Monday, 30 April 2007

Brand New Song!!!

Dear boys and girls, may I present - a sneak preview of one of the songs from my forthcoming (hopefully!) musical
The Edge

(nothing to do with where I work!) :P

It's the story of a boy who's about to jump off a ledge, and in the title song, his closest friends and family wonders what went wrong.

Of course, this is just a demo, so it's only my vocals, but I hope you'll give it a listen and let me know what you think? :) Thanks everyone!

You can check it out on my Myspace, first song on the player, at

For my friends in Malaysia, for many of whom Myspace players are faulty (jeez, is that a properly constructed sentence? Well done, Nick), you can check it out by clicking here.

Cheers and happy listening! ~n

Friday, 27 April 2007

Phantoms & Psychics

Hey everybody, Nick's back. Feeling a little better since last weekend's tedious run (sorry about the multitude of ranting posts, LOL! Just the mood of the month). Well, I'm back in the office (um. For the second time this whole week, hahahaha! Got back from Singapore on Tuesday. Came into work Wednesday. Stayed home yesterday. At my desk right now. Just installed a telephone that doesn't work. And now it does. Strange. What a life.)

Well, I thought I'd write a bit about Phantom in Singapore, but I won't, actually. Well, maybe just a little -- the show was freakin' awesome. Sets and costuming were fantaaabulous, as was the performances, though I thought the dude playing Raoul was a little weak and definitely not hero material, and the orchestra was a little thinner than I'm accustomed to (i.e. based on the London cast recording of, oh, 21 years ago)... but I guess the latter situation was to accommodate for the space within the theatre. Speaking of which, the chandelier was less than what I'd anticipated too... was smaller and didn't move all that much, apart from the slightly anticlimactic crash onto the stage at the end of Act One. According to little Jo, who accompanied me to the theatre, the chandelier in the West End productions actually swung above the audience's heads and crashed onto the stage. But that didn't happen here; the Singypoo chandelier was similar to the tiny helicopter in 2002's Miss Saigon. Ah well. We can't have it all.

All in all, Singapore was fun, though, like I said, a tad more whingey than previously (i.e. I whinged a tad more). Jo and I hung out and did nothing, which is great, LOL! We watched reruns of the absolutely hilarious and divine Ugly Betty and gained weight at places like Coffee Bean and Pastamania. Awse. Strangely enough I didn't take many photos this time around, which accounts for the lack of pics of this trip. But there'll be other visits, you can bet your butt on that!

Early last week, something odd happened (this is related to the posts on my 'odd day' below). I was walking past the San Francisco Coffee outlet near my house and on a whim, I decided to pop in and buy a coffee, which I don't do, not with SFC, I hate their coffees! So for me to go in there was a bit strange. But anyway, I bought the coffee and as I was walking out, this dude looks at me and says, "Wow, your forehead is very lucky!" To which I go, "huh?" and he says, "Pardon me for saying this, but you're very lucky, I look at you, and you have a lot of luck, a lot." And I'm going, "Um. Okay. Thanks. Bye."

But he kept on going about how April is going to be a lucky month and May even more so, and I couldn't help but be intrigued, if not a little wary. Then he started to scribble something on a random piece of paper. He explained he was a professor of astrology and that he can tell when good things are about to happen to people, and while he was talking, he crumpled the piece of paper and put it into my hand (the one not holding the coffee, drops of condensation gathering on the outside of the plastic cup and wetting my palm. But that's another story, never mind.) ...

And he says to me, "You think too much. You've not rested your mind in years, you're always planning, always thinking, can never relax. Not good. Not good at all. Must not plan so much, must try to take it easy." And I go, "Um." And he says, "Pick a flower. Any flower." So I picked a rose. And he says, "Pick a number, any number." So I pick three. He says, "If the paper in your hand is the same flower and number, your luck will be very good, very very good. If not the same, then your luck normal, don't worry, not worse, just normal."

So, befuddled, nervous and really rather fascinated, I opened the little scrap of paper which he'd scribbled on prior to asking me to pick the flower and number... and I see the words rose3 written on it. He laughed and says, "Wow, this is very good, you very lucky!" (sorry about the tenses, I find it's more exciting to type spontaneously and therefore not be mindful about present or past... plus, stories are always a little more exciting in the present, don't you reckon? I do reckon. Yes I do.) ...

Then the dude proceeds to ask me if I buy lottery numbers, and I go, "Well..." And he says, "I give you a four-digit number, you buy, will come out Sunday!" (For those who aren't familiar, in Malaysia, we generally place our bets on four- to seven-digit numbers - we 'buy' these numbers, if you like; and if they are picked in the weekly 'draw', you win money, depending on how much you placed in your bets. Cool? Cool.) "But if you win," he goes on, "you promise you must give ten percent to charity!" And I go, "Um." And he says, "Okay? Ten percent to charity." And he scribbles a four-digit number onto another random piece of paper, puts that in my hand, wishes me all the best and disappears.


Anyway, I walked home, a little freaked out, and I chucked the piece of paper with the four digits away into a trash can. Then I told my Mom about it, and she was, like, "OMG you've got to buy the numbers!" And I was, like, "Mom! Aren't you scared?" And she's all "No-laaaah, there's nothing, if you didn't sense anything negative about this guy, and he's all about charity and good luck, you should just go for it! And in fact," she added, a little calmer now, "I prayed at church for us to get financial help. Maybe this is it! Maybe this is God's way of answering our prayers! After all, why did you decide to buy San Francisco Coffee, huh?! You never buy their coffees, but today you did! Why? Maybe it was meant to be! Don't you think?! FATED." To which I cynically replied, "Um. Why would God give us four-digit numbers to buy? Why not send a Catholic priest or something? Why this random 'professor of astrology'?" And Mom immediately replies with absolute, irrefutable certainty: "Because Catholics aren't supposed to buy the lottery." Like, duh.

Anyway, long story short (too late), Mom makes me go back to the trash can to pick up the paper with the number on it, and she tells my uncle to buy these numbers on our behalf so that, God or astrology willing, we'll be millionaires by this weekend! In the meantime, I asked my mate Alex if he were in my shoes, would he go along with it? and he says "Yeah man, if you're getting positive vibes from this psychic dude, I say go for it, good karma attracts good karma." Okay then. Set. We're buying the numbers.

Days pass. I go to Singapore. Sunday arrives.

We didn't win.


Epilogue: Mom reckons that we messed it up, either by my chucking the paper away to begin with (ridding myself of the good luck, as it were), or by not 'buying' the lottery numbers myself. My mate Terry agrees with the latter: "You should have placed the bets, not your uncle," he says. And I'm now sitting here in the office, pondering on the weirdness of it all, wondering if it were all a big hoax (bearing in mind his 'prediction' of rose3), and cursing the fact that I'm not any richer than I was ten days ago.

Sigh. Life.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Singapore and Suckyness

Hey everyone. Grr, argh, the H key on my keyboard fell off and now I type h by pressing on this little black rubber knob. Stupid knob. H. Hhhhhhhh!! ARRghle!!

Anyway, guess what? I'm in Singapore for the weekend, and it's been... well, it's been pretty ok, I guess. But my folks and brother are with me, and they keep on bugging the hell out of me -- my parents treat him like a child (they still hold on to his passport and fill in the immigration form for him!!), and he perpetuates it by acting like a child, so it's been driving me stark raving out of my fukkin' mindddd!!!! But anyway...

I also feel like this holiday is so much more a mad rush to get from one point to another, to make plans with people and to try and please everyone, that it's become more tedious than enjoyable. Yesterday I hung out with Jo, which was great, meeting up and chattin' and bitchin' like we used to. Today was still pretty cool, except that Jo and I went to this.... I dunno, high tea and wine appreciation thing that Jo promised her mom she'd attend, and it was the most boring three hours I've experienced in a long, long time!! ARRRGH! It was so frustrating and mind-numbingly inane and it made me tired and cranky. (Get this: at a wine appreciation, they had a boring-ass doctor give a longwinded and pointless speech about how alcohol can kill you, "especially in today's day and age when people are so irresponsible you know?". Bloody hell, I didn't sign on for a preaching.) Then we hurried back to my hotel where my brother was in our room so I couldn't be bothered stopping; hopped onto a crowded bus to Jo's place; hurriedly changed, and then hopped into a taxi to rush to the theatre, leaving me more exhausted than exhilarated.

On the plus side, tonight, Jo and I caught The Phantom of the Opera, Lloyd Webber's long-running and terrific musical! Yaaaay! I'll write a fuller review when I'm in a better mood, but even that was slightly marred by sitting next to my parents and having them snap in sharp whispers at my brother who was fidgeting and sighing and needing to go to the men's room. For God's sake, just go! Just fuckin' get up and do what the hell you want!! Oy vey!

Anyway. Sorry about all the ranting, it's just that I feel like a bloody ticking time bomb about to explode. I feel like I keep having to do things to make other people happy. I feel like... I don't know. I guess I'm just tired. And this 'holiday' isn't helping. Which is why my folks are leaving tomorrow with big brother in tow, and I'm staying on for a little while, a couple of days extra.

By the way, if you've been trying to call me to hang out with me and I've not returned your call (you know who you are), I'm so, so sorry. :( Just frustrated and tired. I'll try my best to answer soon. Except I'm out of credit, too. Terrific.

I think I'd better hit the sack yea? I had 4 hours of sleep on Friday morning due to the magazine closing, and another four at the most last night, so I'm running on one night's sleep when there should've been two. I dunno if that makes sense. Anyway. I'm off for now. Bye and you guys try to keep on smiling even when I'm not, k?? Take care.

Edited to add: Mom literally just called to ask where my brother is. He actually went for a walk, then came back in, then went for a walk again. I told Mom as such, and she whinged, "What? Why is he doing this? How are we going to sleep??" To which I said, "Mom, just go to sleep, he's not a kid", and she hung up without saying anything. Goddamnit. How did my family wind up so fucked up???

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Copped Out

As expected, we haven't finished the magazine yet. Oy.

Last night I went home from work at about 1am, and on the way home, a police car drove alongside me and gestured for me to pull over. Puzzled, I stopped, and the dude in uniform came over and said in Malay, 'Hey, aren't you wearing your seat belt?' Ah. Turns out that out of habit, I'd slipped the belt under my arm instead of over my shoulder without realising it, and as they'd driven past, it appeared as though I wasn't wearing my belt. But I was, and I told dude in uniform just as much, and he said, 'Ah, but that's not safe, right? You must wear it properly...' and proceeded to give me a demonstration by asking me to jerk forward to prove it was unsafe (I swear, I didn't intend for that to sound dirty). Anyhoo, he glanced at my licence and registration, nodded satisfactorily, gave me a jovial 'Okay, do the right thing, yea?' and walked back to his police car.

I don't know whether to feel grateful, impressed or irritated.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

So Cute!

Yay! Boo. Yay! Boo.

Heyhey everyone. At work, working on the latest issue of Off The Edge. It's deadline day. Actually, that was yesterday. And it's probably going to be pushed to tomorrow. If all goes well, I think I'm having my first cover story this month! Yaaay! Okay, gotta get back to work now. PS Will let you know after Sunday about that little 'odd day' teaser below. Meanwhile, I'm off to Singapore this weekend. More on that too, I guess, once this stress wears off. Only it never does, hahahaaa! Oy.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Wow, today has been a big day.

I cleaned and rearranged my room.

(insert long, impressed pause here)


Hey, rearranging furniture's always fun, especially when you're pleased with the end result. I've shifted my bed to go where my keyboard used to be, and while the previous arrangement looked cosier, I think this frees up a lot of space and is more conducive to my working at the keyboard and desk as I'm not as restricted (which psychologically affects my patience as I used to feel 'constrained' or 'limited' in my old space).

Here are some visual aids:

Old configuration; desk and keyboard in the corner.

View from the door.

The new configuration.

Like I said, less cosy, but more practical? (It's still pretty cosy actually)

My poor doggie Chloe's quite perplexed by this shift in familiar space.

It's quite interesting to watch Chloe try to figure out what's changed in my room: she immediately stared at the space where the bed used to be, and then she started sniffing about the new position of the bed.

Oh, just in case nobody knew, Chloe's really a rather spoiled dog -- she's been sleeping in my room, usually curled up at the foot of my bed (which is really the head of my bed, as I used to snooze with the headboard in the opposite direction, at my feet). Now the headboard's back where it's supposed to be, and what's fascinating was how Chloe stared at the headboard and immediately jumped to sleep in that corner (which would be where I'll be lying). So I had to shove her away, and now she's sleeping at the foot of the bed, still looking perplexed and less comfortable than she used to be. Oh well. We'll get used to it. LOL!

Anyhoo, that's about all for now. Quite tired after moving all these things about, so I'm gonna take it easy now, watch a tv show or somethin', and then hit the sack. Until next time, byebye!

Friday, 13 April 2007


Happy Friday 13th.

Oy vey.

It's time.... *drum roll*... for another famous NICK RANT!

Hi everyone. Boy, life is a series of suckihood sometimes. Here's a story. Every morning, my mom knocks on his door to wake my brother up. He doesn't wake up. Mom goes downstairs to prepare breakfast for same older brother. Dad knocks on Brother's door to wake him up, and then increasingly gets frustrated and starts literally pounding, yelling, "Get up lah, stupid! Late already!" and other lovely things people like to hear first thing in the morning. Brother gets up to turn the shower on and lets it run. Dad goes downstairs, Mom comes upstairs, starts pounding on the door: "You're still sleeping? Dad's waiting! Get up!" And Brother yells, "I'm up lah! I'm in the shower!" - even though in all likelihood he's still on his bed, snoozing. And Mom yells, "What time are you meant to work?" and my Brother's work time apparently gets later each and every day, until finally Brother's up and ready and goes downstairs to eat breakfast that Mom serves before Daddy drives him to work. Repeat this performance every - single - fukkin - day.

My brother's 30.

Today Mom had a hissy fit and went on this major tirade about how people of my brother's age ought to be different, ought to be independent, can't possibly be having their parents do everything for them, etc etc. The tears flowed. I lay in bed, contemplating putting some music on. On the one hand, yes, what Mom's saying is true -- you can't be 30 and still be half that age in mentality and behaviour. On the other hand - what's caused this?? Oh, could it possibly be parents who never let go?? Parents who never let their son socialise with anyone? Parents who still tell their son what time to come back home by if he were to go out (which is rarely anyway)? Parents who cook him breakfast and serve him lunch and drive him to work and, oh - oh - give him money on a daily allowance basis? Parents who still tell him when to shower, when to eat, when to stop watching tv and go to bed? Parents who, oh you'll love this, refuse to let him live out of home because they're worried he can't take care of himself?? At 30?? What the fuck. It's a perpetuating cycle of dysfunction and destruction.

I'm sorry, but this whole mess that my family has become is both the fault of the child (child?) and the parents. Folks - let go. Stop telling us what to do (note the shift to 'us'). Stop making decisions for us. Stop saying we have to grow up when you're not letting us grow up. And then when we make declarations about our futures and our dreams, you go and fucking shit on them anyway, asking us to "be realistic". You know what? Fuck off. I've got my plans, I've got my dreams, I've got my own direction in life, and I'm going for it. If I don't - I'd rather throw myself in front of a Myvi than end up 30, living at home, totally dependent to the point of self-destruction, childish in mentality, constantly seeking approval and permission when you don't bloody have to (case in point -- Brother says: "Tonight I had a Pepsi Max. Don't tell mum and dad." Get. A. Life.), pathetic and useless and constantly having oblivious parents breathing down my neck and wondering why things have turned out for the worse.

I'm making changes. I'm taking charge.

I'm moving on.

End scene.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Nick-Knack #26: Storm

It's 440pm in Kuala Lumpur, though
it looks like 440pm in Perth
in the heart of winter. Outside,
the lightning flashes
white-hot, and
frequent, and low,
and the thunder is so loud that it's almost
I fear it's the end of the world, so
I pray silently for my
family and friends
and for the salvation of my soul
while the server crashes
and I cannot publish this.

True Quote #1

Cat, my work colleague: I was in such a bad mood yesterday. I threw a tantrum because my apple had seeds in it.

True quote.

Check out Cat's blog!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Random Sitcom Quote #20

Tom: You look good!
Christine: (shyly) Oh, I don't know about stunning...
Tom: Um. I don't think I said stunning.
Christine: (beaming) Why, thank you!

- The Real Thing, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Season 2




A sophisticated poem




*cough cough*

nick nick musical nick
has a nose that he will pick
first he'll look
and then he'll flick
nick nick musical nick


Ta-daaaa! *bows*

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Beautiful Quote, Beautiful Child

Just to follow up on a couple of references from yesterday's post: this is what the editor of my horror book said to me on the phone this morning - and I quote: "I don't know anything, I just do what the people higher-up (i.e. her bosses) tell me... I don't think, I just do it." That explains a lot, lady. It really does. Oy.

And if you haven't had a chance to check out my Myspace, for a limited time only, download this new demo recording of one of the songs from Follow The Light, performed by Anne-Marie Manuel, who played Mary in our 2005 production. It's not a totally flawless recording, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Many thanks, AM! Anyway, click below to download... alternatively, you can have a free listen if you just visit my Myspace, darn it! :P

Beautiful Child
Vocals by Anne-Marie Manuel
Arrangements & Programming by Nick Choo
(C) 2007 by Nick Choo

Comments appreciated! ;) Bye!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Coffees, Spaced-Out Editors & Future Paths

Hey all - just quick updates! How's everyone doing? I'm doing ok. Oh, Happy Easter to one and all! Easter's been pretty uneventful for me this year. I guess it's because I'm going through a spiritual slump. Saturday night Mom and Dad went to church, and I sat outside because it was crowded. It soon became hot and stuffy and I quickly grew sweaty and cranky and tired, and so I didn't even stay for the whole Mass, I took off and decided to visit the hospital next door to the church, where lo and behold, I saw it had a Starbucks!! So I sat down and had a cuppa coffee instead - one of my beloved venti triple-shot low-fat iced caramel macchiatos. Oy. What's to become of me? LOL. But then again, was it mere coincidence that there was a branch of my favourite coffee place next door? Maybe? Maybe not? ;)

Anyway. What else has been happening? I've been busy finishing the final proofs for Get Spooked: Night Terrors, but the process has been less than pleasant. I'll tell more about it later; right now, I think I shall wisely keep mum so as to avoid incurring the wrath of inefficient editors in established international publishing houses. Sssssh. Moving right along.

Hey, my Myspace has been picking up lately, with more than 650 friends! That's pretty cool isn't it? LOL! I've actually received some pretty interesting comments and proposals (um, for musical projects, haha!) on it. I'll keep you updated on that as and when it develops. And hey, you can also listen to a couple of new demos I've recorded for Follow The Light 2007 on it -- so what're you waiting for? Go check it out today!!! Get yourself your own myspace if you wish! It's irritatingly addictive stuff!

Finally, I'm in the process of rethinking my future paths, including considering what I'm going to do careerwise, where I'm going to be and what I wanna do. Part of the plan now involves contemplations on moving away to Singapore, or back to Australia, or simply moving out of home to my own place... all of which are dependent on how things go once I hit the one-year mark at Off The Edge. We'll see how this goes -- will naturally keep you guys updated on this as well. :)

Okay, I'm off to bed now, it's 4am and I gotta get up early for work and stuff. Until next time! ~Nick xox

Friday, 6 April 2007

Quote Unquote

Excerpt from an online chat between me and my dear friend Berni in Aussieland:

Nick: You know what's cool though? In the four years or so that I was in Perth, I never once encountered anyone who didn't like Asians.

Berni: Me neither. Except for you.


Oh, those who know the context will be laughing their asses off! Am I right, or am I right??? ;) LOL!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Random Sitcom (well, Cartoon) Quote #19

Wade the Duck: It's true! I heard it with my own two ears, which I do not have!
- Orson's Farm, Garfield & Friends

Nick-Knack #25: Dessert

So I'm sitting in front of the telly
when I get a craving for dessert at
three in the morning. I grab myself
an espresso brownie and pop it into
the microwave to heat it up, and just as
I am about to push the power button,
I realise there's fudge cake in the fridge!
Oh My God, I shriek in my head, suddenly
perplexed as I've never been before:
cake or brownie?
cake or brownie?
cake or brownie?
Staggered by the weight of this
life-altering, heartwrenching decision,
I stumble away to sit at the piano and write
a bittersweet chocolate love song.