Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Don't Shoot The Messenger...

Message from Jo to everyone who knows her, all two of them:

"Hihi wassup! My brain is not working (giggles) and Nick is keeping me up. Pfft. Judi, Justin dear, see you soon! Gyhomybl!"


Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Movies and More Pains in the Butt

Hi everyone. Am sitting in Jo's house typing up the last blog (sniffles) for this visit to Singypoo. Well, not surprisingly, it's been a wonderful time of doing nothing much, which is, of course, exactly the whole point! Not exactly true though - Jo and I have been going out and shopping and walking around and seeing movies (we saw The Invasion, starring Nic Kidman and Dan Craig, which was actually, somewhat surprisingly, a lot more entertaining than we had expected [and some parts were downright thrilling too]. So yes, if you ever wanna know if it's worth seeing, my opinion is "yes" - it ain't brilliant, but we thought it was quite a lot of fun. One and a half thumbs up - or three-point-five stars out of five, which is respectable. Yay!)

And we also went to the see the New York Metropolitan Opera's performance (projected onto the big screen) of The First Emperor, a two-act opera written by Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun, whose other works include the soundtracks to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Hero, starring Placido Domingo in the title role. A brilliant opera it was too - some highly complex music, terrific performances, and, during intermission time, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic of theatremaking. All in all, despite some draggy moments not atypical of opera, we give it two thumbs up!

Tonight Jo's family took me to Mustafa Centre, this shopping centre that's open for 24 hours and is chock-filled with everything you need under the sun. Quite fun, checking out all these imported items from India and Iran and the UAE. Jo was telling me about a particular brand of milk which her sis thought was "vile" but which Jo herself thought was "pretty interesting". Hmmm. To each her own, eh? To each her own.

Finally, today I went back to that sinseh mentioned sometime ago for round two of therapy (arf) after noticing some improvements in the back problem since my last visit. This time: four acupuncture needles. Ouch. And another 20 minutes in traction, stretching out the spine. Ooh. And another session of cupping with the pressurised cups sucking bad blood out of your needle-caused wounds. Owie. And now it's hurting like a bitch, with deep-heat plasters making it quite fidgety, but remember, the philosophy with Chinese medicine is that it gets worse before it gets tremendously better. No pain, no gain, and all that crap. Oy vey.

Anyhoo, tomorrow morning I head back to PJ by bus, so I'll likely blog again when I get home, and if there's anything worthy to blog about. Until next time - take care and keep on smilin'! Cheerio, ~N

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Singypoo - again!!

Hi everyone! whoo-hoo, back in Singapore, in this hotel room that was graciously provided by Singapore Tourism's Media Privilege Programme (ummm... those from my mag who didn't know I applied for it... well... um.... ssssh, don't tell you-kn0w-who, ok??) ... But yeaaa, it's been fun today, even though I've largely done absolutely ZILCH and have met up with absolutely NOBODY! Hopped on the bus at 11am, got here around 445pm, hung around the shopping centre where the bus stopped, having lunch and coffee and chatting online (yes), and then finally headed to the hotel, which is a rather nice one actually, quite classy and clean and the room's really bright and comfy. Jo wasn't free tonight, and Shaun wasn't not available either, and my friend Carol was preoccupied with a play, so I was basically left on my own. After checking in, I wandered out to Orchard Road and looked around for a bit, finally stopping at a Starbucks for another coffee and just let the world pass me by. In other words.... same ol', same ol'... :P

Y'know wot's weird, it's like I'm in this "foreign" place (i.e. unfamiliar) and I'm doing pretty much the same things I'd do back home (it's not like Singapore and Malaysia are that different, hah!), and yet... it does feel different compared to when I'm at home. In KL, sitting in a Starbucks and drinking coffee is rather mundane (though I obviously don't mind it); here, it's... well, it's different. I feel more at ease. Entertained. More buoyant. Hmmm. I wonder what's that about. On the bus ride over, I had an interesting realisation that I've been in Australia longer than I've been in KL/PJ. Four and a half years in Perth, plus two in Sydney; three and a half in KL. Is it any wonder, then, that I still miss Aussieland and wish I could go back? "What's stopping you?" you might ask. Good question. I'm not sure. But I just feel like I'm finally reaching someplace here, finally going to achieve something that I've been waiting for (and this could simply be the musical that I'm writing) - but until that happens, I stay. I guess it's a bit of an egotistic, self-indulgent thing. But really, it would be odd for me to achieve things in Ozzieland and not have accomplished it back home... don't you think? Yes, I think so. Hmmm. Now how did I get to this subject? Umm... *scrolls up and rereads*... hmmm, that's an interesting string of thoughts. Oh well. Moving right along.

Now I'm sitting on a leather couch in the hotel room stealing somebody's wi-fi to blog... no way am I going to pay S$1 a minute for their broadband connection, oy vey indeedybob!! Like I said, it's a comfy room... I wish I'd brought my camera, but I totally forgot... although I've got my mom's mobile phone which has a camera, so I'll take a few blurry snapshots of the room just to put 'em here, ok?? Hang on, I'll be right back....

I'm back. Damn bluetooth isn't working. Another time, then. Okay, time to go now -- going to watch some sitcoms and head to bed. Tomorrow's another lurvely day of doing nothing in particular!! Awesome stuff. Till tomorrow then... byeee!!!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Another pointless post...

Hey everyone. Don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking. Finally got the latest issue of the mag over and out of the way, and tomorrow I'm hopping on a bus back to Singapore for the weekend and hopefully into Monday and Tuesday. Anyway as I'm really tired I won't mention much right now... but hopefully the weekend will be a little more eventful. Though I still haven't got round to getting my international roaming sorted out. So it looks like I'll still be uncontactable there. Pretty much. Oh well. More fun for me. Okay byebye!! ~N

Monday, 17 September 2007


Hey everyone. Just a quick message as I seem to be neglecting my blog. Well, it's only because nothing much has been happening since Singapore, which is a reflection of my dreary life, isn't it? ARF ARF. On the plus side, I'm actually heading back to Singapore next weekend for a work assignment that hasn't officially been finalised by my editor, lol... but I'll likely leave on the Friday or Saturday and come back on Monday or Tuesday, depending on what my editor grants me. So yea, that should be pretty interesting.

We're now once again in deadline week, but my brain has been quite fried and I've been feeling mentally lethargic lately... sat down to write a review last night and it took forever. Oy vey, what's going on? On the plus side, on Saturday I went about the city in search of a new keyboard to build up my home studio thingo, and I'm quite pleased to say I might've found the one I'm looking for. Downside is, it's going to take a couple of months for new stock to arrive - but once it does and once it's settled, I'll blog more about it. Just to keep you in suspense. :P

The Emmys are out, and yay, a couple of cool winners - America Ferrera's best lead actress in a comedy series for Ugly Betty, and, even more thrillingly, Sally Field's win for best lead actress in a drama series for the outstanding Brothers & Sisters (for links, see sidebar). Apparently Ms Fields went on a bit of a tirade against war and was subsequently censored and forced off the stage by the ceremonial music, lol. You go, girl. :P Kickin' ass.

Well, that's about all for now. Until later - byebye!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

I'm Such A Geek - But Coool!

In addition to reprising his role as Teal'c for a cameo in the upcoming Stargate Atlantis episode, Reunion, show-runner Joe Mallozzi confirmed in his blog recently that Christopher Judge will also be putting in a repeat performance on the series in the episode Midway, to air later in the season.

Mallozzi also explained that the appearance of Teal'c in Midway is not just a cameo (as with "Reunion"), and that the character will be integral within the plot.

It should be noted that the look of Teal'c in Season Four of Atlantis may be different than what we have become accustomed to. In addition to the streak of gray hair he earned by sacrificing fifty years of his life to save his team in SG-1's series finale, Unending, the character is now also sporting longer hair, almost shoulder-length.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Byebye Singypoo! See you again soon!

So everyone, I'm now back in Malaysia, sigh. Back in the workplace, oy!! Just had a meeting about workplace practices, and so it's a little more positive around here (was it negative before? Hmmm, I don't know, why don't you type 'work' into the search box and see how many blog posts pop up? Arf arf!). But anyhoo.

Saturday was an interesting day with Jo. She and her family were going up to Johor (that's back in Malaysia, for those who don't know) and so they asked if I'd like to come along. I would've, except that their plan was to visit Jo's relatives for dinner in the evening. Um. Sorry, pass. However, Jo's folks really wanted me to join 'em... and so Jo and I had to concoct a story that I was meeting someone else for the day, which subsequently found me leaving the house with them when they left, hopping onto a bus into the city, and spending all day by myself roaming around shopping centres & coffee shops and surfing the net. Not a bad day, all in all, arf - though it bummed me a little to realise how much time we spend online, and how the internet is taking over our lives!!! ("Not 'we', just 'you'," some of you might say. Whateverrrr.) But I swear, dishonesty is never the best policy, it sure became a tangled web when Jo's sister (who didn't know I wasn't really meeting up with someone) suggested I call Jo to report my whereabouts at a certain time. All well and fine, except I didn't have international roaming on my damn PHONE. So Jo's sis goes, "Well, you'll be with your friend, use her phone." Oh. Of course. Oy vey. Chaos. Anyway, we sorted it out, and it all went well. Heh.

So that was that. At night, we all recovened at Jo's place and I saw Monster House for the first time. Freaky shite for a kiddie-like movie. Then on Sunday we got up, had lunch, said our farewells, and I was on the bus back to yukky ol' KL. Met up with Terry, Phaik Leng and Debs, had dinner and dessert at Bangsar, headed home, and life resumed as per routine. Now here I am, at work, eating a mooncake with a spoon, contemplating going home, and leaving you with this awful pic of my good self in traction in the Chinese sinseh's treatment room (see previous post on pains in the butt, arf arf):

Shorty #1

Starting today: Shorties - a series of short stories comprising 16 words or fewer (in addition to Sitcom Quotes, True Quotes and the not-forgotten Nick-Knacks). Shorty #1:

I randomly readjusted the hands on all her clocks. "Hey, don't waste my time," she snapped.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Sitcom Quote #26

Larry: Balki, the song is really slowing us down. We're going to have to lose the "bibbi-babka" ditty.
Balki: You can't bump the bibbi-babka ditty, it's part and parcel of the point-by-point process of baking bibbi-babkas!
Larry: I understand it's part and parcel of the point-by-point process of baking bibbi-babkas, Balki, buddy, but -- we've got to cut some corners, we're talking mass production here!
Balki: Don't bring religion into this!

- Perfect Strangers, 'Just Desserts', Season 3

Click to view the scene!

True Quote #7

'Why do some people look so damn good,
while other people look like this?' (gestures to self)

~ source unattributable. True quote.

Friday, 7 September 2007


Read this while idly browsing Yahoo, in the Dear Abby advice column. Love it.

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 32-year-old female who has been having an affair during the last year with my 59-year-old married boss. I am madly in love with him and divorced my husband eight months ago to marry him. He promised to divorce his wife, but so far there is no sign of divorce. I'm beginning to think I'm a big fool. What do you think? -- HOT TO TROT IN BIRMINGHAM, ALA .


Pains in the Butt

Day four in Singapore is drawing to a close, and so far we've really not done all that much, hyuk hyuk! I suppose that's why holidays are called holidays. Heh. Anyway. Today was mostly spent lounging about at Jo's place (where I currently still am)... though I had a first today: I earlier went to see that Chinese medicine practitioner who poked and prodded me and hooked me up to some traction machine to stretch my spine (which really wasn't as painful as it sounds)... and then I was made (MADE) to lower my shorts (YIKES) while Jo giggled and sniggered unflatteringly and supposedly tried to look away from my bare butt (though we all know she looked, she's always been the envious kind HAR HAR HAR), and the sinseh (that's 'doctor' in Chinese, for those who don't know) poked and prodded ... um... my... well... *cough* ... gosh, this sentence is sounding increasingly wrong. Oy.

Let's start over. Sinseh evaluated my back injury and then sprayed some stuff on my ass.

Wait. That's even worse.


Seriously though, there was some cold anaesthetic stuff, and then the doctor said "COUGH!" and before I could react three lovely acupuncture needles went flying into my bum.


And then he did this thing with some little cups that create mini-vacuums and it's meant to help somehow by drawing blood to the surface or something, God knows what the idea is, I was in too much awkward discomfort to really ask questions (and Jo was taking photos with her camera phone, giggling brattily).... but it's kinda like getting painful hickeys on yer buttcheeks, y'know wot I mean? Oy vey.

So that was that, and the sinseh pretty much said, "You may go", leaving me to hobble out of there with a heating plaster on the three be-hickeyed puncture holes. The question now is: Will it work? Will it actually help with the slipped disc? (The sinseh and staff were quite adamant that Western techniques have "no use laaah"). I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The best part? "It will be worse for the next couple of days," they say, before cheerfully adding, "But after that you will see results!!!" and giving me a plastic baggie filled with all sorts of herbal drugs. Mmmm.

Well, that concludes my story about my first acupuncture attempt. Tomorrow Jo has a job interview (well, later today, since it's gone into Friday now), so I'll be following her to the city and also to pick up (sniff, sniff!!!) my bus ticket back home, scheduled for Sunday. Sigh. Okay, that's all for now... more updates as and when! Cheers and buhbye!!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Hairspray II and Soundcards

Hello everybody! Whassup? Well, today has been another day of doing nothing. Wait. Didn't I just blog earlier this afternoon? *scrolls downwards* Oh yes, I did. Oh well. Ratatouille was a lot of fun, so I definitely recommend it to everyone who needs a good laugh. Even more fun is Hairspray, which Jo and I saw for the second time around, two days in a row, LOL!! Yup, it's definitely a keeper, folks, arf arf!!!

What else did we do? Ummm. I spontaneously spent some money on a new Creative soundcard, one that fits my laptop and which actually works with the Expresscard slot, unlike last year's little debacle! So yea, that's pretty exciting (and pretty moneywasting), isn't it? LOL.

Ah well. I guess I shall leave you to it now as Jo has to use the computer and Jo's sis is (eeeek) bringing me to a traditional Chinese practitioner to see if he might be able to help with this freakin' slipped disc thingy, which is still hurting and has yet to go away (yes, that's a redundant statement, I suppose. Oy). Okay, that's all for now. Until next time, byebye!!! ~N

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Flutes, Surprises and Rats!

Hihi everyone. Back at TCC in Singapore with Jo. Um. Yea. At some point I oughta think of when I'm going back, hahaha - really oughta buy me bus ticket at some point. But anyhoo. So it's been pretty cool... after Hairspray yesterday we had coffees and dinner and then went back to the cinema to see, oddly enough, a "live" performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute, filmed (in 2006, arf arf!) and projected onto the cinema screen like a movie. Quite an interesting thing, this whole "theatre in the cinema concept", and for the most part it was highly enjoyable (supposedly filmed 'live' in New York, performed by the Metropolitan Opera), if it weren't for the slightly buggy sound that plagued it every now and then. But anyway.

We went back to Jo's place and saw another movie, this totally bizarre but rather hilarious German comedy called Dreamship Surprise, an extremely queer and flamboyant spoof on Star Trek and Star Wars.

Click on this clip if you dare!

Today we're going to be seeing Ratatouille (have to leave in just a few minutes actually!) so that should be pretty fun too! Yayayayayayayayayay! Okay, I shall leave now and start heading to the cinema, so... yeah. Y'know, I've not seen this many movies in a row since... since.... I don't even remember when, ahahaha. Yes, I'm that sad. Okay, byebye!! ~N

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Singypoo, No Roaming, Simpsons, Gwangi and Hairspray, oh my!

Hey everyone!! Greetings from the land down under (um. From Malaysia)... yup, I'm currently in Singypoo, for a rather "spontaneous" vacation - i.e. I haven't bought a ticket back home yet, and will pretty much be hanging around until I outstay my welcome, run out of money, or have to return to work, whichever comes first. Yesterday was my first day here - hopped on the bus in the morning after a rather unpleasant bitchy argument with my ever-more-irritating parents, survived the five-hour journey through high speeds, curvy roads and heavy rains, and ended up at Novena Shopping Centre, whereupon I realised that for some phuckin reason, my mobile service doesn't have international roaming, WTF?! (I just looked it up - THANKS, DIGI - and apparently you have to register for it. What the hell. Best service and best support my BIG FAT ARSE. Anyway.) So I wandered around the shopping centre, quickly realising that Singypoo doesn't seem to have much in the way of public phones either, and thankfully ended up bumping into little Jo. SAVED. Whoohoo. So there we go.

Let's jump back a couple of days. The weekend has been a bit of a blast for me. Apart from spending too many hours either in bed or doing my head in trying to figure out the plot for my musical-in-progress, I spent the weekend hanging out with my dear friend Becky from Penang (now UK), who was in town visiting. Saturday night saw me meeting up with her and her friend Des and having a few drinks and basically painting the town hot neon pink, after which I left them dazed and drunk on the sidewalks of Bangsar to sort their own way through the rest of the night. (They wound up taxi-ing it to the Renaissance Hotel and spontaneously booking a $300-a-night room. And they're not even a couple. Queer. And Becky sprained her foot trying to jump onto the bed, but that's another story altogether.)

Then on Sunday night, Becky, Terry and I went to Jogoya, this Japanese buffet restaurant in the city, for a... well... um... Japanese... buffet. It was SO GOOD - so much food, Japanese and Western and Indian and all sorts, all for the very very very lovely price of $100 a head, arf arf! We all went mad for the luxurious salmon belly... mmMMmmm. But yea, you guys should go check it out sometime - Jogoya at Starhill Gallery. Good stuff. We ate till bursting point and then went for drinks at this place called Tiffin Bay or something like that. Nice place. Interesting but cozy decor. Will definitely return.

Now let's jump back a little bit more. :P Before meeting up with Becky and Des for Drinks at Bangsar (like that reversed alliteration there? Becky, Bangsar, Des, Drinks? Genius. Oh shuddup.) As much as I didn’t want to enjoy Frogway, goshdammit, I did. I found myself bopping along to the sheer nonsensicality of the show that was so reminiscent of those children’s theatre shows I’ve been involved in in Perth. So the more I liked it, the more I thought, damn you muddafroggers! Maybe I shouldn’t do the review after all – after all, I would have given it a GREAT review. Well, not great. But a pretty good one, regardless. IN YER FACE. (Note to self: lay off the coffee, Nicko.)

So yes. Back to yesterday. Met with Jo. Reacquainted with her family. Went for dinner at this steak place where you cook your raw meats on square ultraheated blocks of stone, very very exciting, thank you very much. Went back to Jo's place, saw the mindless but entertaining Simpsons Movie, and then we were highly entertained by this superbly mindless but oh-so-entertaining 1969 film called The Valley of Gwangi. Cowboys, circus performers and dinosaurs collide in a spectacle of fun and chaos!! Awesome shite.

Today we left Jo's place at 1145am, went out for lunch at this sandwich place, and then managed to catch another mindless but oh-so-entertaining film, Hairspray.

Really enjoyed it. John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer are a hoot. And the songs still rock, though I was mildly disappointed that they cut a couple. But we both enjoyed it, and now we're sitting in a Starbucks (old habits die hard) and I'm surfing the net and Jo's bored & neglected and we're waiting to have dinner and then catch another movie at 7pm, so I should go. Okay, until my next update - catcha later boys and girls. Ciao for now. ~N