Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Just thought I'd share...

Hehehe so cute. My mate Scott Simpson's new doggie, Darwin. :P

(Click here if you don't see the pic - hopefully this works.)

People and Party Pics!

Hey all! How's it goin? Well, I'm back at work, and it's been ... well, the usual, LOL! Recaps: On Saturday, Terry, Chan Ghee and I drove back from Penang to KL, and it was a pretty fun road trip, though we were all very tired from lack of sleep the night before. Sunday and Monday were spent just bumming around, and yesterday I returned to work. Oy, this isn't a very exciting blog, is it? Hahaha! Sorry. Life hasn't been too exciting lately, I guess that's why. Though yesterday I met up with a couple of theatrical people after work and discussed my involvement in their theatre projects, so hopefully something will come out of that. And I've been hunting around for a new gym with a swimming pool (strange how few of those exist around here!)... and yesterday I found one (or rather, my dad did), so I'm going to check it out later today and see if I like it. Happy happy joy joy.

Ah well, I guess that's really all. Hmph. I'll leave you with a few photos of dinner with the gang during the Penang trip. Good times. Scroll over the pics for captions, yea? :) Bye for now. ~N

Dinner at the Thai restaurant; (L-R) me, Terry, Chan Ghee & Becky
Terry, Chan Ghee and Becky
Group photo at Chan Ghee's birthday dinner; Kevin, Irinna and their kids included
Hey! Don't take photos while I'm stuffing my face with ice-cream cake!
Oh, we love this one, we really do. Kevin & Chan Ghee

Friday, 23 February 2007

Thai Food and Karaoke

Yo everyone! Whassup?? I've been having a bit of fun lately - have been bunking in with Kev and Irinna and their kids Dylan and Faustine for the past couple of days, and have been catching up with mates, going for dinners and having a good ol' time. A couple of nights ago, Kev, Rin, their kids, Terry, Becky, Chan Ghee and myself went for dinner in Island Glades at this Thai restaurant with really yummy food... Then we all went to a karaoke place in the city and basically sang our lungs out from 10pm to about 2am! Great time, though our voices were pretty much gone by the end of it, LOL! (Meanwhile, does it say something that we know more showtunes than regular radio songs? Ooooeerr.) Then last night we went to Chan Ghee's house for his birthday dinner, where his mum made lotsa yummy goodies... and afterwards we got stuck at Becky's uncle's house where she was meant to just drop in and pick something up, but we ended up staying for over an hour, gorging on beer and single-malt whiskies... :P

In between, I've mostly been doing what I'm doing right now, sitting in a Starbucks and surfing the net, finishing off the long-delayed horror stories, checking in on work stuff (eek) and just bumming about. It's fun in itself, especially if you're an introvert like me!! LOL! Oh, while we were at dinner with KevRin and the kiddies, little Dylan spilt hot soup all over himself and went screeching like crazy, poor thing!! It made us wonder at the resilience of little kids - one minute he was shrieking in agony, the next he had his shirt off, red blotches on his skin, and was otherwise perfectly okay. Oy. Meanwhile, we grown ups hold on to our wounds for ever: "Oh my God, I broke my fingernail two months ago...!" :)

Ah well, that's about it for now. Tomorrow morning, we're heading back to KL, so this is my last day in Penang... and I intend to make the most of it. Um. Sitting here. In Starbucks. Surfing the net. And being anti-social.

Heh. Bye!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Friends ARE The Family You Choose

Yo everyone! Just a quick update - ummm nothing much to add, really. Oh, Happy Chinese New Year again - yay it's the third day. Wotever. Truth be told, as I predicted, it's been nothing much apart from the usual grumbling by family members about (ironically) the family reunions that are supposed to take place. Jeez. The older I get, the less and less significant this holiday seems to be. Sad, huh? Meanwhile, I told my folks, please, let us bring two cars to Penang as I'd have my own schedule and plans apart from theirs. Dad says "Don't be stupid, one car will do!" Today we have to try to juggle between my plans, my folks', and my brother's, and my Dad's in shitty mood all the way because of it. Typical. Elsewhere, going out with my brother is like doing a babysitting gig. But don't get me started...

On the plus side, my grandpa has an adorable new pet: a puppy!! Yaay, so cute! Pity my grandpa isn't the best puppy caregiver --- poor thing's been tied up from day one! Oy! The other night, he (the puppy) was barking and barking and barking, and when we checked it out, we saw it was guarding the front door from a snake that was trying to get in!!! So we went after the snake (but it got away), and, much to my consternation, when I suggested we move the puppy, the family members went "aaiiiyaah, never mind one laaaah", which made me go wtF? There's gratitude for you! I mean, jeez, what if the snake comes back? What if the puppy gets bitten?? I guess it shouldn't be such a big surprise - they've got another dog that's been in a cage for years, and a third dog that's currently sick but nobody seems to care. *sigh*

Anyway. Tedium aside, two nights ago, I drove down to the city and met up with my dear friend Becky, and basically chatted all night. Tonight I'll be going over to Phaik Leng's with some friends, and afterwards will drop in on Kevin and Irinna and their kiddies - will be bunking with them pretty much till the end of the week, and Terry's joining us tomorrow, so it ought to be more fun. Okay, I go now, leaving you with some pics of the belowmentioned Club, the abovementioned Puppy, and.... well, that's it. Bye for now! ~N

The Patio at the Club.

The swimming pool.

View of the ocean.

Grandpa's puppy!

Playing ball - so cute!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Amend That... ;)

Hey everyone! Hehe so much for 'not knowing when I'd next write', LOL! I'm still feeling under the weather, but I'm actually having quite a relaxing time right now. Right now I'm sitting by the beach (not on it) in Penang, on the patio of this club that my folks are members of. Back when we used to live here (i.e. in Penang), this club was a regular weekend hangout joint for my folks and my brother and me... my folks would go into the casino that they have on premises, while my brother and I would play video games in the kiddies' games room. We've been here for as long as I can remember, and even right now old members of staff are like "ooo how are you???" and "I remember when you were this small..." :) ...The kiddies' games room is no more, sadly. But yeah, there's a patio by the beach, and the breeze right now is divine, absolutely what I needed to unwind and chillax. The best part? They've got a broadband connection here, LOL!!! Hence here I am. I might go for a swim later (not in the sea, good lord, it's filthy in this part of the world!) but in the pool next to the patio. Yay!!! Okay, that's it for now... write more soon!! Bye!!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Penang - again! :)

Hey boys and girls! How's it all going? Me, not too great - after a stressful week of closing up the latest issue of the mag at work (just one day past our deadline! A record, cor blimey!), my family and I drove up to Penang, where I'm now (as usual) at a Starbucks, surfing the net and gorging on cakes and coffee (oyyyy!) .... Earlier today I saw my grandparents for the first time since late 2004, which is pretty cool. Shame they don't speak English, and my grasp of Hokkien is... well, laughable at best. Anyhoo. I've been feeling rather grotty today, down with some sort of tummy bug, which made for a miserable journey (and makes me wonder what I'm doing gorging on cakes and coffee). Apart from that, all is as per normal (i.e. me being a little bummed over miscellaneous things, oh ho ho ho), and since I'll be here till next Friday (i.e. one week from tomorrow), I don't know how frequently I'll be updating this blog. Oh, it's Chinese New Year coming up, by the way, which is why we're here. Oh, how wonderful, the one time a year relatives reunite and pretend to love and care about each other. And then when it's all over, we become our usual backbiting, selfish selves. It's a beautiful system. Okay, that's about it for now - until next time, byebye and Happy New Year, for wot it's worth! Love, a cynical Nick. Cynick.

Monday, 12 February 2007

New URL!

Hey everyone! Just quickly - I've got a new URL for this blog, hehe! You can now check it out at <--- whoohooo, using my soon-to-be-official domain (site still under construction and takes you to the old geocities website). Of course, if you're viewing this right now using the old blogspot url, it will remain... but try to update your bookmarks (um. if anyone... actually... bookmarks... this... blog...) with the new url, k? Thanks!! Okay gotta go, an incredibly busy day awaits. Oy!!

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Heheheheee, check this out - it's a pic of a porcupine, LOL!! Like my dear friend Berni says, 'It's the cutest thing ever!' ;)

Once Again, A New Look!

Hey everybody! What do you reckon about the new look?! :)) FYI, the background is of my keyboard, violin and guitar, though it might be hard to make 'em out. Hope you guys like it; leave me a comment in the chatterbox if you do! Cheers! ~N

A Date With Mariah Carey!

Yesterday (Friday) started off in a really hilarious way. Now, my mate Terry is a radio deejay, and one of his latest promotional gimmicks was to go on a date with a girl for less than fifty bucks and to document the entire affair in photos. The photographs and the experience would later be published in a magazine (but you're gonna see sneak previews here first, haha!!).

The problem was, it hadn't worked out, and all of a sudden Terry found himself dateless with a deadline! So what was his big idea? He decided to take snapshots of him with a cardboard cutout of Mariah Carey. Yes. You read right. And guess who got to be his photographer while he went traipsing through a shopping mall with said cardboard date literally in his hands?! LOL!

Mariah Carey!

Suffice it to say we sure got some strange stares while we went around doing this! We took photos of Terry, me and 'Mariah' playing pool, going to shops, and even having lunch at The Laksa Shack!! You should've seen the way people kept looking at us - some with looks of surprise, others with silly grins plastered on their faces! Haha!! (Scroll onto the pics for captions; click for large view!)

In the parking lot Going up the escalator! Playing pool! 'Watch my balls, Mariah.' Resting on a bench! Smile! Deep in conversation...'s a wee bit disturbing now, isn't it? Conversations with Mariah... Oy, she's a thirsty one, ain't she? It's too funny to keep a straight face!

All in all, we had lots of fun, and when it was all over, we chucked a ripped Mariah (umm... in the sense that we had to tear her in half to seat her at our lunch table, LOL!) into the bin and went our separate ways! :P

Tearing her into two!

Hahaha!!! Good times - definitely one for the photo albums!! ;))


Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Air is Ripe with Filth!

The other day, while Terry, Phaik Leng and I were hanging out, Terry said the funniest thing that I thought was pretty blogworthy. Well, it might not be, but it's still pretty amusing. Somehow the topic got onto the subject of... oh, I don' t know, guys who break their engagements with their girlfriends because they find out they're really gay, or something - and Terry said:

"He went from 'ring on the finger' to 'fingering the ring'."


(Oh, you might have had to have been there...)

On the filthy topic of sex, here's an interesting link my mate Ben passed on to me. Ever wonder what kind of porn computer geeks get off on? Click
here to find out. Don't worry, it's nothing graphic, pretty office-safe, for those who're in the workplace! ;) Enjoy! ~N

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Finally - Updates: Spooks and the Pox! (edited)

[Scroll down for new pics!] Hey all! Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? LOL! Hope everyone's doing ok. Me, I'm doing moderately well... as I've mentioned, work has been stressful and tedious lately (yup, you read it here first, boys and girls), and coupled with Get Spooked: Things That Go Bump In The Night (working title only, oooooo eeerieeee!), it's been a bit of a sleepless time! My brain's pretty much filled with ghosts day and night (scary), and when I'm at work I'm torn between writing my own stories and editing everyone else's, so it's been a bit of a distracting kinda couple of weeks!

In all honesty, not that much has happened. Earlier last week I was invited to this rundown, abandoned hotel called the former Old Majestic Hotel, which a few thespians had taken over to become the setting for their new production Don't Look Back. The whole idea of this interactive play is that it's based on the myth of Orpheus in the Underworld, and so these people used this creepy, well-preserved but nonetheless neglected building to reenact 'scenes' from the underworld, and the audience gets to start at a particular point in the building and make their way through the labyrinthine corridors and rooms check out various episodes from purgatory. Prior to opening night, we (the media) got to check out the dark, gloomy edifice and speak to the director about the show, and believe you me, even with so many people there, it was a little bit creepy! (See what I mean about ghosts day and night?!) Check out the pix (um... they're meant to be published in my magazine, but... heh. Oh well. You saw it here first!):

The old building View of the circular domed ceiling inside the hotel Creepy rocking-horse prop View of the abandoned corridors and stairs Almost arty shot of a window Freaky dismembered ceiling fan

Opening night was even better (spoiler alert for those who are still planning on checking it out!) - they transformed the place really well, using film, projections, lights, sound, costuming, candles and so forth to make the entire mansion seem like one large disorienting maze. We were allowed in three people at a time, and we followed these characters dressed in tuxedos who walked slouchily and spoke in flat, dead voices (follow me... this way... don't look back!!) as they brought us from room to room. Some of the scenes were set up really well, including this particular room with its floor completely covered with a white substance, and a girl in white sifting flour over a model of the hotel itself so that it looked as though she were causing it to 'snow' on the building. At another point, we entered a room where there was a skylight above us, and, looking through it, saw creepy characters looking down at us and scattering flowers so that it seemed like we were in a coffin peering out. Eeeeeee.

And one of the most effective scenes had us standing in pitch darkness... and then a soft, greenish light appeared in the distance and you see a girl in a bridal gown suddenly start towards you. Freaky stuff! Then there was, of course, the mirror that showed our own reflections at first, but then it becomes two-way and you see a bride standing behind the glass. Awesome!

The best part of the evening was when we were facing one direction and a girl (one of the creepy characters) emerged from behind us, pulling a curtain away from a doorjamb with a loud rip of velcro. Terry was so freaked out that he practically leapt six feet into the air and went scuttling away!! It was so funny that we all burst out laughing, and the poor girl who had to try and keep in character found herself trying to control her own giggles as she gestured and told us this waaay (hehee heeehee)! Definitely the highlight of the whole experience, LOL! Anyway, I've probably said too much about this already - I'm supposed to be writing a review of it for work, LOL! - so I'll change the subject now! But yeah, if you're in KL during this time, it's not too late to check it out. Definitely worth the visit!

What else has happened? Ummmm -- oh, my brother (who's 30!) has come down with the dreaded varicella simplex... a.k.a the chicken pox! Oh my! Poor dude's been boarded up in his room most days now (my mum still has the kiddies coming over for tuition classes, so he can't even come downstairs lest he infects them!) with calamine lotion splashed everywhere. Brings back memories of when I had the pox - it was six years ago, 2001, and I was still in my second year of uni (good times) when the little red dots emerged and made my life a living hell (though not so much a living hell as the old Majestic Hotel, oh ho ho ho that's funny). In a way, despite the age thing (y'know how they say it's better to get the pox when you're younger, and it's strange that my brother didn't back then), my bro has it a little bit easier. First off, he doesn't have to worry about uni assignments, LOL! Then, there's the fact that our rooms are air-conditioned - they weren't back in '01! Itchy and sweltering, get the picture? Cool air = soothing effect. Really. And then, we now have hot water -- back then, we only had tepid or cold tap water! Ouchy! Itchy, painful blisters and cold water? Not pleasant! Oy!

Apart from all this excitement, it's been same ol', same ol'. Just been hanging out with Terry and Phaik Leng and Debra and her boyfriend Nick, eating way too much and exercising way too little. Fretting over work and non-work work, and obsessing a little bit too much about my favourite TV shows (Ugly Betty!!! Heroes!! Brothers and Sisters!!!). And spending too much time tweaking my music myspace, checked it out yet? :P

Well, I shall bid thee adieu for now as I wanna take it easy tonight before it's crunchtime at work again tomorrow. Until next time, take care, and thanks for checking in - I promise to update a lot more frequently from now on!! Cheerio for now! ~nicko x

Saturday, 3 February 2007


Hey, everybody! Long time no update, huh! Just a quick note to mention that I'm still alive and kickin', just busy with ghost stories and other writings for work and theatre. :) Updates to come very shortly... thanks for checking in! xox ~Nick