Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I really ought to blog more, but lately there hasn't been too much to say, heh. There is, of course, the revelation of the big thingy I did which I posted about last week (two blog posts below)... but I think I shall wait just a tad longer to reveal it, once I am able to back it up with some viewable evidence, hehe.

Other than that, the weekend was spent working on a song for one of my contacts in the States whom I met through Myspace; he wants me to put music to some lyrics, and I've come up with something I'm quite happy with, but the arrangement of it on my keyboard consumed my entire weekend, and it turns out I'm not too happy with how that (the arrangement) turned out, so I'm going to redo it when I've got a bit more time and creative energy. Hmm. Sounds like same ol' same ol', then, doesn't it??

Last night I had a weird dream that little Jo from Singypoo had actually been in Perth all this while, and I dreamt I went to Perth and met up with Jo and Judi and Justin, who were all living in this huge house, and I wished I were living there too, and they were all like, "Come and live with us! Come and live with us!", and I woke up going "oy vey" and thinking, that surely meant something... :)

Ok that's it for now. Buhbye!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Slight tweak to the blog design as I was advised that the jarring white and blue distracted from the text. So... hopefully this is better. Heeeeee!! More updates soon... God willing. ;)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Da-da da dum dum DUM! *hey!*

And I have done it!

Done what, you ask??

Guesses in the comments section (click on "Wehs!" below) or in the chatterbox... ;))

More soon...

And really, no other comments on the new blog design?? Oy vey, I guess nobody does read this blog... ;)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Easy Come, Easy Go

Hey all. So the past few days I've been going apartment hunting, and a couple of days ago I saw this particular place that I really liked: a 1+1 bedroom, about 920 sq ft, where you walk in and it's this spacious living room, with a bedroom on the right and another room that has no door; i.e. it's just a walk-in "space", which I thought was perfect for my music gear, y'know? The apartment was one out of the seven I'd checked out; the others I didn't like for a multitude of reasons: weird corridors; odd feelings (eek); less than satisfactory conditions; no furnishings whatsoever, etc. But this one I liked, so last night I brought my folks over to check it out too, and they seemed to like it as well. So much so that my dad actually encouraged me to put down a deposit on the place, which I was supposed to do today. Whoohoo. Cut to:

Five minutes ago, when the agent calls me and apologises first thing. Turns out that, as is usually the case, there are several agents handling one apartment, and last night itself was when another prospective tenant put down his deposit on the unit, via another agent. (Cue audience in my mind going "awwwwwww.") The agent I was dealing with says she's going to see if the owner might be persuaded to take me on as a tenant instead, but we're not holding out much hope. So... yah, that's possibly the end of that for now, I think. Oy. I'm disappointed, but hey, maybe the apartment just isn't meant to be for me. Maybe there are better options out there, I dunno. Ah well. *wistful sigh* The hunt continues...

And We Unveil...

Taa-daa! Notice anything different?? I'll give you a hint: it involves a lot of whites and blues, arf arf! What do you think? In conjunction with Valentine's Day (though this has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day), I decided to shy away from the darker glossy tones that this blog has been taking on for the past couple of years (stupidly I didn't think of screengrabbing any of the previous designs, even the most recent orangey-brown one, d'oh!!). Anyway, I hope you like this one. Comments in the chatterbox on the right, please! And no, your eyes aren't deceiving you — even this font size has been altered, just a little bit. Heh!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Limping, Deaf, Hunting and Taken For A Ride

So I woke up today and my foot hurt. Dammit. Geddout, gout! GRR.

Two days ago I accidentally got water in my right ear and now I'm partially deaf in that ear and have been hearing a high-pitched ringing for the past 48 hours. SIGH.

The past couple of days have been spent apartment-hunting. Yup, the chase is ON. I've seen seven so far. Yup, count 'em, 1 2 3 4 5 6 SEVEN apartments. Out of which, only two have made me kinda go "hmmm?Hmmm!" with an intrigued smile on me silly ol' face. But with a sore foot right now, I'm thinking I might wanna put the hunt on hold. Then again, what if I wait further and I lose the two that have made me kinda go "hmmm? Hmmm!" with an intrigued smile on me silly ol' face?? Oh, the dilemma. One of the two is actually a rather nice condo that, methinks, if I snatch it up, just might end up being my new place to live. More as and when this develops... WOOT!

Today I was holding a plastic baggie of groceries, a cuppa takeaway coffee, my mobile phone and my wallet, and then I had to reach into my pocket to fish out my car keys, so I put all of these things on the roof of my car to do it. Unlocked the car, retrieved all the goods, and drove for a good 20 minutes or so before coming to a stop, whereby a dude on a motorcycle went, "Bro, your wallet", and made me realise I'd left my wallet — complete with credit cards and cash and identification documents — on the roof for the whole ride. OY VEY!!!

So how are you??

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cammies and One Night Stands

Yo everyone. Yup, it's been a while since my last blog post, sorry bout that. The usual excuses — been busy at work, pertinently, because of several political developments that have caused significant upheaval and thus increased hours in the office (oy vey)... and have also been working on several small musical things on the side, including music for a friend's DVD project, and a song with my dear friends Nicole, Zalina and Janet, which was performed one-off at the Cameronian Arts Awards Nominees Party last night.

Which brings me to: yay, Nick has been nominated for a Cammy, which is, like, the local version of... um... well.... comparing it to the Tonys would be a bit of a stretch, even though the intentions are similar: to recognise and showcase the arts. But yea, it's right up there with being nominated (and winning) the Finley Awards in WA (ah, 2005, thou was quite the year indeed), and so yours truly has been nominated for (interestingly!) best music for A Christmas Carol, which took me a bit by surprise, to be honest, but yay! Just to jog your memory, you can revisit some of the music from the show here! Meanwhile, what is it about awards and Christmas shows...??

So last night was a little party held at Alexis in Bangsar to celebrate the nominees, and Nic, Zal, Janet and I performed a little number to get the crowd going. Home. Hahahaha. Not home. Just going. Well. I don't know how effective the song really was in getting the crowd riled up, but there was laughter, there were cheers, there was applause, so I take that as a good sign. And of course, a song riddled with dirty words and lustful thoughts presented by a trio of horny girls who call themselves The Three Little Bitches (and Nick) is always a selling point.

The song is called One Night Stand, and while it's a recycled number from this perverted but hilarious show called 1927 (performed in Perth in 2005, written and directed by my mate Paul Grabovac), it was rewritten and recontextualised for the three little bitches to sing last night. Unfortunately we don't have a recording or video of the live performance, but here for thy amusement is the demo I recorded for the girls, featuring yours truly (eeeek!) in all three parts, complete with exaggerated (or not!) Malaysianised accents:

It's a rather wordy song, so if you're interested in reading the lyrics, check 'em out here!

Finally, I leave you with some pics from the party, courtesy of my dear friend Janet. From left: Janet, Nicole, yours truly and Zalina. Enjoys!

The Three Little Bitches and the Big Bitch...

Checking out Zal's Brazilian wax.

We laugh. We do indeed.

And these pics are by an acquaintance, Nick Dorian:

Nicole, in character as a horny beeyotch

Here's a photo of me taking a photo. Next to me on the couch is my lovely friend Bella! Ciao, Bella!