Monday, 31 December 2007

Faces (Click For Bigger View)

Judi, Justin, Little Jo and Littler Kai
Judi, Justin, little Jo and littler Kai

Judi and Justin sipping
Judi and Justin sip

"SHRIEK!" Unposed, I swear.



New Year's Eve, Home Again & Anal Sex (WTF?!)

Hey everyone! I'm back home in PJ, sigh. You know what, I find it really curious that I'm all motivated and enthusiastic one day (see previous post below), and then the moment I step back into my house, I'm drained again and feeling bummed and to-hell-with-it-all. I think there's an issue here somewhere, arf. But anyway, let's not dwell on that for now, it's NEW YEAR'S EVE, yay!!!

Yesterday was pretty alright. Picked Jo's parents up from the airport where they'd just come back from their trip to the US; had lunch, and then it was back onto the bus I go. Strategic timing, I call it, snigger snigger. Bus ride was uneventfully pleasant (or pleasantly uneventful); got home, Terry picked me up and we went to DuViet, this new Vietnamese restaurant in Uptown square two minutes away from my house - one of the many new outlets that has emerged in the spate of restaurant openings in recent times. Good food, friendly hosts... we'll go back again.

It's 6pm now and I've only just woken up, ARF ARF. No, I kid you not. Caught up on sleep debt. (Also didn't want to go downstairs and face my parents, but that's another story altogether.) It's going to be a quiet new year's eve for us; Terry, Debs, her Nick and I are going to drink and chill out at Terry's new apartment (yay)!! So yeah, it's gonna be uneventfully pleasant. Pleasantly uneventful. Oy. When did we become this old and subdued? :P

Finally, I leave you with the start of pictorial recaps of my Singapore trip and reunion with Shaun, Judi and Justin (I'd mention Jo, but we meet up quite often, don't we Jo?? ARF). Here's the first. It's not really a pic, but rather a video... Shaun bought his girlfriend Jas a "lovely" little pen holder. Sarcasm, that was. Check it out: it's in the shape of a blonde woman. Guess where the pen goes? Hahahaha!! This has an X-rating by the way, so little 'uns, beware! Heheh. Okay I'll leave you with the video (complete with Shaun's narration) - until I come back, have a great time and a happy new year!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Oooo All The Pretty Colours...!

Whassup! May I present, my several-times-annually change-of-look for this blog! At some point I'm going to revamp the layout entirely, but for now... to greet the arrival of 2008, here's a multicoloured motif. Hope ya like it! Arf arf! Cheerio!

Mates, Movies and Motivation

Y'ello all. Whew, just got home (i.e. Jo's home) after a long day. Today headed out to meet up with old uni friend Carol for sushi lunch and coffee, with Jo and little Kai tagging along. It was nice to catch up, though it occurred to me how much of a bummer blogs and msn chatting can be - if an old friend is constantly keeping in touch with you online, apparently there's the possibility of there being not much to chat about in real life, ARF ARF. But yea, it was good fun anyway. *hiiii carroolll*!!! *WAVES*

Afterwards Jo and I went shopping for computer goods, and then we caught National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was really rather fun even though I'd never seen the original. Then we had dinner, picked up Kai from his cousin's, and headed home, reaching back at about midnight. Heh. Okay, all in all it doesn't sound like we did too much, but it was a day well spent regardless!!

Anyway Judi and Justin, hope you guys are settling back home safe and sound with little Tara!! Me, I'm heading back tomorrow at 3:30pm (later today, rather); Jo's parents are coming back from their US trip too, so it's all a matter of timing, arf. No New Year's Eve plans at the moment, though a couple of mates have asked me to join them, and there's Terry and Debs and her Nick to think about, so hopefully it's going to be a really good one.

I'm looking forward to 2008; 2007 has been a bit of a toughie what with my injury and indecision about various things; my loss of focus on goals, thankfully reflamed and remotivated after hanging out with Jo and Judi and Just; my work difficulties (oy vey)... lotsa things to rethink and re-concentrate on, redo and re-aim to accomplish. I think I'll make 2008 a year not of achieving goals necessarily, but rather aiming to achieve them, on the way towards, as it were. Heh.

Well, that's about all for now. I'm gonna muck around with my aforementioned computer-related purchases soon, so if all goes well I'll be able to upload some of the many pics. Until then, here's wishing ya a good night, one and all! Tata! xx

Friday, 28 December 2007

Bye Bye Babies

Sigh. A little bummed now, but generally just overstuffed and tired, LOL... Judi and Justin headed off back to Perth today, and I'm sad because we only got to spend 5 days together. But what a terrific five days, believe you me. Today we had lunch at the airport and then rode on the shuttle bus to another terminal for coffee (we love our coffees) before seeing 'em off back at the rather dingy Budget Terminal. Sad day; even little Kai was sniffly. Sigh.

Anyway I'm gonna nip off for a nana nap now. I'll come back soon to update more. Pics are on their way, I promise... and we have a whole buttful of 'em!! Hehe. Cheerio! Safe journey to J & J and welcome back home to Aussieland! Yayness on a stick! Weh!

String from a Can, Go Carts & More Stuffing

Hey all, how's it going? Boy have we been having fun lately. And eating. OMG, so much eating, it seems to be the Singaporean pasttime. Sure, we Malaysians do it too, and maybe it's just the combination of Christmas + holidays, but... jeezus, the amount of food that's been going into us sure surpasses what comes out, ARF ARF. Sorry, I'm such a charmer. But yeah. On Boxing Day we met up with Shaun's folks and had a lovely seafood dinner complete with too much seafood, followed by coffees at Judi and Justin's hotel. There, they made us wait outside their room on the pretext of having to clean up some mysterious "stuff" they'd left behind (naturally we thought whips, handcuffs and the common leather pants with the crotch cut out). When we went in, they squirted us with string from a can. POO. Very mature, guys. :P LOL.

Anyway was heaps of fun. Then today we met for lunch at Marche's at Vivocity before heading to Sentosa to check out the sights and sounds. Judi and I wanted to ride the Luge, this attraction where we go on a skylift to the top of a hill and then go-cart (almost) down, but then they said it wasn't recommended for people with back ailments (among other things), so we had to sit it out. SIGH. But we went ahead on the skylift, up the hill and then back down again, which was fun. See the pic they took of us on the way up? Awesome hey!

After that we went to the Insect World, which was nice and buggy, before checking out the Merlion... and then it was off to this Indonesian restaurant for (guess what?) FOOD. FOOD. AND MORE FOOD. So we ate, and ate, and ate, till near bursting point, and naturally after all that food it was time for COFFEE, so we walked to the Starbucks (Jo, Judi, Justin, Shaun, Shaun's girlfriend Jas, Jo's newphew Kai, Justin's folks Sue and Gerard and I) and ordered coffees and played mind games with the trio of clearly gay men at the next table by pretending Justin and I were a couple (heh HE WISHES) XD XD XD and all in all it was a very good day indeeeeed!! Shame I'd forgotten to bring my camera today - I seem to be leaving it at home for all of the special occasions; first Christmas lunch, now Sentosa visit) but Justin promises he'll send me the pics somehow, so... yay for that!!

Anyway that's about all for now. Tomorrow (well, later today) Judi and Justin are heading back (WAAAAAH I only had a week with them, not even a week, WAAAAA!!) and so we'll be having lunch at the airport to see 'em off. Sniff. I'm gonna leave you now to have a good cry. Awwww. Until next time, byebye!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Stuffed Worse Than A Turkey

Man, today has been a day of MORE eating! Christmas lunch was exceptional, a wonderful buffet spread in this hotel, with Judi, Justin, Juliana, Jo, Gerard and Sue (Justin's folks). There was Christmas ham (bourbon glazed!) and roast beef and froi gras and turkey and lots of different main dishes and salads and oooh oooh a white chocolate fountain with fruits and and and oh my it was a lot to eat!! We stuffed ourselves silly and then headed for a quick walk before coming back to the apartment to snooze. Then later in the evening I joined Judi and Justin and Shaun and his girlfriend, and we went for satay (more food!!) before adjourning to a coffee place for coffee (fancy that... MORE consumption!!) And now I'm back in Jo's place, sleepy, overstuffed, and feeling quite chuffed... :P Anyway this is just a quick post because i'm too lazy to type too much, but I'll update more thoroughly soon. And pics. Lots of pics, except I haven't brought my USB cable so we'll just have to wait, heh!! Okay, until later -bye for now!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!! (well, Boxing Day now, but it still works!) XD

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

And On the Twenty-Fifth Day Of This Final Month of The Year...

Hey all! Here's wishing ya


Awesome day. Did nothing for most of it; stuffed our faces with food for lunch/tea; went to church at 1130pm; stuffed our faces with more food for dinner/supper. Now it's 530am and we're exhausted, Jo and I, having eaten and laughed way more than any person should. Heh. Good times. Lunchtime in about 6 hours, so... gotta run. Beddybyes. Gniteeee!!! xx

Monday, 24 December 2007

Yayayayayayayay Singapore! Day One

Hi everybody! Whoohooo, today marks the commencement AT LONG LAST of my holiday in Singapore. Sadly from three weeks (as was the original plan), my vacation time with Judi and Justin has been reduced to a mere week, which, of course is disappointing but it's better than nothing! But first, some quick recaps of the past week. WORK. WORK. WORK. Bloody hell. Jeezzus. They'd better get some new people in our department soon or I'm gonna... y'know... just... y'know... something or other. It got *so* bloody frustrating that I felt like up and leaving to go home at one especially busy point. But don't get me started, arf arf.

Got home on Saturday morning after an 1130am start on Friday (mmhmmm) and was too tired to pack or finish my Christmas cards or anything, really. And I'd already bought my ticket to Singapore for that Saturday afternoon. I was so drained that I cancelled the Saturday ticket and bought myself a new one for today (Sunday), which was a relief as it allowed me a little bit more time to rest and finish said Christmas cards and etc etc etc. Anyhoo. Bus ride was ok today, if it hadn't been for the fact that I'd sat under a dripping air-con vent. Oy vey. It never ends. Incidentally, Mum had to drive me to the bus depot today, which would seem like a normal thing, except that my Mum hardly ever drives, so to see her behind the wheel was a bit of a culture shock for moi. She did well though. And I've got international roaming on my handphone now, YAY.

Reached Novena Square at 8pm and immediately met with Judi, Justin and Jo, and the squealing and hugging commenced, all right!!!! Then we had dinner in the food court, coffee at Starbucks, went shopping at Mustapha's, and now I'm back at Jo's after dropping Judi and Justin off at their hotel. It's been, as usual, a night of lotsa laughing and merriment and sheer outright lunacy, while at the same time realising how things have become so complicated the moment we left uni: health issues, money problems, relationship difficulties, work challenges. Oy. Welcome, my friends, to adulthood.

Anyway, that's my update for now, but I'll be writing more soon, and I'll put up some of the many hilarious photos we took today as soon as I can. In the meantime, it's the eve of Christmas Eve - nope, I lie, it's already Christmas eve now, 230am - and tomorrow's going to be another long, eventful day, so I bid thee adieu and good night! Until later! Cheerio, ~N

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Fa La La La La, La La La La

Hey all! Wassup! Nup, I haven't forgotten I've got a blog. But as I'm sure we know by now, non-updates usually means nothing new has come up. Not true, I've managed to finish working on a simple collection of Christmas recordings, but unfortunately I'm second-guessing myself and now believe they sound rather crappy. I think I'll still send 'em out to mates though. Might as well be told by other people that they sound rather crappy and at least have that second and third and fourth and fifth etc opinions. :P

Judi and Justin are in town! Well, not true. They down in Singapore, which is technically town. Almost town. Kinda. Sort of. Oh who am I kidding. They're far away, and I kinda wish I'd taken time off this week to go down and be with them as they celebrate their pre-Christmas Christmas celebrations. Boy that was a redundant sentence. Arf. But hopefully I'll hope down to the island republic (that's Singypoo, for the uninitiated) and join 'em for a brief reunion this weekend, before coming back, finishing up what's left of the mag (oh god please let it be done soooon!!) and go back again to Singypoo on Dec 22 all the way through Christmas and into New Year's. Yay!

Well, that's about all for the moment. Ummmm is it? Yes. Yes it is. So I leave you now, and we'll catch up again soon I'm sure! Until then, byebye!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

Can't believe it's December already.... yet the holidays seem so far away! I'll be spending Christmas in Singypoo this year, though prior to that there's all the magazine madness to be sorted out. Today I was the only one at our desk, literally, since our graphic designer was away on emergency leave. Fun, fun, fun. There were magazines to be mailed out and even couriered overseas; articles to be laid out; photographs to be transferred onto the work server; other people's stories to be edited; pages to be finalized; and I've still got two stories left to write for this issue. Plus I'm supposed to be attending this, like, bartending conference-workshop thingy, but honestly, that's dropped lower on my list of priorities (though you'd think the booze would entice. Mmmm. Booze.)

Anyway - December! The other day Mum and I put up the Christmas tree, yay! She's gone for a gold-and-red theme this year. Heh. It's pretty pretty, I guess.

On the music front, I've got two Christmassy songs up on a music sampler hosted by Asian Talent Online (I know what you're thinking... "Nick?? Associated with something that has the word 'Asian' in the title?!" Yup. I'm a little shocked myself, but hey, exposure is exposure, right?) ... So yea, two Christmassy songs, and you can check it out by clicking HERE. Incidentally my recordings are, in my opinion, the worst-sung and worst-produced of the lot. But that's just me. Let me know what you think, ok??

Rightyo then, that's about it. Tomorrow I've got to get up earlyish to courier more stuff overseas. Yay. Fun. Cartwheels. So I'll leave you here with pics of my xmas tree!

Oooo glittery!

A close-up in case your eyes fail you.

The Story of Ugly Nicky

Hello boys and girls. Oh boy, what a mad day today (Monday) has been. Okay, before I proceed, a disclaimer: this post is revealing of some of the chaos that has taken place at my workplace. All revelations here are intended to be for personal reflection and remembrance only as the blog serves as an online journal for yours truly. If other people come across it and read it, well... too bad. Got that? Good-oh. Anyhoo.

So. Yesterday editor emails me to set up a cover story interview and photo shoot for Wednesday. Said Editor is currently overseas, leaving... well, just me to handle the magazine. There's the other dude who works with us, but he's abruptly leaving the company (sssh! gosssip!!!) so... y'know. Bummer. And our other writer transferred to a rival department (rival? Ahahaha! Nah, I'm just kidddding! Truly I am! Really! Scout's honour! Mark my words! Cross my heart and swear to die! etc) about a month and a bit ago, so... yeah. It's literally, LITERALLY, just me handling the mag for the next 11 days. Well, there's our graphic designer, but he doesn't count.

So. Cover story interview and photo shoot for Wednesday. This morning (Monday) I pick up the phone and call the agent of the interviewee to plan for Wednesday. Agent kinda coldly replies, "Um yea it's meant to be at 2pm today." It is 1130am at this point. Oy vey.

Okay, no problem. "Can we reschedule?" I ask. "Nope," I'm told, "we'll be out of state." "Okay, can we do photo shoot at least, and we'll do the interview later?" "Nope, if you want to do that, you'll have to do the interview by phone; our schedules are extremely hectic." Incidentally, I should mention that I'm not the one assigned to do this interview. Aforementioned dude who's abruptly leaving the company was supposed to, but the editor reassigned the... um... assignment to a freelance writer. All righty then. Phone interview for a cover story? Get a life.

So I call the photographer (also a freelancer). "Dude, have you heard about this photo shoot that was meant to be on Wednesday?" I ask. "Wednesday?! Are you insane?!" he yells; apparently it's too short notice. Whoo boy has he got a nice surprise coming. Cut to: "TODAY?! WHAT?!" "Yup, today," I whisper abashedly. "Like, in an hour and a bit..." Turns out photographer lectures in a college and has a class to teach at 1pm. Oh shite. "But okay okay okay, let me see what I can do, I should be able to make it two-ish," he concedes. Yay. Nick does a cartwheel.

Next stop: call the freelance writer. She picks up. I explain. She exclaims. "I can't LAH, I work full-time! Can we make it after 530pm? Maybe around six?" Okay, I'll call you back. So I call the agent woman and explain how our freelance writer works full time; would six be ok? "Nope, sorry, we've got the venue booked until a certain time only, and we've got other engagements, and we're already at the venue now, we've been here since eleven...."

Osh kosh b'gosh. "Okily dokily!" I say chirpily, and call back the freelance writer: "No can do. Look, I guess worse case scenario, dude who's leaving the company will just have to do it." "Why can't you do it?" she asks, not unkindly. Good point. But you know, just because interviewee is a celebrity in Malaysia doesn't mean that I, this stupid Asian who only returned from a lifetime in Aussieland a year and a half ago, knows her from Adam (oh, hi, Adam!). Interviewee is apparently a celebrity. A celebrity. Nice. I recite the name over and over in my noggin. Um. Um. Um. Who's she?? Never heard of her! Oh look, I've got an hour and a bit; why don't I do research, swot up all I can about her, and formulate questions for the cover story? That should be a PEESACAKE!

"Nope," I reply, "sorry. I'll just get dude who's leaving the company." "Okay, okay, hang on," freelance writer says, "if we can arrange for a 1pm interview, I might just be able to make it during my lunch hour." Oy vey. "Would you do that?" I ask in stark horror. "Yes," she says gamely, "I would."

All righty then. I call agent woman to ask if 1pm is ok. Agent woman says "okay, should be fine". I call freelance writer back and start giving her the details, including venue location and asking whether she needs a tape recorder... it takes me about a minute of yammering to realise I've called the agent woman back instead of the freelance writer. "Oi, Nick, Nick, you got the wrong person!" she exclaims. I laugh like a total idiot, hang up on her and call freelance writer. All good for 1pm, I'll see you there, she says. Then agent woman calls back: "Oh, we have to leave by about three, just to let you know..." Sigh. Fine.

Long story not short at all, cut to Nick rushing to the venue to meet with said celebrity, agent woman, and freelance writer. On the way, dude who's abruptly leaving the company calls and says, 'Nick Nick the interview is today at 2pm!" Nick, barely in any mood to deal with this, grunts and hangs up. Cut to the Italian restaurant at One Bangsar. Celebrity, agent woman, and freelance writer are already at the scene by the time we get there. I join the conversation and turns on the tape recorder for freelancer's benefit. Interview goes pretty well. Photographer shows up a short while later, by which point agent woman and celebrity, already a tad annoyed, I presume, at our total lack of organisation, are kinda fidgety with a capital idget. Photographer has to hunt around for a good spot to snap shots. Venue staff don't give a damn. Thanks for your help, people. Some help moving those goddamn heavy tables would've been nice. Oh, and would it have been too pricey to offer us iced water?? Jeez.

Photographer snaps. Celebrity and agent aren't pleased, we think -- after all, they weren't really told there'd be a photoshoot, and so there's no make-up, no styling, nuthin'. Well, you know what, tough noogies. We go through with it anyway. And soon everyone leaves, and photographer and I are left sitting about for another hour or so while the photos are being processed and converted into appropriate files and transferred to my thumb drive, all the while without being offered any assistance or courtesy from the staff of that Italian restaurant in One Bangsar. But whatever, maybe I'm just a spoiled magazine journalist. Shoot me.

So we make idle chit chat, photographer and I, and he says, "Well, you did it. You managed to pull it all together and pull it off." "Yes," I sigh and look to the sky with resilience in my heart, pride in my eyes and hunger in my stomach, "I feel like Ugly Betty."

And I do, boys and girls. Without a doubt. I really do.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Here's A Cheerful Start To The Week...

...Whoops, I lie. Here are some pics I received in my email today. They're quite traumatising, so I should issue a warning for doggie lovers because it's very sad... but apparently - in sequence of the pics - #1: a dog was killed on a busy road, and its doggy companion tried to wake it up by using its paw; pic 2, the grieving dog tries to push dead companion to the side of the road; pic 3, defeated, grieving doggy sits in the middle of the road and howls; pic 4, typically, people stop to snap pics of the grieving doggy and the poor deceased. Oy vey. The dog seems to show more compassion than the people... which is, of course, the truth of humanity today, isn't it?? Plus, Asians tend to be less affected by these animal-related issues. Yes, I'm generalising - but tell me it's not true... does nobody (from here) remember the recent dog-catching competition to reduce the number of strays?? God. Freakin' Malaysians. (These pics, though, are from China or something, I dunno.) Anyway, sorry for being prejudicial, it's just Nick's Mood of the Day. To spare the easily-sad and broken-hearted, I'll link the pics as thumbnails. Don't worry, nothing gross about these photos; it's all just really, really sad. Have a good week, everyone. :/ ~nick