whoohooo, Justin!!

Next is Adam, looking contemplative:

And finally, Judi and a certain mystery man:

Back to Real Life, and Mystery Shots!

So just to update y'all on what's been going on with me since I got home: um. Well. Heh. Just back to work at TNG. I've been working from home, though, since my laptop hasn't yet come back from the repair shoppe after its unexpected tumble; so I almost feel like I'm still holidaying since I haven't yet stepped back into the office. Heh.

I've spent waaaay too much money yesterday and today. Firstly, on groceries, now that Judi has taught me several new recipes that I can use for this diet o'mine. Unfortunately this involved several purchases of imported ingredients... so the bill was rather hefty. Then today I headed to the store to buy a new digital bathroom scale (very important!); a handheld food-chopper-blender-thingy; and a water purifier to attach to my kitchen sink as the unfiltered water tends to taste rather chloriney and metal-water-pipey. Hmmm. How oh so fascinating for the blog reader. Oy.

Anyhoo, here are some more pics, which Judi and I took on a whim. We call it our Mystery Shot collection. We're a very easily-amused bunch of people, we are!! Can you tell what these images are? Heh. Have fun. :P

Perth 2009: More Photos!

More pics of the Perth trip! Here's my dear friend Andrea and her adorable daughter Ainsley:

Here's me and the gang from church. First pic is me and Dan; second pic is of Rozanny, Christine and Anita:

More pics of the gang. In sequence: Josie waving a magic wand; Justin waving a light sabre; Chris holding aforementioned light sabre; Chris and Justin sharing a weird moment; Judi feeds Justin the Wii controller; arty shot of Judi and Justin wii-ing; Jade and Carol

Alex and Mel joined us on Saturday night for dinner! Yay!

As did Adam and Eva, heheh! YAY!!!

More pics to come... ;)