Friday, 30 November 2007

True Quotes #13, 14 & 15 (Though At This Rate They Might As Well Be 'Terry's Quotes' or, as he suggests, 'Talk Sick Terry')

Somehow our discussion reaches this point:

Terry: You know, porn makes sex seem like such a regular thing.
Me: Um. What?
Terry: I said porn makes sex seem like such a regular thing! (A passerby glances in our direction) Dammit, why do you make me say these things twice?!!
* * *

Terry: You know, ever since my dad passed away, I've been praying every night, religiously.

True quote.
* * *

Terry: Our radio station is now trying to provide helpful hints to improve our listeners' English.
Other Nick: Oh yeah, I've heard those. The ones about looking both ways before crossing the street...?
Terry: Huh? No, those are our traffic safety hints! How on earth could those be about improving English?? 'Look left, look right, when you see a comma, full stop!'???"

Almost A Nick-Knack, But It's Not... It's Actually Copied From An Online Chat. I'm The One Chatting

tonight i broke the toilet
was trying to fix the float to stop little drips from dripping
and the whole float + its arm went SNAP
and now the water just FLOWWWWWsssss
and so i tried to turn the little tap that will stop the flow into the tank
but it's cemented shut
so i had to call my brother into the bathroom
and he was like "oy vey" and snapped off some PVC tape
and glued it to the little inflow thingy so that the pressure acted as a repressant against the water flow
and so now the water's trickling in
instead of gushing
and if we don't have water in the tank
after using the bowl, we gotta do the old-fashioned thing
and splash it all in by hand with a bucket.
end of story.
so how was *your* night?

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mm. Yea. So Wot.

Hi all. Updates huh. Let's see....
Hmmmm... *thinks hard*...
LOL. Nuthing much. I've made up my mind that I have to move out, though. But since it's year end I'm gonna wait and see what's gonna happen with my job, i.e. hopefully a pay rise that could help me get the rent stuff sorted out.
I've lately been working on some new music, singing and recording (but quietly because, y'know, I live with my family and all, oy vey) - so that's actually been keeping me rather sane...
Life in the workplace was tedious for a while (and still is), but there've been developments that are making it rather... interesting... more later...
I've just received news that Follow The Light December 2008 MIGHT be a possibility here in KL, so as usual I'll keep you guys updated but of course we don't wanna get our hopes up now do we?
Well, that's about it.
This blog post didn't really say anything much, I realise, lol.
Oh, Jo was in town over the weekend, so she, Terry and I hung out quite a bit. That was fun. Can't wait for Singapore, but unfortunately due to aforementioned interesting developments at work I probably won't be able to make it down till right before Christmastime, SIGH.
Anyway. I go now.
Pretend to do work and blah blah.

Thursday, 22 November 2007


Hey all. Just a quick totally random message. Life's been hectic lately. And kinda bummy, but I won't go there. On the plus side, I'm now sitting in a coffeeshop with bright green, almost fluorescent, tables and walls. That ought to be an upper, don't you think?? Oy vey. Can't wait for Singapore. *sigh*.

Friday, 16 November 2007

True Quotes #10, 11 & 12

Terry, ordering a drink from a waitress:

Are your limes freshly squeezed?

True quote, I kid you not.

Terry, eating a high-fibre cheesecake:

Mmm, this is Happy Bowel day!
If you listen carefully,
you can hear it singing!!

True quote.
Even later...

Terry takes a wild corner while dropping me back at work.

My God, it nearly
was Happy Bowel day!!

True quotes, people.
True quotes.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Go Brothers! Go Sisters!

Have I mentioned how friggin' entertaining the tv series Brothers & Sisters is?? I don't think I have (unless you count this instance and this instance)! If you haven't caught it, I recommend you do - it's got so much drama and comedy and tension and emotion that it literally puts you through the wringer for 40 minutes each week. Season two has particularly been interesting because gay character Kevin's boyfriend is a minister who has - get this - sent on a missionary position (HAHAHA i did that on purpose) to help build schools on Tioman Island in Malaysia. First off, writers, Tioman is a popular tourist spot, hardly impoverished the way the show makes it out to be. Secondly, sure it's on the East coast and there are poor people there (much as there are all around the world, really), but... y'know... I don't think missionaries come over anymore to help build schools and churches. :) But I suppose that's creative license for ya. Cracks me up each time.

Speaking of crack, two awesome reasons to watch this show? The absolutely amazing Sally Field as the matriarch of the Walker family, Nora, and the truly exceptional Dave Annable as the youngest member of the Walker clan, Justin. Justin's a war veteran who, in season one, unable to deal with what he'd been through in Iraq, succumbed to drugs and became addicted. There was much detoxifying and rehabilitation throughout the season... and then he was called back to go to war. At the end of season one, he left in a tear-jerking goodbye finale. Season two finds him out and about in the Middle East while his poor mom frets to wearying point; and then they are informed he was involved in a bomb blast. Fortunately, Justin survived with "just" a badly injured leg, and he is sent home to be with his family.

Herein lies the conundrum. In order to heal and for his leg to work properly again, Justin needs to go through physical therapy. But the freakin' nerve damage etc = PAIN GALORE. What's the solution? Strong painkillers. In other words, potent, addictive drugs. Justin Walker, God bless him, is unwilling to risk it, given his past as an addict, and decides not to take them. Which brings us, of course, to this heart-wrenching scene between mom Nora and son Justin. Roll tape:

Oh man.

Tonight I just saw the latest B&S eppy, 36 Hours, and boy, is it another gut-wrencher. Justin, who several weeks ago resumed his consumption of painkilling drugs and has been popping 'em like tic-tacs, is finally confronted by his family in a dramatic intervention. Later, Justin is watched after by his older brothers Tommy and Kevin. Cut to this particular scene that again demonstrates, I believe, the sheer power of Field's and Annable's performances:

Is it any wonder that Field won this year's Emmy for best lead actress in a drama series? Here's hoping Annable, and this show, gets one (or more) too! How about one more scene eh? Just one more? Here's one: Justin Walker lashes out at his family for intervening. Incidentally, Calista Flockhart is pretty good in this show too. ;) Hope you all enjoy. If you're starting to get (hehe) addicted, check out the associated Youtube clips at the end of these vids. Godspeed, ~N

Monday, 12 November 2007

True Quote #9

While having dinner, a rat scurries past our table repeatedly, startling Terry each time.

Terry: Jeezus, it's like freakin'
Food of the Gods!!!!

True quote.

Signs, Songs, Shows and Stars

Yo all, wassup? I've just come home from a long interview slash lovely chat with a playwright, writer and Off The Edge contributor, Ann. Had a good talk about theatrical stuff and how I've got to keep going to achieve what I'd like to achieve. Strange, it seems like lately I've been getting lots of indirect and direct signs to plough ahead. Having this discussion with Ann helped; she actually suggests I put The Edge, my suicide musical, on hold and focus on Follow The Light because she reckons I've got a shot at putting it on in 2008 (here, not so much in Perth as yet. Incidentally that isn't happening this year. Oh, didn't you get the memo?) :) Hmmmm... well, I guess a little more time dedicated to FTL might help, especially in the sponsorship-seeking department. Based on experience, this is the time of year to start looking for money for next year - rather than waiting for next year to arrive first before asking around. Yes, yes, I'm a slow learner. Sue me. Arf arf. Love yoooou!

Indirect and direct signs, I said. A couple of days ago, Ken, a friend on mine on Myspace sent me a song he'd recorded. It was one of my songs; I'd sent him a backing track earlier for him to put his vocals on, and he'd done it. For those of you outside Malaysia where Myspace music players are still working, you can listen to it on my new Christian/gospel music space by clicking here! (Others who can't access the player... um.... well.... sorry. Heh. Koff.) The song was one of the few used in church in Perth, titled Don't Be Afraid. Ken might not have a great voice, and it's not a perfect recording by any means, but something about it at the climax of the song just makes me smile, :') <---- like that. Anyhoo. At the same time, a couple of dudes here who are trying to start up a Christian music company contacted me having heard some of my music and would like to meet up to discuss potential working-togetherness. Yayayay! More as and when. And then yesterday a random friend on Myspace whom I've never ever met wrote to me and said, in direct copy-and-pasted-quoteness:

Hey Nick,

Many Blessings on ALL you do 4 God,,i Pray you would be "Holy inspired"!!!

I am at a crossroads right now - but an exciting one and a few doors are opening up 4 me to use my creativity 4 God,,its awesome.
I have been asked to write a play 4 theatre as well as trying to get a movie directed,,God is good ,,as both these projects tell stories of His POWERFUL transformation in ordinary folks lives,,
Anyway,,sorry for typing too much,,
I really dropped by to enbcourage you to keep going,,keep pushing yourself to the MAXX,,then Trust God to take you further,,

READ REVELATION 3 V 8,,think its 4 you,

So I checked out Rev 3 V 8, and it reads:

I know what you can do. I know you have little strength, but you have followed my teaching and have been faithful. I have opened a door in front of you, which no one can close.


Oy vey!

Hoo haaa!

Wot the!


Anyway. Don't wanna overhype it or anything, but... made me smile. Which is kinda nice.

Yesterday night was pretty fun too (and by yesterday, I mean Saturday). Terry and I went out to see a touring production of Chicago at the KL Convention Centre. Still a crappy venue, but our seats weren't too bad (though the tickets were - gasp - $350 apiece! YIKES! Fortunately they were complimentary. But still!) ... A very entertaining show, but with some faux pas here and there; at one point, a performer's mic didn't work (heeeeee we don't know what that's like, do we???); and the lead actresses' voice was actually rather hoarse and pretty much shot. Oh, and one of the leads dropped a baton during a dance scene involving a baton, but fortunately it wasn't too noticeable, heh. But yea. Good show. Disappointing ending, but fun enough. Afterwards, Terry and I went to Souled Out in KL and had alcoholic drinks and Indian food. Nuff said.

Friday was anuvver typical workday. Went to work. Had a swim in the evening. Um. Yea, that's about it. Thursday was the same. Oy. But Wednesday! Wednesday was kinda interesting. My editor and I headed to a hotel in the city to do an interview with a local celebrity, Hannah Tan. So there were all the questionings and interviewing while she was getting dolled up by her stylists in the hotel room. Would've been so much better if either my editor or I had been prepared with a list o' questions. But alas, I was in a state of ineptitude (and more so than usual), so we pretty much winged it. Later Hannah and entourage with us journalists in tow headed to the kitchen of the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel, where we proceeded to do a photo shoot for the mag with Hannah in all sorts of sexy poses amidst pots, pans, ovens and industrial-sized metallic workbenches. Lovely stuff. I snapped away on my camera for memory's sake of the occasion. My editor would probably have a cow if he knew I was going to put some of the shots on this blog, but... y'know... exclusivity is severely overrated. Mm. Scroll downwards for pics, yea? Kewl.

Earlier that day I had another interview with Paul Moss, who's one of the judges for a reality TV talent show called One In A Million and was also a former judge of the now-defunct Malaysian Idol. Oy vey. Nuff said. Nice guy though. Good interview.

Well, that's about it, boys and girls. I don't think much else happened earlier in the week, so... yeah. That's about it. I leave you now with pics and peace. Take care. God speed. Etc. Byebye. *runs and jumps onto my bed, startling my dog out of sleep in the process*

Editor and Hannah discussing.

Photo of the photo shoot.



Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Belgian Bands, Bad Shows and Big Money

Yo peoples. I'm alive, hehe. Yes. Just dropping in for quick informative updates, which, as we all know, are seldom quick, much less informative. Well, let's see, over the past week... um... *thinks long and hard and tries to come up with something*...

On Friday there was a 'Best of Belgium' event at the KL Convention Centre, which was not too bad a night. Basically it was a drinks-dinner-entertainment-and-schmoozing event to promote some of Belgium's best personalities, namely the chef, a pop band, a theatre troupe and a fashion designer. Nothing much else to say about it, really, since I wasn't meant to go (had plans to see a play) but at the last-minute-ish last minute I was asked to attend, so... y'know... whatchu gonna do. I did get to interview the band, though; a Belgian (fancy that) group called Sioen who are pretty awesome, and they even gave me a complimentary copy of their latest CD, so that kinda rocked. Anyhoo here's a pic of them; click for bigger view. Nice lads.

Yesterday (I mean Sunday) was much more fun. Terry, Phaik Leng and I (plus my mum!) went up to Genting to the casinos and spent all day there. We hopped into my car in the AM and went on the hour-plus-long journey up, but we decided not to go all the way to the peak, but rather stop at the cable-car station and cable-car it. (Unfortunately the cable cars were out of commission, so we ended up taxi-ing it instead. Pfft. Heh.)

Actually, the main reason we went up was for Terry, PL and I to see a show (which we did), but the less I say about that, the better (sorry folks. No offence, but... y'know... whatchu gonna do.) Nevertheless, atrocities aside, Mum and I got hooked on those pokey-pokie machines (where you sit there and jab a button all day in the hope of seemingly random pictorial graphics falling into an incomprehensible sequence that pay you credits which in turn can be exchanged for cash), while Terry and PL spent time at the Baccarat table. Terry even won $250. Mum and I didn't win. Oh well. Whatchu gonna do.

Anyway there are pics, but I gotta wait for Terry to email 'em to me. And that comment about the show we were meant to see? Let's just say at one point a performer croons a horrible rendition of a song that had the word 'suicide' in it. Which decribed exactly what we felt like doing. Oy vey.

Ends abruptly.