Thursday, 28 June 2007

OTE #1: Jericho

The latest in a new series of illegally-reproduced magazine pages!! :)) This is a sneak preview since the issue hasn't come out yet... but it's all about the nut campaign for Jericho, whoohoo! (Do I hear loud groans? LOL!)

- Off The Edge, July 2007

Europe Photos! Pt 3

The Arena di Verona, Exterior Self-explanatory - the venue where the outdoor performance of Aida was held. I'm so pleased with some of these shots that I decided to post them here bigger-sized ;) * The crowds milling out of the Arena after the performance

The Arena di Verona, Interior People in the foyer * Entering through the velvet curtains * The crazy-ass crowds in the Arena, eveningtime and night-time!

Aida Scenes from the Italian opera

Thus ends the collection of Italy pics! Hope you enjoyed them!

Europe Photos! Pt 2

Ferrari Store & Factory (L-R) Exterior of the Ferrari Store * Three glimpses of the store interior * A sports car in the front window * Ferrari factory tower * Interior of the factory lobby * Montage in factory lobby * Two glimpses at the classic car restoration centre in the factory

Arty Stuff Paintings on display at the Ferrari Track (four pics) * Ferrari logo * Close-ups of a guy's shirt with interesting logos * Decor in the hotel/restaurant/private residence where we had cocktails prior to seeing Aida in Verona

Verona Streetshots Town Hall-like building * Three snapshots of the bustling streets * Clock tower * A romantic Italian restaurant * Signage along an alleyway * Two Italian kids busking for their supper on the sidewalks of Verona