Wednesday, 28 March 2007

New Offices, New Books, Old Friends

Heyhey all! Couple of new developments this week! Firstly, we've moved our office to a new location, which is kinda disorienting, in that vaguely exciting kinda way. (I didn't mean for that to sound dirty.) Actually, it's not a new location at all, but rather an old one - Off The Edge is now in the premises of The Sun newspaper, which is where I used to work as a subeditor from 2000 to 2002! Hehe! Talk about deja vu! Suddenly I'm seeing people I used to know, and they're like, "Heeeey!" without really knowing who I am, LOL! The "downside"?? My dad's working here too (shrieeek!)! Well, it's not a downside, really, but... still... hehe. Proximity!

It's kinda interesting in my new office because it's an open floor layout, whereas we used to be cubicled at the old building. Plus, we were always spread out upon various floors, whereas we're mostly all on one storey now. Which means, of course, that the noise level is perpetually up. No more quiet afternoons at work, hehe! Oh well!

The other interesting thing (for me, at least) is that I've finally, finally completed Get Spooked: Night Terrors, and I've been sent the first proof to check for errors et al, so it's all happening rather quickly there! (Not really, if you consider that it was meant to have come out last year, oy vey!) ... But yeah, that's done, and I'm starting on a new book soonish, hopefully, to avoid further delays like this one... The next book might (might) have the theme of.... *drum roll....*



....never mind. :P

No, I really do have a theme, but let's not spoil it just yet, LOL!

Monday was really pretty cool. I had an interview at 3pm in KLCC, so I pretty much hung about there beforehand and hung about there afterwards, effectively missing my first day at work in the new office, heh! But it was all right, I got to drink coffee and surf the net at my favourite coffee place (any guesses? anyone? Starts with a 'star', ends with a 'bucks'? Anyone?)... In the evening, it was even more fun because Terry and I met up with our old friends from back home in Penang, Mei Ling (who's actually my work colleague), Melissa M, Josephine T and Alisa C, as well as Pher (as in, starts with 'Christo')! Oh what a blast, we ordered food and lotsa booze and talked about love, life, sex and other mysteries all night long, rather loudly, too. Oy. I'm sure the next table must've had an earful! Suddenly it was like we were in an episode of Friends or Sex and the City. Hehehe. Good times. Really must do it more often (I can hear Mel going "yeah, right!" already!) ;)

Okay, that's about all for now - tomorrow I'll be doing some recordings for FTL2007, so that's something that should be quite interesting! I'll blog about that soon enough I'm sure! Until then, stay cool and stay well! Bye! ~N

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Another Birthday Pic Montage!

At TGIF's with Terry, Phaik Leng, Debra and her Nick. :)) Good times!

Thank God It's Birthdays!

Well, it's gone past midnight and another birthday is over! Tonight (earlier on my birthday) was really great as well - Terry, Phaik Leng, Debra, her boyfriend Nick and I went to TGIFriday's at 1-Utama, where my brother works, and basically gorged ourselves silly on too much delicious food and four different types of rich, rich, rich desserts, courtesy of my bro! hahaha! Oh dear. (That explains the weight gain, huh!) ...

The funniest part of the evening was when they gave me a slice of free cake, and all the staff had to gather round the table and sing happy birthday and other silly songs while I was forced to stand and had to look nonplussed by this display of attention. LOL! But it was all in good fun, and even though I had spent most of the day recuperating from the night before, I still managed to drink a couple of alcoholic beverages, so that took the edge off even further, hahaha!

Ah, if only my thunder hadn't been stolen by about four other tables who were celebrating their birthdays tonight, hehehe - but because of my brotherly connections, the singing, clapping and cheering from the staff was especially long for our table! I'm not sure still if that was an altogether positive thing. Heheh. But anyway - that's all for now, my 27th Birthday. Oy vey, 27!! Jeezus. Didn't I just turn 18??? Ouch. Heh. Until next time, enjoy the pics, let me know if you have trouble viewing 'em! Cheers and bye for now, ~nick, who's still nursing a hangover :)

Birthday Pics Montages

Pics of my birthday dinner with the workmates and their other halves - Winnie, Meesh, Lil and Chee, Cat and Gary, Jo, Grace and Danny. :)

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Time To Reminisce!

On this day, let us look back on birthdays on the past! Whoohoo! Well, birthdays since 2005, since this blog only began in Aug 2004, hehe! But anyway:

2005 Fools' Party - click here.
2006 Bittersweet Party - click here.

And let's not forget this little quote from a birthday card last year: click here.

Good times, eh?
Good times.


Received this on my myspace today. I thought it was cute. :P

Jeez, Has It Been 365 Days Already?!?!

Hello everyone! Guess what:

HAPPY BIRThdsayokay i'm drunk!!!

tonight was a blast. i went out with my colleages from work: Meesh, Dan, Grace, Joanne, Cat, her boyfriend Gary (who's not really a colleague), Lillian, her hubbie Chee, and Winnie - and we went to La Bodega, this trendy little restaurant in Bangsar, where we had tapas and tiny portions of arty food on oversized plates, and lots and lots and lots of shots for me, the birthday boy (yay!). Oh mein gott, the number of shots that they ordered for me.... yikes. Plus two serves of sangria and two serves of coffee (knowing my caffeine addiction) and Baileys. AWEOSME! oh god i can't even spell that right, look how drunk i am. Oy vey.

Anyhoo. you know wot's weird? tonight, for the first time, i realised that I have friends apart from my closest high school mates (Terry, Phaik Leng and Debra) and those in Perth; that in the short while (eight months or so) I've been working, these people who were at my b'day dinner tonight -- well, they are my friends, as much as we'd like to think that colleagues from work aren't truly "mates" in that sense. I don't know what really triggered this realisiation off, but... I think it was just the amount of understanding and compassion and... friendship, i guess, that they revealed tonight. I don't know. Wotever the case, it was a good - if poignant - night.

Dinner was fun, albeit there's a funny story to be told. Y'see, I'd made a booking at the Telawi Street Bistro for a table for 10 for dinner. Grace (my colleague) and I got there and the Telawi St Bistro people told me, "Ummmm some guys came earlier and said they were of your party, and they took your booking but left after 20 minutes, so we assumed your reservation no longer existed." In other words, some complete strangers came to the Bistro, told 'em that they were "Nick's guests", and sat in my reserved seats, had drinks, and left... while all the time the management didn't even bother to check if any of them was really of my party! They must've seen the reservation list and just pointed to a booking in general! ASSHOLES! And how stupid are the TSB management people to simply let the tables go without verifying that 'nick' was really one of 'em??? Sure, most restaurants aren't that thorough, but that ain't the point. IDIOTS. First and last time, I tell ye. First and last time.

Totally deviating from the subject: yesterday (Friday) must've been one of the most stressful days I've had in a long time. Firstly, I stayed in the office till 4am Friday morning finishing the latest issue of the mag I work for. Friday itslef I decided to stay home from work because the editor of the Get Spoooked! series was getting a bit peeved at my long-delayed horror s tories. SO Idecided to stay home and work on the scary books, effectively sleeping at 5am Friday morning and awakening at 9am to start writing horror. Then my work editor messages me to say "nick please come in to office today, need your help editing" and I was, like, but i really need to finish these scary stories, and so in the end my mind was screaming "aarrrghleee i can't deal with all these deadlines and pressure!" Regardless i went in to work at 4pm and had to stay there until 815pm, with my birthday dinner reservation at 830pm at the stoopid restuarant that gave away my booked table. Hence why, byt he time i got to the actual birthday dinner at this other eating place, La Bodega, tonight, i was really quite knackered, and CRAVING alcohol, lots and lots and lots of the luverlly stuff. (that wish got fulfilled. yippeee)

Anyhoooo, the office gang and I hung about at La Bodega, this other eatery in the swanky Bangsar area, until 1am-ish, gorging on beef tenderloin and tiramisu and alcoholic beverages that were set aflame and ooooh I ate snails for the first time in me life!!!!! until finally, my friends Lil and Chee gave me a ride home (see? good thing i hadn't driven!!!) and now here i am, in front of my computer, having made a drunken fool of myself to several people on MSN, typing away on this blog and hoping to preserve the memory of what really was a great night. Tomorrow (well, tonight) I'll be hanging out at TGIF's in 1-Utama with Terry, Phaik Leng, Debra, and her boyfriend Nick for part two of my birthday dinner, so that should be a blast - especially with my brother working there, providing us with free drinkies and desserts! WHOOOT!

Well, tha'ts about all for now - i shall upload pics from the dinner with my work colleagues soon. Until my nex tupdate, take care, goodnight, and i really oughta hit the sack, if only to save myself from futherh embarasment and bad spelling. Take care, eveyryone. Good night. ~nuck xoxo

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Geek Alert! (WARNING: Potentially Devastating Spoilers, Watch Out!)

Surprised I didn't post this a long time ago, but I think I was trying to avoid spoiling it early on for fans of Stargate Atlantis - well, in the third-season episode titled Sunday, somebody dies, one of the main cast, killed off in quite a traumatic way! Gasp! Shock! Horror! Actually, it was quite a shock because of the lack of spoilers that were available prior to its airing in Canada a couple of months ago (the US is only just going to air it, and a major hoohaa has begun to happen because of it!), and when I saw it, I remember going, "OMG! Did he really die?!" First clue - 'he'. Next clue: rather important character. Third clue: check out this link to view a message from the actor to all his fans (geeks, all of us). Final clue: how surprisingly different is he in real life?! (That's a pretty big clue too.)

Oh well, to this beloved character on the show - goodbye! You shall be missed. It's been a great three years. Oy. ~n

PS Three days and counting... :)

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Birthdays, Residencies and Night Terrors

Hey all! How's it going? Been a while - have been busy with work as usual. Apart from that, nothing much has been happening, although yesterday was St Patrick's day and, incidentally, my dad's birthday (his name's Patrick, funny, that!). Mom, Dad, Terry and I went for a steamboat (click here if you'd like to reminisce with me!) buffet dinner at Sunway Pyramid. Y'know, that shopping mall is an absolute horror to get to - the jams, the crowds... but the interior of the building has definitely been spruced up since I last saw it, possibly three years ago (despite dropping Judi and Justin off in January, hehehe, good times). Anyway.

Dad's birthday is always significant (apart from it obviously being his birthday) in that it's exactly a week before my birthday! Yes, boys and girls, the countdown begins - 6 days to the big 2-7! What the hell?? How did I get this old?!

My cousin Peg recently got her permanent residency in Victoria, Aus, which opens up a whole new decision-making time for me as she is now officially eligible to sponsor me back into the country, except that I have to live in her state for two years prior to applying for residency that would allow me to live anywhere in Aus. It's terrific, and I'm really happy for her, but I don't know if the time is right for me to make decisions yet. I only just feel like I've completely settled (after nine months, yea yea, some people are slow learners, ok?), and I only just feel as if new opportunities are opening up for me here, and I certainly would love to achieve something here first before running away again. So... it's a matter of timing. I do want to move to Aus again, but... anyway, I've got to have at least a year's working experience, so it's something I can only look at from July. Oy. Updates as and when, boys and girls. As and when.

Well, I'm off - I have to edit a 72(!)-paged essay for work tomorrow (we'll see if that happens), and I have to finish off my Get Spooked! stories since my poor editor has been chasing me (so so sorry, Paige!!)... Incidentally, it's officially Get Spooked!: Night Terrors now, which is the title I've been yearning for from the beginning. So... yay!! Tentative publication date: April '07! This is very exciting! Okay, I gotta run. Water's running in the bathroom as I turned the shower on to let it heat up. Except it's an electric heater, so it doesn't need time to heat up. D'oh! Bye! x

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Welcome Back - Nick-Knack #24: Fuzz

Today I swallowed
a couple of painkillers
(prescribed by my doctor)
before going to a swanky party
where white wine was served
and consumed in moderate
(albeit satisfactory)
Wouldn't you know it:
practically every
photo I took

turned out fuzzy.

Theatrics Galore! (with a Touch of Literature)

Hey all! Been busy past couple of days. Just quick recaps as I'm pretty knackered... Monday I stayed home from work and in the evening went to the 2007 Cameronian Award Nominees party! Just in case you're wondering, that's, like, the Malaysian version of the Tonys... or, for the Perthlings, the Finleys! (All right, all right, that's like comparing chalk and cheese. Moving on.) Was a pretty fun night, though I didn't know many people there (apart from my dear former high schoolmate Mei Lin, heeey girl!) ;))) ... Ended up chatting with several members from the cast of Broken Bridges, so that was pretty fun. Went home feeling a little tired but empowered with the encouragement to go on and achieve my FTL and other theatrical dreams! (See sidebar on the right for latest updates!)

Tuesday was a pretty regular day; I went to 1-Utama and shopped for a brand spankin' new jacket and white shirt to wear for tonight (Wednesday)'s event - a special preview of The Phantom of the Opera (which my folks and I are going to see in Singapore in April) that served a pretty scrumptious dinner with entertainment by Singapore composer Dick Lee and Broadway actress Rebecca Pincher (I think her name was; I can't be bothered looking at the press pack right now, LOL!) ... It was a pretty decent night of food and fun, though I felt a bit lonely because Phaik Leng, who was supposed to accompany me, wound up feeling unwell, leaving poor little ol' me to attend the event by myself...

If you look hard enough, you can see Dick Lee...

Distant shot of the lovely lady who'll be playing Christine in 'Phantom'...

Was a little bored, so I took this almost arty photo...

Duck salad! Mmm!

A strange-looking frothy lobster bisque...!

Main course: beef. Yum!


And earlier today (Wednesday) I went into the city for an interview with a London poet, Jacob Sam La Rose, who was a really nice guy, easy and fun to talk to, full of energy! Regrettably the interview was less than ideal as I wasn't the only reporter there, but ehhh, what can you do? Can't expect one-on-ones all the time... though two reporters and one candidate does tend to make things awkward, LOL!

Jacob Sam De La Rose

Anyway, that's about all for now. The hunt for FTL personnel is still going on, though in my part of the world, I've managed to locate people who might help me put together a 90-second promo trailer; I've got a group of singers keen on helping me record some new demos; and I've got a music arranger who's interested in helping out where he can (and getting paid for any professional work that he winds up doing)... so it looks like it's all falling into place, slowly... Now all I need is to find a designer who can devise some simple set designs to include in the publicity pack that I'm trying to put together to pitch to investors and sponsors, and we'd be set! In the meantime, I'll be putting some ideas together to pitch to the directors of the Instant Cafe Theatre Company, and Joe Hasham and Faridan Merican of the KL Performing Arts Centre are looking at some of my work, so it's all kinda positive, if a little nervous-making... :)

One more story to go for Get Spooked!, and I'll be done! Gosh!! Writer's block is a bitch! LOL!

That's really all for now. Until next time, ~nick xx

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Quirky Culinary Creations

Check these out - sculptures made out of food! Heh! Meanwhile, how cool are these slideshows?! If you don't see 'em, try clicking here, here and here. Enjoy! ~Nick

Theatre Tuff! (I meant to say 'stuff' but I wanted alliteration)

Hey hey. What's been happening? With me, a few theatrical things going on. Firstly, on Friday night Phaik Leng and I went to see this show called Ah Steve, the story of a confused young man who gets cast as Mother Mary in a nativity play and gets a kick out of it. A rather enjoyable, thought-provoking play, and I'll write more about it as soon as I get my review of it for Off The Edge out of the way, LOL (or I'll just, y'know, post the OTE review up, heh!). Then tonight Phaik Leng and I went to another show, an oddity called Alih PungGONG, which, in English, literally translates to move yer ass. It was a gamelan show that incorporated traditional Malay-style musicmaking with contemporary instrumentation and short acted-out segments. I didn't find it as enjoyable as Ah Steve, but of course there's no real way of comparing the two. But yeah, that's been my theatrical consumption for the weekend. Good times. :)

Guess what, guess what! Discussions and plans are underway for the long-awaited and highly-anticipated (um... by me) 2007 version of Follow The Light! Yup, it's all starting up now. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say the human resource search is on! Below is a little announcement - if anyone in Perth is keen, give us a holler! Cheers and that's all for now, ~Nick

* * *

Production team wanted

for new staging of


A Christmas Musical

Follow The Light was staged to acclaim in Perth in November 2005, and this year sees a proposed bigger-scale revival of the musical.

With book, music & lyrics by Murdoch University graduate Nick Choo, Follow The Light is a non-evangelistic musical that retells the story of Christmas through songs that range from pop and gospel to rock and punk.

The 2005 version starred Finley Award Nominees David Bowyer and Anne-Marie Manuel, and the production was awarded Second Place for Best Musical as well as a Special Certificate for Achievement for Overall Construction (Music & Writing) for the composer in the 2005 Finley Awards.

We are now looking for people who would like to be part of the production team for the 2007 restaging in Perth in December.

If you have theatrical experience and/or are keen on meeting new people
and working on an exciting new musical project, p lease send an email (with resume where applicable) to or .